We Roast Shayne's High School Photos

4 juin 2020
689 792 Vues

We’re roasting Shayne, Ian, Olivia and Courtney’s high school photos!
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  • Who had the best glow up? ✨

    Smosh PitSmosh PitIl y a 4 mois
    • Courtney

      Hope MakenzieHope MakenzieIl y a 3 jours
    • The puppy

      ThomasThomasIl y a 3 jours
    • Shayne or Courtney

      Yesterday's TomorrowYesterday's TomorrowIl y a 26 jours
    • The most disturbing part of this video was finding out Shayne doesn't like Carmel apple suckers!!!! U just crushed all of my dreams bro... 🤯🤖👽

      Samantha NealySamantha NealyIl y a mois
    • Courtney

      Barry_Buckle_PantsBarry_Buckle_PantsIl y a mois
  • Skip to 13:48, you’ll thank me later

    levi bdoyalevi bdoyaIl y a jour
  • Umm did y’all pause the video to see his desk top cause holy cow

    Dani LilianaDani LilianaIl y a 4 jours
  • The way ian and shayne look at courtney while shes explaining her pictures is so cute

    kaiyakaiyaIl y a 6 jours
  • Shayne be like a blonde Tom Cruise

    Ammow AmmowAmmow AmmowIl y a 13 jours
  • My name is Marissa :)

    Marissa DawsonMarissa DawsonIl y a 20 jours
  • Nice to see Gus Johnson has become a permanent smosh member but why did u kick Shayne out?

    FabrobinFabrobinIl y a 21 jour
  • I'm so sorry! i couldn't donate but i do just wanna say i do support black lives matter, I feel really bad that i can't but i hope this makes some people feel good ^^

    sunflowersunflowerIl y a 25 jours
  • Did shane pulled a fake Chris Evans lmaoo 😂 for comedy??

    Nicolas233Nicolas233Il y a 29 jours
  • "every teenager grew up at Denny's" nah Ian we have a Waffle House not even ten minutes from our high school lmao (i say, even tho i graduated)

    Grace GoinsGrace GoinsIl y a mois
  • i'm so sorry ian

    akash kongaraakash kongaraIl y a mois
  • I knew I felt connected to Courtney, her dog’s name is holly and my first name is Holly lol

    Andrea RobertsAndrea RobertsIl y a mois
  • I saw no shayne roasting, I WAS PROMISED A ROAST!

    Lockz1111Lockz1111Il y a mois
  • just look at the views

    andallsonic61andallsonic61Il y a mois

    Vxillophe ‘Vxillophe ‘Il y a mois
  • 12:09 Shayne looks like a wanna be Billy Joel Armstrong

    Itz RyanItz RyanIl y a mois
  • Iaaaaaaaaan 😍😍😍 totally would be my type of crush back then on high sch 😂😂😂

    Angel ChristiantiAngel ChristiantiIl y a mois
  • I think Ian had the biggest glow up. Between him and Courtney. Olivia and Shane look pretty much the same just a little older

    Nicole SolbergNicole SolbergIl y a mois
  • 13:17 "Look at this photograph.."

    Johnson Baron CavelerJohnson Baron CavelerIl y a mois
  • I just realized in 2007 I was born and in 2007 they were teenagers

    Madison HughesMadison HughesIl y a mois
  • Me and Courtney have the same walls😳

    Potato WeebPotato WeebIl y a mois
  • Shayne has Jensen Ackles vibes I swear

    Toxic CommenterToxic CommenterIl y a mois
  • Ian probably didn't get any in HS, but if he still has that runner stamina, congrats to his girlfriends.

    toomuchtimetoomuchtimeIl y a mois
  • Shayne is way too psychologically put together to have ever put been through high school 🎓. He's not an ass because if his looks or and genuinely intelligent.

    toomuchtimetoomuchtimeIl y a mois
  • Why is nobody talking about the picture behind Courtney??? Its a butt with glasses in a office wtff 14:18 he looks like a younger version of the blond prince from shrek

    ꀤꎭ ꍏ ᖘꀤꏂꏳꏂ ꂦꎇ ꁅꍏꋪꌃꍏꁅꏂꀤꎭ ꍏ ᖘꀤꏂꏳꏂ ꂦꎇ ꁅꍏꋪꌃꍏꁅꏂIl y a mois
  • Is Courtney wearing the shirt from the “Eboy gets cancelled” video

    Devil EyesDevil EyesIl y a mois
  • shayne was just a hot e-boy

    Ange1 _Ange1 _Il y a mois
  • Chill with the blm

    Sam OwensSam OwensIl y a mois
    • No

      The real Jesus ChristThe real Jesus ChristIl y a 5 jours
  • Is that david lee roth 5:48

    Marshall SkullMarshall SkullIl y a mois
  • I thought hes name was Shane..

