Why Our Ads Are Different Now

14 juil. 2020
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Advertising made America and America made advertising.
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We spend so much time trying to ignore advertisements. But what if we can actually learn a lot about ourselves from ... paying attention to them? Let's find out in this Wisecrack Edition: Why Our Ads Are Different Now.

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Written by: Amanda Scherker
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics by: Riley A.
Editing and Additional Animation by: Andrew Nishimura
Wisecrack Edition Title Card by: Dean Bottino
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  • What do you all think? Has the evolution of advertising gone too far?

    WisecrackWisecrackIl y a 3 mois
    • People is getting sick of advertising in social media. I bet the big social media giants are not gonna make it for 10 years more, they are actually on borrowed time already. Take Facebook for example, they had to buy WhatsApp and Instagram just to stay afloat and enjoy a temporary monopoly, yet a new generation of social interaction is coming, i think.

      Diego HRDiego HRIl y a mois
    • I think there is a new advertisement technique that uses the buyer into doing its bidding. Labeling something as part of the culture (like black bracelets for punks) or (camp gear for campers but like excessive amounts) and making brands identities in living breathing humans. If you’re a runner you HAVE to buy Nike kind of deal. I think this used to be a social status thing before, (thinking about converse shoes) but now to have a clique you MUST buy AND endorse something. You know?

      iris kiraciris kiracIl y a mois
    • Title made me expect how ads have changed over pandemic and social justice events, and then it ended where I expected the actual story to start.

      Janne WolterbeekJanne WolterbeekIl y a mois
    • what a boring topic to choose to make a video i wouldn't click it but i did just to make this comment (btw; video is not playing)

      RomanRomanIl y a mois
    • well don't want to sound too smart but, technology change, people change, creativity change duh!!!!!

      RomanRomanIl y a mois
  • Advertising is like a virus. You get sick, then build immunity, then the virus mutates, then you get sick from it again. Rinse and repeat. As long as consumers become immune to advertising, advertising will evolve to exploit the wants, needs, and weaknesses of the consumer.

    Matt B.Matt B.Il y a jour
  • I'm pretty sure Leslie from South Park, the girl-ad, was created specifically to comment on how more and more the reality between advertisement and something real is being blurred. People don't know they're being advertised to, and in the case of influencers - do they really know their entire existence is being an ad?

    N-word JimN-word JimIl y a 6 jours
  • Ads are so fucken boring now days especially in Australia back in the day from around 1998 to 2004 where Australians golden era of ads they where entertaining and fun and got you interested

    Jackko 3.0Jackko 3.0Il y a 15 jours
  • Years ago, a band I was in got to perform in the theatre at the Andy Warhol museum. The Redbull girls were there lol

    Zodiac White OfficialZodiac White OfficialIl y a 25 jours
  • I had an ad before I watched this.

    m1yuk¡ a¡k0 5 years agom1yuk¡ a¡k0 5 years agoIl y a 28 jours
  • There is a special place in Hell for people who work in marketing

    Ahmad HadderAhmad HadderIl y a mois
  • Super interesting to see the ways ads have changed just in my lifetime (I’m 26). You only realized how much it’s changed looking back because it’s so gradual but so drastic.

    Cole DooleyCole DooleyIl y a mois
    • crazy isn't it!

      Sam Martin - Peak PerformanceSam Martin - Peak PerformanceIl y a mois
  • L O L

    SamSamIl y a mois
  • Does GameGrumps know they are in this clip?

    Jebus33Jebus33Il y a mois
  • Am i the only one who got like 4 FRworld ads in this video!?

    wildsupersheepwildsupersheepIl y a mois
  • Oh my God.... I spent 25 years making commercials .... If Bill Hicks knew I would have a pencil stuck in the side of my head!

    Clay WilsonClay WilsonIl y a mois
  • My idea on ads? Use an adblocker.

    Henri RoggemanHenri RoggemanIl y a mois
  • Me being a gamer who had this recommended from a gaming channel read this as "why our Aim Down Sights" are different now

    Chandler DeardorffChandler DeardorffIl y a mois
  • We are all selling ourselves but we are listening to what is being sold more than we are buying. This is why we get tired of listening.

    WhyUgot2doThat ?WhyUgot2doThat ?Il y a mois
  • America is a continent, the country called USA. Educate yourself

    Ádám BolfÁdám BolfIl y a mois
  • Adverts? What are those? I'm sitting here with uBlockO and Sponsor block and have no idea what you are talking about 😁

    cgarzscgarzsIl y a mois
  • Don't know if I missed it but did you mention how advertising sponsors Nascar and their has lately been talk about putting companies logos on other sports uniforms like basketball, baseball and soccer. There was once an idea tossed around about temporary tattoos on mma fighters and boxers. There is no end to advertising. If they could project an ad on the moon they would.

