The Real Reason The Last of Us 2 is So Divisive

16 oct. 2020
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The Last of Us 2 caused quite the controversy. But why?

The Last of Us 2 incited vocal, often negative reactions from fans. But what if its most controversial choice is actually really deep? Let's break it down in this Wisecrack Edition: The Real Reason The Last of Us 2 is So Divisive.
A huge thanks to SourceSpy91 for letting us use their fantastic gameplay footage! Check out their channel here:
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Written by: Austin Hayden Smidt
Hosted by: Michael Burns
Directed by: Samantha Hollows
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    WisecrackWisecrackIl y a 5 jours
    • Raid Shadow Legends!

      Henry TownshedHenry TownshedIl y a 3 jours
    • @MoonKnight/Real2911 With Jessie's death...

      jeSUS AGElvisjeSUS AGElvisIl y a 3 jours
    • they just need start with the villainand finish her side of the story ; then change back to joe and ellie and let the events happen. it all about where the cut and transitions need to be at. the make the story too .

      gotmil11gotmil11Il y a 4 jours
    • You tuber: exists RAID SHADOW LEGENDS: Hey!

      Joao Pedro Lourenco AffonsoJoao Pedro Lourenco AffonsoIl y a 4 jours
    • @Great Escape ends in a draw... Where Ellie is beat to death and they almost kill her pregnant gf... Ah yes nice draw

      MoonKnight/Real2911MoonKnight/Real2911Il y a 4 jours
  • My biggest problem with the game was that it actually made me dislike Ellie. I can understand both their need for revenge but Abbey let her live when she killed Joel then let her live again after Ellie killed her boyfriend, pregnant best friend and even the poor innocent dog 😭 only for Ellie to go after Abbey a third time and challenge her to a fight when Abbey was already half dead. WTF! By that point I didn't care if they both drowned and just wished they never bothered making the game.

    DehrimDehrimIl y a 35 minutes

    Maximiliano TorresMaximiliano TorresIl y a 3 heures
  • I didn’t care that Joel died, I liked his character but i already knew he was going to die and I didn’t even read any spoilers. This game cheesy. I disagree with anyone who believes that people only hate the game because of Joel’s death. It’s more than that, it’s the false advertising, terrible character model changes, character personality changes, bad story, and the forced inclusion for no reason. The continuation from the first game to this game was so bad and inconsistent with characters motives and personality. It’s the directors fault for how bad this game is I think we all know that.

    MikeMikeIl y a 5 heures
  • this game was EASY the deepest connection i`ve had in a video game. A masterpiece

    gabriel gongabriel gonIl y a 5 heures
  • > Game meant to criticize tribalism. > Devs incite tribalistic shitstorm on twitter. Goddam hypocritical anal slugs. 🤬 I don’t need some soy latte chugging English major with a testosterone deficiency to tell me to avoid tribalism. Assumption being I’m too stupid to figure that out on my own. 🙄 Especially when said English major indulges in that very thing the moment their oh so pwecious masterpiece gets called out on its manipulative fake-deep horseshit. You can’t get any more west-coast pretentious than that. This half assed shitpile of a game deserved to be eviscerated. End of story.

    Z_is_for _ZombieZ_is_for _ZombieIl y a 6 heures
  • Ex gamestop manager here and at our conference in 2019 this matches up with what the developers talked about on stage with the cycle of violence, revenge stories and empathy. I think another really good (and recently released definitive edition) example to draw a parallel with is mafia. In mafia there is a decent amount of empathy to be had for the main character just trying to survive and get by in a depression and eventually leave the mob which ties into mafia 2 and the same mistakes being made.

    kuzuramekuzurameIl y a 8 heures

    Cole GCole GIl y a 8 heures
  • Nope. The problem is that the game tried to make you feel empathy, most people saw what they were trying to do so it didn’t work. I predicted what was going to happen throughout this whole game.

    Telluhwat BoyTelluhwat BoyIl y a 9 heures
  • I just felt indifferent when I finished. I just shrugged and asked what now?