    WegsterWegsterIl y a mois
  • Callan McCauliffe? 7:55

    JiPPY JJiPPY JIl y a mois
  • 4:30 and 6:37 Omg I thought it was Taylor Swift

    Todoroki kunTodoroki kunIl y a mois
  • Shane no have a glow up ✨🌟

    Rosie GiannittoRosie GiannittoIl y a mois
  • I think Courtney had the best glow up

    Rosie GiannittoRosie GiannittoIl y a mois
  • Shane was wearing the same short sleeve shirt in this video. Legend

    iBanyaiBanyaIl y a mois
  • lmao I always forget shayne’s from arizona too and then he has to explain what a wash is

    lindsay kochlindsay kochIl y a mois
  • They look like different seasons hahah

    Raysa CassanelliRaysa CassanelliIl y a mois
  • The should play a game called “Apocalypse Not-Not Right Now” where they have to create 1 weapon 1 food to live off of 1 way to get water and 1 shelter

    Sam EllisSam EllisIl y a mois
  • Bruh! Shane looks like Prince Charming!

    PipertheGreat1 !PipertheGreat1 !Il y a mois
  • I'm dying rom Ian's hat 🤭😅

    Lucy GrimmerLucy GrimmerIl y a mois
  • OMG Shane's brother Brian looks like Logan Paul or Jake Paul I don't know whatever brother is the tallest

    Austin LAustin LIl y a 2 mois
  • Americans, explain school terms for me pls (freshman, senior, etc.) and how middle and high school grades work (like what grades are in each, etc.) Thx my homies

    anxious_zebraanxious_zebraIl y a 2 mois
    • the first year of high school is freshman year (ages 14-15) then sophomore (15-16) then junior (16-17) and then senior (17-18)

      bobs and vagnebobs and vagneIl y a mois
  • How does shane look like a tik tok eboy, high school bully/jock, and a depressed hot boy at school.

    jerbiljerbilIl y a 2 mois
  • Imagine seing the bowl cut kid u bullied in high school, as a youtube star with millions of followers

    jerbiljerbilIl y a 2 mois
  • I was today years old when I learned that Courtney grew up a few cities next to me.

    jerbiljerbilIl y a 2 mois
  • Don’t mean to hurt anyone, But seriously, anyone think Courtney’s friends looks like Anthony’s “sister”(literally Anthony with a wig) from the old SMOSH videos?

    Sasanth BollineniSasanth BollineniIl y a 2 mois
  • Those Carmel apple suckers were the shit

    slayer 1990zslayer 1990zIl y a 2 mois
  • So Shaynes hair has finally transcended back to the prince charming hair cut

    slayer 1990zslayer 1990zIl y a 2 mois
  • all the dislikes are from people who think alm

    Karma ArsenaultKarma ArsenaultIl y a 2 mois
  • Courtney probally lover leather mouth frank iero. I Stan the legalize gay shirt💕

    Snipe CLNSnipe CLNIl y a 2 mois
  • young shayne looked like a blonde jensen ackles with the short hair

    Psychic DragonPsychic DragonIl y a 2 mois
  • can we just take a second to appreciate Shayne's e-boy photo..

    Sally TSally TIl y a 2 mois
  • Legalize gay

    Not JazzNot JazzIl y a 2 mois
  • Looking at Shayne I would never know he had acne ... It makes me feel so happy that I’ll actually look good one day

    The Milky ManThe Milky ManIl y a 2 mois
  • I can't stop thinking about the prince from Shrek 2 14:00

    N NUGGSN NUGGSIl y a 2 mois
  • We also went roller skating when I was in middle school. The roller rink burnt down a couple years ago 😞

    Lauryn BlakeLauryn BlakeIl y a 2 mois
  • Ian was a furry

    alejandro de la piedraalejandro de la piedraIl y a 2 mois
  • When ian was beside chuckee cheese he looked like pewdipie

    Matt Jacob B CASTROMatt Jacob B CASTROIl y a 2 mois
  • Ian, Courtney, and Shane: awee!!! Olivia: 😐

    todorokataratodorokataraIl y a 2 mois
  • smosh intro: black lives matter!!! all cops are bastards!!! no justice no peace!!! we stand with black lives!!! also ian: COP PORTRAIT OF ME XD

    abiabiIl y a 2 mois
  • Shane so handsome

    Amanda LubisAmanda LubisIl y a 2 mois
  • Shayne with his prince charming wannabe looking ass

    random bitchrandom bitchIl y a 2 mois
  • “You’re an Emooo” ....