    Trioptic3DTrioptic3DIl y a mois
  • I wish every sponsor was like red bull

    Denis Dionigi Del GrandeDenis Dionigi Del GrandeIl y a mois
  • 2:00 “...and more” *shows a picture of a hoe* You thought you could get that one by us, huh?

    Tall FishTall FishIl y a mois
  • Racing past racist advertising because the ads are gross is doing no one any favors.

    Darrin BrunnerDarrin BrunnerIl y a mois
  • Your titles don’t match up sir

    noah geerdinknoah geerdinkIl y a mois
  • Bulova had the first ad on television on all history

    Luciano LacayoLuciano LacayoIl y a mois
  • K wait who thought this was a Vox video

    Jess EJess EIl y a mois
  • Let's not forget about the abyss between catholic peoples still using Lain Bible, that only very few could understand, as opposed to protestant countries that believed in reading the Bible translated to their own vernaculum. That got literacy an inestimable power to concentrateintelectual power and wealth to protestant nations.

    Rocha LeandroRocha LeandroIl y a mois
  • blasphemous to show a shot of Campbell’s soup and Coca Cola and not mention Andy Warhol. He revolutionized art and advertisement.

    Suga’s SwagSuga’s SwagIl y a mois
  • I say show the racist ads just like you show the sexist ads. It was and is still a huge part of our history and present. We still have racist ads; show it all.

    Myishen HainesMyishen HainesIl y a mois
  • Here, in Brazil, president Dilma Rousseff suffered an impeachment based on media extrapolation. At the time, I kept receiving FRworld ads about "How will the Impeachment affect your investments" and "How to increase your rent with the impeachment". Man Advertising to (and from) the elites is scary as fk, out of Black Mirror

    Sheld OwnedSheld OwnedIl y a mois
  • It's my first time visiting this channel, and i just gotta say i loove the Twin Peaks poster. Best show ever.

    Jane BonnieJane BonnieIl y a mois
  • Really? You start with a fucking ad? Lost all respect.. you had none already.. but now it's even less than that

    Miguel RibeiroMiguel RibeiroIl y a mois
  • The written title is why ads are different now, and the title in the video is how advertising changed America. I don’t care about America, I’ve been duped

    StONe AGeStONe AGeIl y a mois
  • Advertising is going out of its way to show interracial couples and minority' groups in affluent positions...I guess this is the thing to do now....it's easier than making meaningful changes

    X YX YIl y a mois
  • We are stuck in this nightmare forever. Fuck you ads!!!

    JurassiclandJurassiclandIl y a mois
  • I can’t stand 95% of TV commercials these days. That’s why I avoid them as much as possible.

    Pathfinder767Pathfinder767Il y a mois
  • Unexpected Game Grumps made my day

    S JS JIl y a mois
  • Hiding and not showing slavery as is akin to whitewash the despicable depiction of melaninated people. You call yourself intellectuals GTFOH

    T Noah ThomasT Noah ThomasIl y a mois
  • Whoa! Awesome Twin Peaks thingy on the wall!!

    FrigginOutOfBlueFrigginOutOfBlueIl y a mois
  • As a non-US-citizen it feels pretty weird to me that US-citizens call their own country "America". "America" is a continent on which the US is only one of many countries.

    Viktoria meViktoria meIl y a mois
  • you are not immune to propaganda

    SpoonSpoonIl y a mois
  • You're not supposed to buy products that are advertised.. Those are the items already getting rejected by the general public.

    none givennone givenIl y a mois
  • I despise ads in all forms. I hate being sold to so much that I avoid certain gas stations that blast you with ads at the pump and I even pay for FRworld premium. Oddly enough, if they played old ads I would probably watch them.

    M. Douglas MillerM. Douglas MillerIl y a mois
  • i will NEVER forgive clinton for allowing pharmaceutical ads. i am so f-ing tired of them. if an ad is more than 2 minutes long i won't let it run. even then, only if it's something republicans have to pay for.

    margaret johnsonmargaret johnsonIl y a mois
  • Who else remembers the "Click here to win a FREE iPad" ads

    horstkleinhorstkleinIl y a mois
  • I liked how the video was interrupted several times by casino ads.

