V FOR VENDETTA (Movie): Is It Deep or Dumb?

5 juin 2020
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V for Vendetta: Is there some depth behind that mask?
We stand in solidarity with protesters across the United States and around the world who seek justice for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the long list of victims who have suffered from our culture of police brutality, institutional racism, and white supremacy.
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V for Vendetta is yet another adaptation of a beloved Alan Moore graphic novel - and he hates it. Is there depth to this alliterative film, or is Alan Moore right? Let's find out in this Wisecrack Edition on V for Vendetta: Deep or Dumb?

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Written by: Ross McIndoe
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Wisecrack Edition Title by: RIley A.
Editing by: Brian M Kim
Produced by: Evan Yee

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  • You skipped the best part of the movie. When V traps Evey in a prison and keeps her there for several months. Like a cattepilar to butterfly, transformation was going to happen. It's like boot camp, when we were taught everything you own, now belongs to someone else.

    Patrick HandyPatrick HandyIl y a 3 heures
  • Libertarian ideals.

    Patrick HandyPatrick HandyIl y a 3 heures
  • None of these deep or dumb segments are actually dumb

    Vijai KumarVijai KumarIl y a 10 heures
  • well unless you like falling asleep 4 hours into a movie i would say they aced it, they made a classic film out of a loved comic, now if only we could convince people not to keep wearing the guy fawkes mask to every mindless riot, its a shame its become trendy for people to wear as if it automatically grants them the monika of revolutionary and therefore the good guy when in sad truth most people seem to use it to hide their faces while committing crimes against those they disagree with and wish to silence, trashing public events and intelectual talks, pulling down statues out of 'outrage' acting like thugs and claiming to be the victim, increasingly the protesters of today act like the brown shirts of the 30's, its deeply ironic that the mask has becom a tool of modern facism, the very thing V fought against

    Steven RSteven RIl y a 14 heures
  • To the midwit this movie is deep I suppose. The movie doesn't make you think, it tells you what to think. The dictators in the movie weren't even far right or fascist, hell, they weren't even nationalists. They were a cartoonish version of Bush era neo-conservatives. I won't go into a political diatribe but neo-cons are liberal, globalist, "new world order" freaks. Closer to marxism than nationalism or fascism. The fact that so many find this deep and inspiring is actually a bit demoralizing.

    Connor O'NeilConnor O'NeilIl y a 16 heures
  • I think authoritarism can and does rise out of a small group hatching a plan but that plan requires there to be enough people in society that think it isn't such a bad idea

    Bruce Jedi LeeBruce Jedi LeeIl y a 2 jours
  • I really appreciate how much effort went into this video 👏🏼

    K. Marie ClairK. Marie ClairIl y a 2 jours
  • 1. I'm thankful that movie didn't protray V as a total anarchist as he was in the orignal becuase this "anarchism vs totalitarinism" debate is beyond dumb. Anarchism is not an sophisiticated answer to totalitarinism or anything imo. And let's not pretend "hero become the villan" is not just another cliche. The movie V was flawed, but he was not flawed to counterbalance the villan, he was his own character shaped by his own journey. V claimed to be a violent reaction to the brutility of the regime but he has always been more than that. The opening monologue said it all: I cared for the man behind mask. The mask doning and sheding is a major point for the movie: through the violence, the disaster, the opperssions, the revolutions, some people has remained the way they were, not all was lost. 2. The villans in the movie are incompetent, their lies paper-thin, but that's an fair depiction of some real and historical dictatorships. It doesn't matter if it's real crisis that invites them. It doesn't matter how sophisticated was their cover story. People remains under the wrap of authoritarian regime for the credible threat to their lives and livilihood. They are fearful, thus silent, thus powerless, thus more fearful. Maybe that's not terribly deep, but it's the reality in my opinion. VV is better read as a quest to be free from fear than to be free from an opressive regime, though the answer it gave was brutal indeed. 3. The revolution in the movie was grossly romanticized. That's my biggest criticism. Nobody would suddenly forget that they have a family and a job and a fragile human body because they received a costume in mail. The speech? the blowing up of symbols? they are nothing. If that's enough for people to conque their fear, there wouldn't be a dictatorship in the first place. You can't wake a person who are pretending to be asleep. Just as there are power in annoynimity , it's a comfortable place for the "silent majority" to profit and shake off their conscience. The real revolutions have to have flag-wavers, known leaders who are willing to put their lives on the line so other would dare to do the same. A guy in a mask really couldn't do that.