    Alex BAlex BIl y a 2 mois
  • He looks like Killeens kee on the boat

    H FH FIl y a 2 mois
  • Ian running literally looks like he's doing a sketch for Smosh.

    Simo NurmiSimo NurmiIl y a 2 mois
  • Ian is my man, doing cross country

    Chrystian GamesChrystian GamesIl y a 2 mois
  • Y’all saying real ppl had the best glow up’s, what abt Levi Ackerman.

    ‘ Rose Ishida ‘‘ Rose Ishida ‘Il y a 2 mois
  • Shayne looked like Ken from Barbie:'D

    raw waterraw waterIl y a 2 mois
  • haha chuckycheese is bankrupt now

    The orange dealerThe orange dealerIl y a 2 mois
  • I just love Shayne. I'd love to be friends with him

    Lonely Little WolfieLonely Little WolfieIl y a 2 mois
  • ur mom

    volnino ehvolnino ehIl y a 2 mois
  • In one of those pics, Shayne looks like a mix between Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson. 14:58

    distantignitiondistantignitionIl y a 2 mois
  • I love caramel apple pops! In my friend group every once in a awhile someone just brings caramel apple pops and distributed them among everyone it’s so good

    AmandaAmandaIl y a 2 mois
  • Nobody: Shayne: you look like a Lego man

    Jayla GilbertJayla GilbertIl y a 3 mois
  • I just realized Ian has light blue eyes.

    Jessica LamJessica LamIl y a 3 mois
  • I live in Tucson and I cracked up at "when it rains once a year"

    Madison KellermeyerMadison KellermeyerIl y a 3 mois
  • Smosh said use your voice in the start Me trying to use dragon shout on my dad

    OBOYOBOYIl y a 3 mois
  • 2:16 “Urine Emu”

    That GuyThat GuyIl y a 3 mois
  • Ian in his senior photo gives me vibes that he’s gonna sell me air in a bottle

    ImpulsiveBeetleImpulsiveBeetleIl y a 3 mois
  • That's why chuck e cheese is in the tmnt video. Because Ian works there

    Vince 101Vince 101Il y a 3 mois
  • Olivia: talking The puppy peeing: can you stop talking now?

    Geniuses are born Not createdGeniuses are born Not createdIl y a 3 mois
  • “The point was that there was no point” that just describes early Smosh perfectly

    Sam O'NeillSam O'NeillIl y a 3 mois
  • Shayne looks like Noah in his first one

    Toney PhanthavongToney PhanthavongIl y a 3 mois
  • Nobody roasted Shane

    Brandon LeeBrandon LeeIl y a 3 mois
  • 9:25 Ian kinda looks like Bruce Jenner here.. (And by Bruce I mean pre-Caitlin)

    • @Natty Naz I'm not deadnaming, I'm saying that Ian looks like Caitlyn Jenner before she transitioned

    • You shouldn't deadname ppl. I don't know for sure, but I don't think she's comfortable with being referred to by that name.

      Natty NazNatty NazIl y a 26 jours
  • Best intro ever

    Project ZeytaProject ZeytaIl y a 3 mois
  • Why are they so gorgeous?? Especially Courtney in my opinion. Edit: every positive-energetic person is gorgeous. :)

    Thirty ThreeThirty ThreeIl y a 3 mois
  • Kathy bates nsfw? 😂😂

    CC draw'sCC draw'sIl y a 3 mois

    Maylie MorganMaylie MorganIl y a 3 mois
  • I feel like everyones trying to pin shaynes hair style "Jonathan taylor thomas"

    CptMcquackenCptMcquackenIl y a 3 mois
  • Shayne with curly long hair is cute

    KrissyKrissyIl y a 3 mois
  • Y'all really did a roast without Noah huh?

    Nalayak MortalNalayak MortalIl y a 3 mois
  • Shayne was lil huddy before lil huddy was lil huddy.

    xjust. charliexxjust. charliexIl y a 3 mois
  • Coconut head from neds declassified for ian. Hahah

    Sahil NandaSahil NandaIl y a 3 mois
  • Omg Ian had the most change in looks like that does not even look like him.

    Emily ThompsonEmily ThompsonIl y a 3 mois
  • Is kinda crazy this man started by singing Pokemon in his fukin basement

    Tanner SandersTanner SandersIl y a 3 mois
  • I just noticed that Ian says “AWW” with no emotion on his face 2:36

    Jackson ShulerJackson ShulerIl y a 3 mois
  • Why does Ian seen so depressed?

    Amaya BananasAmaya BananasIl y a 3 mois
  • I thought the ironic thing was that he didn't have any but i'm surprised

    BmnGameBoyBmnGameBoyIl y a 4 mois
  • Those black and red smosh shirts are fire they need to come back

    George PrewittGeorge PrewittIl y a 4 mois