    Fun1sKingFun1sKingIl y a 9 heures
  • I didnt want anything so complex in gaming ourlives are giving us enough issues as it is to think about this bull is beyond me. I love how we can put lot of logic in something but do that in classrooms or educational podcast. I feel it's really hard to create a good storyline and it could have even been accidental that ND created TLOU1. Instead of just bowing out and saying it was cool project and forget they created this. Basically next we will see Tommy had a child who apparently was upset that Ellie didn't do much to save him so he/she then makes us play for 20 hours handcuffed to joystick learning empathy. My mom shouting at me for long hours of gaming and i can finally say mom this is just my 2nd year of empathy.

    Shashikant VishwakarmaShashikant VishwakarmaIl y a 10 heures
  • The rippling consequences of believe you're the hero

    Evelyn OkayEvelyn OkayIl y a 11 heures
  • I disagree completely. After I played Abbys part I wanted Ellie to lose but for no one to die. After playing Abbys side I realized Ellie killed EVERYONE that mattered to Abby rather than just the one person. In this story Abby suffered more than Ellie and Ellie became way too one dimensional for me to emphasize with her any longer. Revenge was gonna cost Ellie everything and it almost did. But in the end it ended the way I wanted it to.

    DreamTree Inc.DreamTree Inc.Il y a 11 heures
  • I loved the original title of the video

    DreamTree Inc.DreamTree Inc.Il y a 12 heures
  • Nope not working on me. When someone messes with my homies, they die.

    Yang OngYang OngIl y a 13 heures
  • That question at the end about whether we should let empathy guide us or does it prevent us from seeing the whole picture. My greatest fear is that this will be viewed as a yes or no question. You say that human connection is a sticky mess. That's the answer. We need empathy to help us see a picture bigger than our own self and life experiences. I think a better way to tackle the problem of empathy is through the revelation that the individuals we feel empathy for aren't all that different than anyone else you may run into in this bustling world of ours. We tend to see our selves, our loved ones, and those we have gotten to know as somehow more human. We excuse those we love for acts we would throw a stranger in a pit for. How many times have we become enraged someone for cutting you off in traffic? How many times have we become enraged at someone you cut off because they weren't paying attention to where you were going? How many times have we realized those two situations were the same? How often do we admit that we're all the bad guy in someone else's story. Empathy is only a problem because we draw a line and say "here is where my compassion stops." So, should we have compassion for everyone on the entire planet? Wouldn't that emotionally wreck a person? Yes, it would, and yes we should.

    Gelbadaya SneechGelbadaya SneechIl y a 13 heures
  • How the last of us 2 should have ended👍😎

    George !!!George !!!Il y a 16 heures
  • Need more videos like this on FRworld instead of knee jerk backlash. Good job guys.

    Revealing StormRevealing StormIl y a 16 heures
  • All in all, it's still a terrible game. Fuck Abby.

    Mundy LunesMundy LunesIl y a 17 heures
  • Super interesting take on a website over-saturated with hot takes on this game However, Abby > Ellie

    Tj SpragueTj SpragueIl y a 17 heures
  • Honestly back when I beat tlou2 I gave the game a 4/10 mainly because the graphics and gameplay are pretty good but then I realized that stardew valley is a 10/10 for me, making me realize a game is good when you want to play it and a game is terrible when you don’t want to play it ever again. Therefore I give tlou2 a 0/10

    MikeMikeIl y a 18 heures
    • @Sir Smee you must be one of those virgins I hear about