    ahadicowahadicowIl y a 2 jours
  • fun to watch. but the ideology in it is destructive. people are screaming for 'democracy' 'power of the people' 'down governments' like possessed apes because of this

    Bekad Baens.Bekad Baens.Il y a 2 jours
  • Dumb for sure

    omkar shindeomkar shindeIl y a 2 jours
  • This is happening now. He predicted what no one saw coming. The writer is v. We are the people. We are not anonymous, we are.

    matthewJ142matthewJ142Il y a 3 jours
  • 2020

    Mateusz SkavronMateusz SkavronIl y a 3 jours
  • It is simplified over the comics but the film is quite deep. V motives are at the beginning of pure revenge, he manipulated the population as much the government did. In his TV speech, he acknowledges that the regime is in power because of 'you, mirror looking person' because it lied to the people, instilling fear but, since he needs them to complete his revenge, gave them a chance of redemption by meeting outside the parliament a year later with just a question: there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?. The masks widely available was quite a masterstroke. I loved the acting, quite sarcastic to find Hurt being the leader, with Weaving, Portman, Frey and Rea above all (and the heartfelt Valerie's letter reader). But Eve changed him, giving hope that there is not only revenge in life, his life, in my view exemplified by the standing domino piece. I think he always planned/expected to die to fulfill his revenge but for a moment he faltered. He stuck to the plan but he also acknowledged that he couldn't be the one to finalize it leaving the final choice to blow the parliament to Eve. Many many layers of discussion in this movie from my side ..

    Gianpietro PrevitaliGianpietro PrevitaliIl y a 3 jours
  • "If I had understood the situation a bit better I should probably have joined the Anarchists." ― George Orwell, Collected Essays; Vol 1 page 289

    Daniel DuvalleDaniel DuvalleIl y a 4 jours
  • Q The Memetics

    Volta MachineVolta MachineIl y a 4 jours
  • Thank you Jared for this. Amazing analysis.

    Abid KamalAbid KamalIl y a 5 jours
  • Mostly peaceful? Bs

    R TR TIl y a 5 jours
  • His mask is not a symbol its an idea

    FunMixTimeFunMixTimeIl y a 7 jours
  • Dude, you smoke a lot of crack, don't you?

    Jim FJim FIl y a 8 jours
  • @#Blankenshipps

    Teleconferencing - ArkadinTeleconferencing - ArkadinIl y a 9 jours
  • That is called "The Patriarchal Cross" and is something with more specific meaning. There is a sort of underlying feminist commentary element to it also. Stop bloating yourself as smart when you're misleading people and missing primary points of the message. Thatcher was a hard right zealot

    James LeeJames LeeIl y a 10 jours
  • All the commentors are showing their ignorance. Guy Fawkes wanted to establish a theocracy under the Catholic church, the symbol is used for different things now though. It was America in her genius that coopted the symbols in modern times and John Lennon in his song 'Remember', the song that got him killed.

    James LeeJames LeeIl y a 10 jours
  • If it were a 6 film then yes it could cram even more detail into minor character's lives but seriously there's already a lot to absorb for someone who's never read the source material. I have read it and I like the film much more than the book. Moore strikes me as a crackpot and the filmmakers used his material well. It's an important film and not just an allegory or cautionary tale.

    Yog-SothothYog-SothothIl y a 10 jours
  • 0:18 whelp, that aged like milk.

    Creationizer NunyaCreationizer NunyaIl y a 14 jours
  • I think, for a general audience, the simplified concept and plot was a good idea. It sounds like the comic was a lot deeper philosophically, which I do respect and generally like. But V for Vendetta was only a 2 hour movie and trying to fit that all in a digestable way a general audience can comprehend is tricky in just 2 hours. I don't think V for Vendetta would have done well as a movie Trilogy either, so I think the compromises were acceptable. V for Vendetta has become a cultural icon for people fighting tyranny and corrupt governments. Even now, people are wearing Guy Faux masks at anti-lockdown protests because of what the symbol represents. I even bought a mask myself a few weeks ago! If the plot of V was more complex and less black and white it might not have had the cultural impact that it did. And the best movies of all time imo are the ones that make a deep cultural impact. As for switching the nuclear war with a pandemic, maybe the Wachowskis were trying to tell us something, especially when the film takes place in the 2020s just sayin...

    SSWSSWIl y a 14 jours
  • Still my favorite film. It has it flaws, but it's still stands out as a film with great harmony: compelling characters, engagin plot, mind provoking themes, powerful symbols, and the balancing of all these together.