    Alexandru DragomirAlexandru DragomirIl y a mois
  • Are there books or websites you took the informations from? I would like to understand all of this better

    Sebastian RossiSebastian RossiIl y a mois
  • History shouldn’t be able to be demonitized. If we don’t talk about it, we’ll repeat it. That is all.

    Wesley RobinsonWesley RobinsonIl y a mois
  • They don't sell products anymore, they sell lifestyles and emotions Haven't watched it yet but I assume that that's the case

    Dylan DogDylan DogIl y a mois
  • eee

    Hillary Sunshine is not my name :DHillary Sunshine is not my name :DIl y a mois
  • See? That's why you need more government! They will bypass all this shameless/ugly practice of *convincing* you and go straight to *taking* your resources instead

    Walter GiraoWalter GiraoIl y a mois
  • before pandemic: buy after pandemic: buy ❤️

    SyrenaSyrenaIl y a mois
    • lol. nailed it

      Sam Martin - Peak PerformanceSam Martin - Peak PerformanceIl y a mois
  • Really epic breakdown

    Mat O'FlynnMat O'FlynnIl y a mois
  • Hey let's play on men's fear of loosing hair to make money

    Vlad FarcamVlad FarcamIl y a mois
  • Ads for meds, not cool

    Tigerduck SwagbroiTigerduck SwagbroiIl y a mois
  • This video was great. I feel educated and entertained. Awesome work!

    tiffyburrybabytiffyburrybabyIl y a mois
  • I see it all the time and this is a great channel but I have to say it - Since FRworld is a visual platform, why does virtually no one put more than a single minute into making the background behind them look better than the wall to their living room or bedroom or bathroom? I mean hell i've seen vids where they didn't even bother cleaning up their mess! It's gross and unappealing to look at. For god's sake if you're that lazy at least drape a sheet back there. Jesus!

    totallypreposteroustotallypreposterousIl y a mois
  • To be honest, after watching technology connections I want an ancient toaster nowhere to be found... Deal with that, marketing...

    DerParadonymDerParadonymIl y a mois
  • I feel like Instagram posts are the public becoming walking advertisements

    Leah the FaerieLeah the FaerieIl y a mois
  • What happens if humanity checked back to the extent that advertising was seen to be bad, and it largely had to get out the room. Unlikely, but would be interesting.

    Maza FhakarMaza FhakarIl y a mois
  • First time I'm watching a video from this channel. I just love your Twin Peaks curtain!

    Jura - The Coffee AddictJura - The Coffee AddictIl y a mois
  • "Ralph Le Wren"

    Ludivico CarthageLudivico CarthageIl y a mois
  • VR ads will be nuts!

    PatchesFlowsPatchesFlowsIl y a mois
  • I'm hoping for a repeat of the 60s soon, and I actually LIKE advertising when it's clever and done in a non-intrusive way. And with wage stagnation we've got less money to spend so I would think that would lead to more frugal purchases on less wasteful items.

    spamvikingspamvikingIl y a mois
  • Title made me expect how ads have changed over pandemic and social justice events, and then it ended where I expected the actual story to start.

    Janne WolterbeekJanne WolterbeekIl y a mois
  • This video sponsored by Big Pharma.

    homopunk84homopunk84Il y a mois
  • We're stuck in this nightmare forever

    MarieMarieIl y a mois
  • I guess this should be interesting to people who think the amount of hair on one's head is a big deal, just as advertised.

    Chandala SaturninoChandala SaturninoIl y a mois
  • What do you mean, “stick around for blah blah blah?” Bye

    carpballetcarpballetIl y a mois
  • Whole history of advertising and no Van Damme Split by F&B

    Mayanja RonaldMayanja RonaldIl y a mois
  • For me the modern landscape of advertisements is trusting people who are known for not trying to advertise shit to you. Like LTT. They're known for only advertising stuff that's actually usable, durable and not sketchy.

    TreviathTreviathIl y a mois
  • youtubes really stepping their game up, a whole 20 minute video about ads. Greattttt...

    Curtis ClineCurtis ClineIl y a mois
  • "Buy a shoes cleaner to get in parliament". Looool, right away.

    Tvrtko KrželjTvrtko KrželjIl y a mois
  • Yeah I like older ads way better

    xxDolphinLegendxx 6444xxDolphinLegendxx 6444Il y a mois
  • cocaine juice lol

    Steven ReyesSteven ReyesIl y a mois
  • The most effective ad I ever got was a Toyota ad that was like 3 seconds "so that you can get back to your videos". Genius. That is what I want, thanks Toyota

    Titan TillTitan TillIl y a mois
  • Ads = lies

    Kiko YuKiko YuIl y a mois
  • Anyone noticed his voice and way of speaking absolutely resembles that of Jason Sudeikis wow

    Noukie Van LoonNoukie Van LoonIl y a mois
  • Great video!!