      MikeMikeIl y a 7 heures
    • Cool story, bro

      Sir SmeeSir SmeeIl y a 8 heures
  • Talk. Normal had to turn off

    shoulinmunkm2shoulinmunkm2Il y a 19 heures
  • I think of this poem every time someone brings up this discussion. Tell all the truth but tell it slant - Success in Circuit lies Too bright for our infirm Delight The Truth's superb surprise As Lightning to the Children eased With explanation kind The Truth must dazzle gradually Or every man be blind - EMILY DICKINSON I am sorry for my terrible/lazy English. I wanted to write more but couldn't find the words. So I just took the easy route and copy-pasted the entire poem. Edit. I just found a great analysis by Nerdwriter1 Link: If you watched it. What did you think? For me, my next mission is to find a game that tells the truth but also doesn't. Omg the cat is alive and dead at the same time

    2D Art2D ArtIl y a 19 heures
  • I think the problem isn't so much the story but the media it was told in. A linear video game like LoU is like a movie or TV show with story wise, but isn't. A video game puts you in the story in a way that movies and TV can't. You feel a passive empathy when you watch a movie or TV show, but in a video game it is more personal. In LoU you were Joel and Ellie for let's say 20 hours over two games so you have far more empathy than you normally would for a book, movie, or TV show character.

    Doug HarrisDoug HarrisIl y a 19 heures
  • I really don't get why people hate Abby so much. After Joel got killed, Ellie tried to hunt Abby down to basically do the same thing to her than what she did to Joel. But, unlike Abby, she (and Tommy) killed all of Abbys Friends, when Abby and her group left Ellie and Tommy alive. Before I even got to play as Abby in Seatlle, even when I was on Ellies side, I already questioned myself wether or not Ellie was making a big mistake. So I guess, because of that, I wasn't so angry about having to play as Abby and seeing the events unfold from her perspective. Through playing Abby I ended up really liking her and her friends and when I went to the theater to confront Ellie and her group, I was rooting for both of them, Ellie and Abby. I really didn't want one of them to die, so I was really glad when Abby won and decided to, once again, be merciful and let Ellie live. And once again, at the very end, I hoped there would be a solution in which none of them had to die and thankfully, this time Eliie returned the favor. I personally think the game is pretty great. I think it does a great job in showing that even a hated person has positives, friends, shows care for others, can be altruistic etc.. It isn't always black and white and the main character doesn't always have to be right.

    GreenDarioGreenDarioIl y a 20 heures
  • I will be a returning console owner with the PS5 after about 15 years of not having one. I have followed several games with stories I found interesting, and apart from the original TLOU, it is highly unlikely I will pay for anything Neil Druckmann is attached to in the future. TLOU2 was hot steaming garbage.

    Morgan WilliamsonMorgan WilliamsonIl y a 22 heures
  • By the end of the game I personally sided with Abby over Ellie. The game is a near-perfect mirror reflection of two characters who have the same motivations and goals. However, Abby tries to bury the hatchet twice and let Ellie go. Ellie is willing to sacrifice her life with Dina, the child they are raising together, and any sense of rationality to kill Abby. And that's where I think they differ.

    Ryan McAdamRyan McAdamIl y a 23 heures
  • Philosophy of among us

    Ramy SammanRamy SammanIl y a jour
  • Philosophy of Legacy of Kain.....anyone is as old as me ?

    Ramy SammanRamy SammanIl y a jour
  • So Abby doesn’t have to question whether she brought Ellie and Tommy’s wrath upon her and her friends by killing their father/brother, but ELLIE is the worse person here? Not that Owen and Mel especially deserve it, but why is it shocking that Joel has people willing to kill for him? Double standards much, Neil Druckmann? We know Abby’s your favourite character because you told us so after all...

    Borjan KosaracBorjan KosaracIl y a jour
    • Abby is directly confronted with herself being responsible for Ellie and Tommy's wrath, and that's not even considering the immense guilt she carries for what she did to Joel. Sorry, but what are you talking about?

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a 11 heures
  • Wait a minute, wasn't the original title about badness of empathy?

    Dr. HarveyDr. HarveyIl y a jour
  • Thank you finally someone gets it

    Bryan MendezBryan MendezIl y a jour
  • Abby is like Skyler White from Breaking Bad. Everybody hated her because she was one of the few that, through out the entire series but manly at the end, dared to stand up against what Walter had become, but everybody rooted for Walter. Just like Skyler in BB, Abby is my favorite character of TLoU.