    Jeremy MizeJeremy MizeIl y a 15 jours
  • "Overwhelming peaceful protests" my ass.

    OneManCastOneManCastIl y a 16 jours
    • Nearly all protests were paceful: time.com/5886348/report-peaceful-protests/ The sadly thing is that social media distorted our perception - this 7% who ended in riots and violence dominated all the narrative.

      Dariusz Woysław MillerDariusz Woysław MillerIl y a 9 jours
  • Remember! remember what Anonymous leaked on twitter during the riots on the police station (the street I was born on)

    Thunder unit00Thunder unit00Il y a 17 jours
  • This film is becoming like real document.

    NewKNewKIl y a 18 jours
  • hahah a virus causing fascism .... lol just imagine *sweats profusely*

    naz simpsonnaz simpsonIl y a 18 jours
  • Sars 2 bio weapon , economic chaos , wars looming .. tick tock its coming

    Mike SollowsMike SollowsIl y a 19 jours
  • Viva frworld.info/net/vid-o/3n6QkLWNw5e6kYA

    ron mundiron mundiIl y a 20 jours
  • not to mention this film about a fake virus made up to controll the world was set in the year 2020! wakey wakey!!

    DRTY DDRTY DIl y a 20 jours
  • While I do agree with many of these points, the reason why Alan Moore hates this movie is that he hates ALL adaptions of his work, regardless of quality or faithfulness.

    Daniel CohenDaniel CohenIl y a 22 jours
  • I read the graphic novel over the summer, and I think the movie change to his speech over the television was genius. It made for a much better flow and got the idea over more clearly (in my opinion). Plus the movie clocked in at over two hours, so yes, if they want to be more true to the novel it will require a mini-series.

    Stanley WhiteStanley WhiteIl y a 26 jours
  • Somehow the 5th of November will be so much like this after the 2020 Election.

    Brandy StephensBrandy StephensIl y a 26 jours
  • Symbolism will be their downfall Q .

    Brandy StephensBrandy StephensIl y a 26 jours
  • Peaceful protest do you feel diffrent about that comment now ? 3 months later.

    Brandy StephensBrandy StephensIl y a 26 jours
  • I would consider this somewhat under "predictive programming" when comparing it to the New World Order psyop of the Covid PLANdemic SCAMdemic. The world is under a strong delusion of spells until they Wake Up to the deception. 🔮💊⛓🏦🎭🔎📺💸📰

    Sarena HarmonSarena HarmonIl y a 27 jours
  • If not deep, important....what it lacks is complexity, not depth. Good vs bad, right vs wrong; its simple conceptually and with subject matter we all have opinions on. It’s an American liberal’s wet dream

    Pappy O'hoolihanPappy O'hoolihanIl y a 28 jours
  • Stunning that it all came to pass IRL under followers of liberalism and cultural marxism in the Anglosphere eh?

    Englishman's Radio MiscellanyEnglishman's Radio MiscellanyIl y a 29 jours
  • After the first 20 seconds of political BS I'm out.

    Paul RoundPaul RoundIl y a 29 jours
  • ;)

    German AlvizoGerman AlvizoIl y a mois
  • The George Floyd inspired Black Lives Matter protests are not "mostly peaceful" Thousands of injured police officers and civilians, numerous dead and cities across the nation ablaze. Do some research dude.

    Mr. Anti-OrwellianMr. Anti-OrwellianIl y a mois
  • Woo~! Trump 2020! they could never have won without the support of all you rioters

    Crazydog 330Crazydog 330Il y a mois
  • 🤣

    XavierKatzoneXavierKatzoneIl y a mois
  • I kind of lean to the left and all, but I always thought the message in the movie was a bit in your face. Why are conservatives depicted as evil? Can’t people distinguish between conservatives and fascists? It was UK’s Conservative party who led the fight against nazis in WWII. And Margaret Thatcher was not a fascist lol. Her family literally sheltered a Jewish girl from Austria during the war. She talked about how she absolutely hated Hitler since she was a teenager. I also don’t understand what Christianity has to do with anything? Fascists aren’t as fond of Christianity as they’re often made out to be. Just check out how much 4chan right-wingers hate Christianity. They consider it a ‘weak religion’ and ‘Jewish.’ It would have made more sense if the fascists had made up some kind of pagan religion based on race and stuff. I don’t think this movie understands fascists. Fascist don’t like to share power. For some reason the church is depicted as having some considerable power, which is laughable. The Nazis considered the church a threat to their own power. In a fascist state religion is replaced with nation and race. Fascists aren’t exactly ‘traditional’ in the way conservatives are (although they often like to portray themselves as trying to preserve tradition and all). They’re ideology is very modern (based on race science) and revolutionary. I mean nazis literally encouraged women to have children out of wedlock. They use to have parades where people would gather around naked. They weren’t traditional. They were only traditional when it came to race and sometimes when it came to sex.