    Sirajus Salekin SamiSirajus Salekin SamiIl y a mois
  • Why attention disorder syndrom changed?

    David HeilDavid HeilIl y a mois
  • I wanna go back to utilitarian advertisement from the 1800s, also that one as that looks like it's from the mid 20th century that promises 107 dollars an hour is probably the earliestt example of an MLM that I've seen.

    Matthew CoxMatthew CoxIl y a mois
  • I'm perfectly fine with ads.

    When the FBI finds your google searches.When the FBI finds your google searches.Il y a mois
  • honestly pointing out the chevy logo in days of thunder really doesn't make much sense compared to any other movie, as that's what that car is, that's the kind of car raced at the time, while its possible it was payed for, its also a movie that wouldn't work without the car, because it is literally a movie centered around racing, of course a real car is going to be in it

    Kalli KatzkeKalli KatzkeIl y a mois
  • “These are trying times. At -mega corp- we are here for you. We will get through this together”

    Aedan MacDonaldAedan MacDonaldIl y a mois
  • Riddle me this: With basically every website scrounging up as much personal data as they can about us, how does FRworld not know that Reece's ads are a waste of my time due to my peanut allergy? Seriously, if you're gonna go out of your way to gather up all this personal data at least use it.

    George CowsertGeorge CowsertIl y a mois
  • 13:20 The USA had very bad water pollution back then. Chemicals in the water from detergents were a popular blame, something everybody could recognize as suds in the water streams, even though there may have been very much more nefarious chemicals people didn't know about ... the idea was disposable paper would biodegrade and save all that detergent cleaning poisoning the water ... paper plates and straws were made thin, crappy, and soon after paper, the industry offered some new style plastic that seemed sort of like paper, you could still throw it away the same ... plastic straws actually work ... AND So does the exquisite manipulation of the public mind taking place slowly over many years.

    switchjimswitchjimIl y a mois
  • Why do americans get so offended by history? Slavery existed all over the world, there is no use in trying to hide it. Besides, showing 200 year old advertising for learning purposes won't make you racist, it may even raise more awareness

    Bernal MBernal MIl y a mois
  • 7:27 I have that car! Willy's with the Knight sleeve valve engine. Runs smooth and quiet.

    thejunkmanthejunkmanIl y a mois
  • Danny and Arin are legends! Game Grumps for the win! Arin is very upfront. open, and honest about all that he does on the show to include any promoted content.

    Stephanie S.Stephanie S.Il y a mois
  • :)

    Easel MinchEasel MinchIl y a mois
  • 120 lbs of tobacco for a wife. 60lbs if you just want the top half.

    Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69Il y a mois
  • The business of America is business. Calvin Coolage Till.....we come up with something else.

    Matthew MaguireMatthew MaguireIl y a mois
  • Capitalism is dying

    Ahmad HadderAhmad HadderIl y a mois
  • am i the only one who saw an ad from the ole timey stuff and realized... wait... i had that!!! i grew up with a sterling piano with real ivory and wood scroll. crazy!

    colleen shawcolleen shawIl y a mois
  • Ends video by saying advertising is a nightmare world of trying to get people to buy stuff. Serves me 6 ads in less then 20 minutes. 😅👌

    Gunner VGunner VIl y a mois
  • We buy what we need. Advertising doesn't work on us...unless it helps us obtain that which we would have bought anyway.

    David JansingDavid JansingIl y a mois
  • Next thing you know it is going to be like the Trueman show where we get a living person to be the advertisement for the rest of their life.

    Pink GirlPink GirlIl y a mois
  • I kinda want a blow up coutch now :P

    Torbjørn KolvenTorbjørn KolvenIl y a mois
  • Adblock, don't use google, don't watch TV, don't listen to the radio, and umatrix to make it so my browser only shows what I allow it to. Fuck advertisers and fuck mega corps.

    vertex546vertex546Il y a mois
  • what about FRworldrs making ads for companies, to make them more personal so the fans feel like they are supporting their favorite FRworldrs? hhhhmmmmmmm?

    ZakahZakahIl y a mois
  • Gah!! The way she treated that bread!!!

    Donna KennedyDonna KennedyIl y a mois
  • phone#

    Michael J.Michael J.Il y a mois