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJRIl y a jour
  • i'm a simple man, i see Raid shitty legends , i dislike :)

    Depress BirdDepress BirdIl y a jour
  • The Last of Us forced us to be active players on a character study where the characters can't be defined as good or bad per se. In that sense, this video game takes advantage of something that cannot be achieved through other medium. In any other medium, the exploration is passive, not active, so there's a layer of disconnect. Unfortunately, we as gamers are too used to be the good guys, or at least the easily identifiable winner party by default. Also, many people seem to not comprehend that a female human body is a human body and it can be muscular like a male human body.

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJRIl y a jour
  • Affirming the problems of TLOU2 are all about poor writing is certainly inflated, but this sequel certainly isn't as definitive or emotionally inviting (nothing as immersive as the first minutes of the first game at the start of the apocalypse, for instance). I get what they tried to do with the second half of the story, but the conclusion just fails to justify all the sadism towards the characters we once cared about. TLOU was harsh but not complacent about it. Nothing to be mad about, i'll just pretend TLOU was a precious and devoted one-shot.

  • I will never play raid shadow legends

    TheannihilationTheannihilationIl y a jour
  • Soon as they killed Joel I felt like I was forcing myself to see it through the end. By the time the final credits ran I felt exhausted. I'm not sure if that is what Naughty Dog was going for.

    Demsky83Demsky83Il y a jour
  • I played Nier: Automato before playing TLOU2, going pretty much radio silent on any leaks or controversies surrounding TLOU2. I ended Nier: Automata blown away realizing that I just played a masterpiece. By the end of the TLOU2 I just wanted Abby to die. That's it. We play this game, and watch how a quest for vengeance costs Ellie everything. Abby, on the otherhand, is a cold blooded psychopath who literally learns nothing during her revenge quest, even after being tortured in California. She gets to go and rejoin the Fireflies, and who knows what diabolical shit they have cooked up for Ellie? Or, that Abby knows where Ellie is, and can have the Fireflies hunt her (or Dina or little JJ) down and cut her brain out for that bullshit cure to save a world that's not worth saving. Ellie literally has to live a life on the run, always knowing Abby is lurking. That's why I fucking hate this game and ending.

    jayc21jayc21Il y a jour
    • @JamesHLanier she rejoined the Fireflies, you know the group that was doing cell style terror attacks at checkpoints killing civilians in the QZ.

      jayc21jayc21Il y a 4 heures
    • "Abby, on the otherhand, is a cold blooded psychopath who literally learns nothing during her revenge quest, even after being tortured in California." I'm sorry, but are you stupid? How can you possibly come to that conclusion?

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a 11 heures
  • No kill Abby just killer her she killed Joe killer her now

    WG WGWG WGIl y a jour
  • I'm sorry but there is just so many people that I could give a shit about what about the "people" that I killed with Ellie and Abby should I emphasize with them? The game focuses on certain aspects mainly the story and not choices. It want's to send a stupid message that it forgets it's F#%$ setting "SURVIVAL" so "EMPATHY" is thrown out the window. Joel is a person that empathy's with Ellie and we can see the bonds that they grow together. Part 2 dose not show empathy but rather to quote Neil "HATE".😑

    Wesley WinchesterWesley WinchesterIl y a jour
  • I dont think that people didnt like the game because of that. LOU2 tries to do some great things, but falls flat on the execution of those

    andre pimentelandre pimentelIl y a jour
  • I've thought and watched so much about this game. I loved it because it pushed me to the limits of my emotional and mental strength in ways that no other game has, and I wasn't aware of any of the leaks or anything ahead of time so it wasn't ruined for me. Just wanted to throw this out there though after watching this video: it's an interesting parallel that the sequel began with an excruciating death and then continued as a person coming to terms with that loss over time, and making choices (good or bad) within the context of that loss. in that way, the decision to kill Joel in the beginning was actually a brilliant story decision. the HUGE risk they took was having us play as Abby. I personally didn't mind it after a while, especially since I googled how long I was going to be playing as her so I got used to the idea pretty fast. but I understand how other people wouldn't take it well especially if they were still suuuuper mad about the Joel decision