    Joella ZJoella ZIl y a mois
  • Brutal murder of George Floyd? are you kidding me? he died by an overdose of Fetanyl - he was no loss for society

    John JohnssonJohn JohnssonIl y a mois
    • Yeah, the intro to this video aged like milk. Also love the "peaceful protests" bullshit. Not like things hadn't already been burned down by that point already. lmao www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/protests-looting-erupt-again-minneapolis-area-following-death-george-floyd-n1216881

      BicBoi SpyderBicBoi SpyderIl y a 28 jours
  • The protagonist is the same actor that played Winston in George Orwells 1984. Just a coincidence they cast him for this movie? I don't think so. It's a hint for what is going to happen in the future. What's going to happen is a fascist centralized uberveillance one world goverment, a New World Order.

    Kapsones33Kapsones33Il y a mois
  • I'll preface this by saying I haven't read the original source material, but I guess this is a case of people interpreting it in different ways. I don't understand how can anyone look at V (in the movie) and say he's a hero? I never did, even when I watched it for the first time when I was 13. He had extreme ideals, and resorted to acts of terrorism. He tortured and manipulated an innocent person, and we can't be certain if the ends justify the means. He murdered people, not just the governmental figures but police officers that were just doing their job (I'm not going to argue whether they 'deserved' it, but it was extrajudicial murder). He was a terrorist, even threatening people with live explosives to get them to do what he wants. We don't even know if his ideals translated to the people he got to rise up against the government, the movie ends before we see the result of those efforts. To me, that moral ambiguity is still there. From what I understand the government is a little more evil and V is a little more good, but it's still not a clear cut case of right and wrong. V is VERY wrong at times. And remember that not all people in the party were evil. Inspector dude wasn't, and I think that the blonde PR guy (Dascomb?) was more of a complicit neutral party, just doing his job (and a damn good one at that considering the circumstances).

    KingHoborgKingHoborgIl y a mois
  • um v for vendetta has nothing to do with george floyd...ass

    Shawn FordShawn FordIl y a mois
  • shoutout thug notes

    SecretLizardPoliceSquadSecretLizardPoliceSquadIl y a mois
  • Yo you literally told me the story all over again. Call it a recap, not an analysis. Lying Corporate Fuxk.

    Window PainWindow PainIl y a mois
  • George Floyd died of an overdose. This video aged horribly 😂

    get wet garyget wet garyIl y a mois
  • pure good fighting against poor evil: always fiction, never real

    linlinö önilnillinlinö önilnilIl y a mois
  • The book focused more on the vendetta part. V was a man looking for revenge as much as revolution. I felt the revolution was a disguise he wore over his vengeance like his mask.

    Douglas PhillipsDouglas PhillipsIl y a mois
  • Well we have been under lock down close to 9 months by the time our lock down is supposed to be done. Seems very Vandetta esque. Not as violent but complete with a propaganda machine and cops showing up to peoples houses if you want to march for your liberty.

    mellowman1020mellowman1020Il y a mois
  • I was expecting to see a take of the last scene of the movie. When the people watching the parliament burn take of their masks and it shows that many of them are characters that were confirmed dead. Almost like they sort of “came to life” to see the fall of the government. This movie had a way of breaking the reality rules for the sake of its meta, so it’s always interesting to see what message people get out of it in the end. Btw, since everyone is doing it, my favorite quote (out of all the gold this movie throws in dialogue) is “Your own father said that artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But, because you believed it, you found something true about yourself”

    Ech VEch VIl y a mois
  • Master of my fate, captain of my soul🦝

  • The way you explained the book... Confirms why the movie is so much better as an archetypal story, as well as executed brilliantly.