    SkelleyDSkelleyDIl y a jour
  • Both Neil Druckmann and the game keep trying to beat into our heads that "Joel wasn't a good guy." Okay... but how come we're retroactively trying to make Joel out to be evil incarnate, while at the same time, ignoring or excusing Abby's actions? Joel killed out of the callousness of self preservation and self defense, and to protect the ones he loved. I don't remember any revenge killings in the first game. Abby beat a man to death while his daughter figure screamed and pleaded for him to be spared. Moments after that man saved her life. She did so without really thinking twice about it. The storytelling was so eye-rollingly manipulative and inconsistent at times, it was comical. But yeah... Joel bad... Abby good... (I'm venting at Twitter, not you. Keep the reviews coming.)

    R. H.R. H.Il y a jour
    • @Henry Townshed Ellie didn't forgive Abby. She just didn't kill Abby. There's a lot of middle ground there. Ellie also never wanted to kill Seth, so it's not really a valid comparison.

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a 11 heures
    • But no one is trying to make Joel out to be evil incarnate nor are they excusing Abby's actions. Abby's entire story is a desperate bid to find redemption after realizing that what she did to Joel didn't help anything. How did you miss that?

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a 11 heures
    • I thought it was funny that Ellie would forgive Abby but not Seth

      Henry TownshedHenry TownshedIl y a 15 heures
  • Why would i want to kill anyone in this game. Feels like multiple unfinished handies, while the story of two ruins the first game's immaculate story. Yes, its bad. Poorly done and bad.

  • I think your premise to “why everyone was angry” is wrong.

    Christopher CooperChristopher CooperIl y a jour
  • The real reason it's "divisive" is because a very large contingent of gamers are knee-jerk reactionaries with ADD.

    Kyle KeyKyle KeyIl y a jour
    • @Kyle Key How about this?😄 LoU2 was revealed during PlayStation Experience 2016. If people knew that Joel would be _unplayable_ and killed _early, without a fight_ like a _dog_ by a _random_ revenge character related to a _run-of-the-mill_ NPC, then people would be absolutely livid. Many fans aren't excited to pal around with Dina, let alone play as Abby to hunt and assault Ellie because she's now the 'bad guy'. Naughty Dog subverted expectations like an earthquake and fractured the fanbase. Druckmann openly (and nervously) admitted that this story was going to be very divisive. Suicide mission accomplished. Naughty Dog said that the first game was about love and this one is about hate. *Abby:* You killed my father, my friends, our leader and prevented us from finding a cure, now I must kill you.😒 *Ellie:* You killed a guy who was kinda like my 'father', now I must kill... You? Who are you again? Do I know you? I should know this. Ummm... this is like so embarrassing.😶 If Ellie knew about the hospital and that Joel killed Marlene (her 'Mom'), the brilliant surgeon (Abby's dad), all the Fireflies, doomed humanity to further zombie apocalypse, lied to her for years, told her that her immunity meant nothing, took away her purpose and invalidated her hardships and trauma, then I guarantee you that Ellie would think long and hard about whether to pursue revenge. Clearly, it was an eye for an eye. The cycle of violence should easily be broken. Naughty Dog gave us a lazy revenge plot with a surprise new revenge character who's the daughter of an insignificant (now significant) NPC. Ellie is motivated by _misinformation,_ which doesn't make a good revenge story. The best revenge stories have well defined and understood vendettas. This ain't it. It's all just one great big understanding.😅 Joel and Tommy are hardened, grizzled and battle-proven characters who have 25+ years of survival experience. They survived because of their keen situational awareness and cut throat attitudes. They have been on both ends of the equation and have seen and done many horrible things to survive. Jackson sends daily patrols to look for infected and _human_ threats. Why? Because it's a prime target for infected and humans because it's a large city, isolated, heavily populated, has food, weapons, supplies, natural fortifications, water, livestock and electricity. Previously, hunters launched a massive assault on the hydroelectric dam. Joel and Tommy would never be complacent or become 'soft'. Why? Tommy has Maria and the town. Joel has Ellie and the community. There's a lot on the line. When a ranger goes out on patrol in the _apocalyptic wastelands,_ their lives and everyone else's are on the line. It's serious business. Furthermore, Joel knew that he wronged the Fireflies and many other people. He would definitely be on the constant lookout to see _if and when_ his bloody past would catch up to him. Druckmann and Gross shit all over the characterization, experience and history of Joel and Tommy. They blindly trusted a stranger that they randomly just met and followed her back to her base to happily and stupidly meet her numerous, heavily armed, paramilitary friends. They showed ZERO survival instincts while having a job that required elite levels of caution, pragmatism, distrust and common sense. Naughty Dog took their survivor resumes and burned it to ashes to advance their cheap, lazy revenge plot. Owen tells Abby that Jackson is too big, too heavily armed, too risky AND they have no information and no plan on how they will locate, capture and kill Joel. Jackson was also heavily _PATROLLED._ Everything was an unknown and very risky. Abby angrily leaves her camp and friends, haphazardly descends the mountain and accidentally bumps into Joel and Tommy in the middle of the night, in the middle of a forest, in the middle of a blizzard, in the middle of an infected horde attack, in the middle of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere. Abby gets her revenge because of dumb luck. Joel is literally a victim of circumstance. Abby was easily able to find her revenge target in the apocalypse. It's like winning the revenge Powerball lottery. Not only do you find the revenge target, but your target naively, stupidly and incompetently follows a complete stranger her to meet all of her other heavily armed military friends. What happened to all them years of survivin'? Joel had Ellie. And Tommy had Maria and the town. They all had something to fight and survive for, but they uncharacteristically had ZERO survival instincts. People are mad about Joel dying. They're mad about HOW he died. Joel isn't playable and he was killed early and like a dog by a random revenge character (Abby) who's related to an insignificant (now significant) NPC (the faceless, nameless doctor) and she accidentally stumbles into Joel in the middle of nowhere AND he has no common sense or survival skills. The writing is barely even 'writing'. Fans will laud Naughty Dog for their 'attention to details'. Look at the details. They're sloppy! Ellie abandoned Dina and their one year old child in the zombie apocalypse. She left their bucolic farm and happy life to go on yet another revenge quest, despite all of Abby's friends being killed. For Ellie, everyone she ever cared for either left her or died. She would never ditch Dina and J.J. The characterizations and choices are absolutely awful. The writing is trash. The writing is full of plot conveniences and contrivances, bad (upside-down) characterizations, pretentious and muddled themes, pacing and tonal issues and sloppy execution. Yes, the story is pretty bad. Naughty Dog delivered a cheap, lazy revenge story that leaned heavily on subversion of expectations.

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied Complains about something being "pretentious"; delivers extremely pretentious, wannabe film critic comment.

      Kyle KeyKyle KeyIl y a jour
    • The LoU2's writing is full of plot conveniences and contrivances, bad (upside-down) characterizations, pretentious and muddled themes, pacing and tonal issues and sloppy execution. Yes, the story is pretty bad. Naughty Dog delivered a cheap, lazy revenge story that leaned heavily on subversion of expectations (which is a poor substitute for clever plot design). Long story short, the story sucked on many levels.

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
  • I think most of the tings were done for shock value not for good story or gameplay reasons a great game , a great story doesn’t divide like this but one that thinks it’s great does

    Gypsy DannymixboyGypsy DannymixboyIl y a jour
  • Nope. The game sucked

    kuya chriskuya chrisIl y a jour
  • Nobody can convince me this game was bad

    Bretton JamesBretton JamesIl y a jour
    • Same. People who say it’s bad always provide lousy interpretations of the game’s story.