    Frank FFrank FIl y a mois
  • As a healthcare practitioner myself, I am astounded as to how this movie "predicted" a global pandemic that has reshaped the world; and at how such a thing could've been manufactured in order for it to be unleashed on and control the populace. At the same time though, it saddens me that some people (not many, but there are some out there) kinda loosely get "inspiration" from this movie, and assert and ask for more "freedoms and liberties" in these confusing and chaotic times which results on more deaths among the general populace but also among those on my line of work (many of us have to work long hours and cannot really go home to be with our loved ones to protect them from exposure and we feel discouraged as our sacrifices seem to be taken for granted, depending on which country we work in). Though I do like the idea of not going the route of "blind obedience to those in power out of fear", i do sincerely hope that people also take sensible steps to prevent the pandemic from spreading further, especially those who live in high population density areas where cases seem to be higher. We must seek answers and find proper solutions, but i doubt that rioting and looting would solve our problems at the moment. The uncanny similarities to how the mainstream media is used to push an ideology and agenda also is not lost on me, as even in my homeland (The Republic of the Philippines) a major television network did get closed this year due to problems with their franchise renewal, tax problems, etc. though it is also a meme in my country how that network was used for the longest time for the so-called "yellow propaganda" which helped facilitate the "people power revolution" and has seated corrupt politicians in the national government for so many years and saw us decline from a rising tiger economy in Asia to a struggling third-world country to date. And I am sure many in the west nowadays have more opinions on how the news and the media are more and more becoming this propaganda/agenda machines. On a side note, genius move in letting all these more liberal states allowing BLM and Antifa to pillage as they please, with all the chaos they are spreading, they are pretty much shooting themselves in the foot and I wouldn't be surprised if your current president wins a reelection. lol

    khaii13khaii13Il y a mois
  • “Overwhelmingly peaceful” All you needed was a flaming city block behind you.

    GamerFromJumpGamerFromJumpIl y a mois
  • This movie was good.........just ok

    Thunder HunterThunder HunterIl y a mois
  • "Peacful proteats in the name of George Floyd" sure, sure they are

    Jacob MillerJacob MillerIl y a mois
  • Natalie portman in Star wars : Padme Natalie portman in MCU : Jane Foster Natalie portman in DC Vertigo : EVey

    Thanos Becomes DarkseidThanos Becomes DarkseidIl y a mois
  • Fun fact : After Keanu reeves and Hugo weaving played in Matrix. Keanu played a DC Vertigo's character (Constantine) in 2005. Hugo played a DC Vertigo's character (V for Vendetta) in 2005.

    Thanos Becomes DarkseidThanos Becomes DarkseidIl y a mois
  • was the joker scene copied from v ?

    meghnaad Ꮶ Ⴎ Ꮇ Ꭺ Ꭱmeghnaad Ꮶ Ⴎ Ꮇ Ꭺ ᎡIl y a mois
  • The movie is *excellent* on its own merits, even though the graphic novel is even better and more fulfilling as a story.

    OuranusOuranusIl y a mois
  • Lemming

    MachineOverlordsMachineOverlordsIl y a mois
  • Now this may not matter to the movie, but the real Guy Fawkes was nothing like an anarchist. I suppose the idea comes from the fact that he did try to blow up Parliament with all the members and the King present. But his purpose was to overthrow the Church of England and have the land ruled by the Roman Catholic Church as it had been historically. Understand that the USA was the first country ever to separate Religion and State. Understand also that the Roman Catholic Church did not support Guy Fawkes in his endeavor; it was hoping for a more peaceful solution.

    TheFirstManticoreTheFirstManticoreIl y a mois
  • Overwhelmingly peaceful? V is presented as an anarchist - just like antifa.

    TheFirstManticoreTheFirstManticoreIl y a mois
  • And now we know George was likely on drugs and was having trouble breathing while in the car and kicked the door open. Overall, that cop was a prick, cops need better training in general as combat is a difficult thing to do, and people be dumb.

    The LawThe LawIl y a mois
  • beautiful

    Aiden RutzAiden RutzIl y a mois
  • The thing I don't get about anarchists is: What do they think other countries will do when you dissolve the government? Will Russia and China passively respect your decision to "maximize everyone's liberty" and avoid using their vast militaries to dominate a nation of disconnected individuals? I'm guessing no.

    Cy CooperCy CooperIl y a mois
  • I'm from the future and oh boy where se wrong about the pecific part of the protests.

    Daniel wppslanderDaniel wppslanderIl y a mois
  • And the 4k re release releases...on Nov 3, deep...

    Kakashi- EMKakashi- EMIl y a mois
  • I feel like it’s a oversimplification of a corrupt government But is very important and should be taken with at least 2 grains of salt.

    StroppyStroppyIl y a mois
  • Deep

    ѕͭᴘͪʌ̵ͥʀ͛тͥʌ̵͛!ѕͭᴘͪʌ̵ͥʀ͛тͥʌ̵͛!Il y a mois
  • Check out the wattpad story A Trail of Blood

    Ran AdamRan AdamIl y a mois
  • Overwhelmingly peaceful, are you kidding me?