      Sir SmeeSir SmeeIl y a 8 heures
    • @Sunny Sied The story was good though.

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a 11 heures
    • The story was bad :)

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
  • I feel like the game criticizing the player for the brutality the characters take part in when they don't really have any agency undermines the messages it's going for. Sure, it can be argued that they're made complicit, but would it not be WAy stronger if player choice actually mattered instead of forcing certain game states?

    Darkun01?Darkun01?Il y a jour
  • So many players dehumanize Abby because of their empathy to Joel leading to them wanting to kill her.....but they fail to realize that Abby herself dehumanized Joel because of her empathy to her father leading to her wanting to kill him. Dehumanizing anyone is wrong, it doesn’t matter where your loyalties lie, it doesn’t give us the right to become evil and enact what we see as justice.

    uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied wow dude, you have zero life experiences, you’d cry like a 🐩 if you were water boarded, stronger men than you have. Drowning is AGONIZING. You don’t even know what torture the WLF implemented, just that they kept them awake, which is another form of torture the US implements. Why do these semantics even matter? Oh yeah, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a 7 heures
    • @Sunny Sied -US soldiers kill many people and show no remorse. After Abby lost her father she became controlled by hate and anger, fueling her abilities as a soldier and easier for Isaac to manipulate, Owen didn’t go through that. -in order to be a zealot you have to stick with 1 ideal, the only ideal Abby cared about was finding Joel. The WLF’s ideals were different from the Fireflies, Owen points this out to her and she says she just wants to follow orders in order to not be kicked out (but also to acquire training to hunt down Joel) -you just said Abby charged ahead on her own...that puts herself in danger, not her friends, your logic is beyond flawed. -lol “cruel and unusual punishment” as if the constitution is ever taken into consideration in the apocalypse. Again, this is the making of Isaac, literally the ONLY person in the room repulsed by Abby’s actions was Mel because she was a medic AND a firefly. Owen was a little bit, for the same reasons I said earlier about him, and also because he had been a firefly. -did Joel saving her life bring her father back? Or undo the years of obsession in finding him? No it didn’t, put yourself in her shoes. Again, killing Joel was a mistake, she shouldn’t have done it, no one is saying he deserved it or that she was right. Psychopaths don’t have those sort of motivations. -the redemption doesn’t come from her saving two scar kids, her redemption comes from leaving that life of genocide behind, returning to the light of the fireflies to help humanity, letting go of hate and allowing herself to love someone else, and also when wronged by someone like when Ellie killed her friends, don’t retaliate in the same way she did towards Joel, learn from that mistake, let it go and move on to protect the rest of the people that you care about. -all body types are beautiful, but by your logic guess what happens after Abby turns back towards the light? She sheds that body, that “weapon” -and? Adultery is pretty damn low on the totem pole of “crimes” these characters have committed. People don’t even get arrested for that, the fact that you think that’s sufficient evidence to call someone a psychopath is truly hilarious.

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a 7 heures
    • @Sunny Sied ummm we must’ve played different games because I didn’t slaughter ANY Scars in those levels, get your stealth game up dude. You killed all of those scars because you wanted to.

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a 7 heures
    • @Sunny Sied HEY DUMBASS, IT’S THE APOCALYPSE, LITERALLY EVERY FACTION IS A SUBGROUP, THERE IS NO DOMINANT GROUP. I’m not the one not using my brain here. If the WLF were sooo dominant they wouldn’t have been at war for years with the Scars 🤦‍♂️

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a 7 heures
    • @uhuhuh1966 Did Isaac order Abby to slaughter all the Scars on the way to find Owen, get medical supplies for Yara or when finding Lev on the island???