  • 7:37 cartoonish villains in a dark room, sounds like a perfect depiction of the trump administration.

    nekodesignernekodesignerIl y a mois
  • wasn't the movie a commentary on post 9/11 America and the Bush Administration

    Thee ApolloThee ApolloIl y a mois
  • Woke shit

    Inz JustaNosyNerdInz JustaNosyNerdIl y a mois
  • Idk this film made me who I am

    KezVlogsDailyKezVlogsDailyIl y a mois
  • That opening capitulation message hasn't aged well..."Overwhelmingly peaceful"?! 30+ people known killed in these RIOTS for a career criminal who was a menace to society and died from massive drug intake and a heart condition. 2:12...oh...Ah think ah understand now....

    lionstandinglionstandingIl y a mois
  • I can't understand, why are people bashing the movie? Why would they prefer mentally ill guy with schysofrania who dies before accomplishing his goal over V from the movie?

    blqcktigerblqcktigerIl y a mois
  • "When a viral pandemic kills thousands in the UK and all but destroys the US" ...

    RambiRambiIl y a mois
  • This is a communist propaganda movie, trying to recreate an example of hitler to make point. In truth we know what communism brings . It brings nation like china.

    subhankar banerjeesubhankar banerjeeIl y a mois
  • Immediately rewatched the movie after watching this. It really is the movie realization of 2020

    Sara HSara HIl y a 2 mois
  • overwhelmingly peaceful? are you seriously that devoid of mental cognissance to not recognise the violence and pain blm has inflicted upon innocent business owners and vehicle drivers? do you not remember their faces? bruised up and swollen beyond recognition is peaceful? remember the building with the person burned inside,is that a semblance of peace?

    JeditilifallJeditilifallIl y a 2 mois
  • Totally Deep

    Lawrence KassabLawrence KassabIl y a 2 mois
  • I am so over the trope of bad guy who has a family and a life and we need to understand his/her situation. Fuck that shit, don't paint my piece of shit and tell me its more then just shit. I dont care if someone lives a normal life and kills people. I much prefer the Wachowski sisters version of V for Vendetta .

    Lawrence KassabLawrence KassabIl y a 2 mois
  • If they wanted to cast a british Natalie Portman why didn’t they just cast Keira Knightley

    alexisalexisIl y a 2 mois
  • Lol brutale murder? stfu mate .

    pro duckpro duckIl y a 2 mois
  • Now there’s this corona virus after blm protests what a coincidence V: there are no coincidences

    Armand TongaArmand TongaIl y a 2 mois
    • The virus doesn't spread through blm protests. The covid is woke, you didn't hear?

      Jesse HollidayJesse HollidayIl y a mois
    • Exactly

      LiveurlifeLiveurlifeIl y a 2 mois
  • Great breakdown! Fast too!

    Abe AbdelhadiAbe AbdelhadiIl y a 2 mois
  • Can someone please tell Jared his hair is cute but too dry. There are tons of hair oil products that would hidrate it, like argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc.

    Camila CoutoCamila CoutoIl y a 2 mois
  • I love your review regarding this movie, by the way, V: For Vendetta the movie has a special place in my heart. You should try to watch Code Geass and give a review of it. Then try to compare Code Geass to V: For Vendetta and Zero to V... Zero and V have somewhat the same agenda. Zero wants to change the world into a gentle and kind world. They have also the same ending. Just watch it, I do not want to become a spoiler but I know you would like the show.

    Miaken BuquiaMiaken BuquiaIl y a 2 mois
  • Overwhelmingly peaceful? Yeah I got some peaceful protest for you shitbag.

    Official: Whiskey Tango FoxtrotOfficial: Whiskey Tango FoxtrotIl y a 2 mois
  • I've always thought the left would be more likely to be the evil in reality, not the right as depicted in the movie. A remake of this movie would have the left in power (in the USA), with the tech biggies being the money behind all the experimenting/"business deals". Antifa would now be the "cops" that are attacked in the beginning, speech of course would be controlled as the left now demands. V could show the heroine Gone with the Wind, or some other "banned" old time movie; have statues of the founding fathers, famous painting of naked women (can't have any more of this under left control) and a copy of the Constitution (being replaced by some social justice doctrine) in his lair. V would go around blowing up all the safe places the left created and ending with the final blowing up of some tech giant HQ (whichever had final control of the media once the dust cleared from the big event that put them in power).

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