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a 7 heures
  • Thank you, Wisecrack. I had totally dismissed this game after watching the Angry Joe review of it but after watching this I realized I should give it a chance as that the end of the first game seemed to go over most gamers heads. I am half way through now and this seems like an accurate assessment, this game has a great story and has sucked me in again after the main characters fall from grace in the first game. I was so angry at the end of the first game and I turned it off rather than be forced to murder the doctors. I had to come back to it to see the ending later and I came to understand how the story challenged my ideas of right and wrong and my agency as a player. I didn't think there was anyway the sequel could do that story justice but I was wrong. Once again I find myself oscillating between loving and hating my character. Being killed as Joel by myself, as Abby, while watching myself kill myself, as Ellie, is one of the most interesting media experiences I have ever had and one that could only be delivered by a video game.

    David ReslerDavid ReslerIl y a jour
  • I think empathy is how Part 2 fails actually. Joel saves Abby and us as the player, then Abby tortures and murders Joel in front of Ellie. We get Abby's revenge mission, but it is diluted by the game. So we very intentionally are meant to dislike Abby. Then Ellie does the same thing as Abby while being terrible to everyone including herself, so now we also dislike Ellie (or at least like her less). Leaving the player with just global dislike. It is hard to empathize with fruitless, destructive hate, and if given the choice I want to minimize those feelings inside me.

    ThunderRazorThunderRazorIl y a jour
  • 97% of dudes on here hating Abby are just jealous she can push more on a bench then them ...

    Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied 410 impressive I only made it to 405 you must had 2 2.5 bangers to throw on each end of the 45 - 4 racks ! She’s got some nice pixels though you gotta admit

      Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a jour
    • Abby ain't real. She can't lift any weights, besides some pixels. I was able to bench press 305lbs by the time I graduated high school and 410 lbs as an adult. I have yet to meet an "Abby" in the gym, but I do see a lot of yoga pants on the cardio deck.😁

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
  • I’m pretty sure the empathy you’re supposed to feel at the end is for Lev and JJ

    Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied I mean didn’t Ellie save Joel numerous times and vice versa and Dina vice versa as well ? What’s the difference ?

      Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a 9 heures
    • @Sunny Sied he’s also a 14 yr old kid they don’t make the best decisions ...

      Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a 9 heures
    • @JamesHLanier Psycopath? Well, you're a drama queen.👑 Lev is a fictional character that I didn't care about. Why? Because he and Yara magically jump-saved Abby several times and only served as plot armor for the deuteraganist. Lev saved Abby from her execution by the Seraphites. Then he saved her from Tommy by shooting him in the leg. Then he saved Abby from Dina by shooting her in the shoulder. Yara saved Abby by stabbing Tommy at the pier (after magic teleportation - lol). They both conveniently didn't listen to her command to stay put (pier and theaterhouse). So, yes, I found it very amusing when the Bull Rattler thunder punched Lev into a house, right before he could let loose another plot-convenient, save-the-moment arrow. Great stuff!😁👍

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a 9 heures
    • @Keith Miller Yeah, I hear ya, but consider this... Lev was the one who didn't listen to Yara, disobeyed his older sister and left for an island that was full of people who wanted to kill him. Yara lost her arm because she supported him and he still selfishly and stupidly put himself above others. Yara and his mom died because of his reckless decisions. Effectively, he pulled everyone into that war.

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a 9 heures
    • @Sunny Sied ok you hate them and this game cool my dude ... one important thing though .... Abby and Lev literally fought through a war together and as a prior soldier that did a tour in Iraq I will say that brings people close.

      Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a 10 heures
  • I’ve never seen a game evoke so many analytical discussions

    Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied I’m glad you agree !! Friend !

      Keith MillerKeith MillerIl y a jour
    • This game's story has so many problems that it's more fun analyzing than actually playing it. *The Last of Us: Post-Mortem*

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
  • This video is *perfect* for EFAP.

    Cuck-a-ColaCuck-a-ColaIl y a jour
  • So, good story, bad game. Makes sense

    Thomas BixlerThomas BixlerIl y a jour
    • The story is the more divisive part, the game was excellent.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
  • Mfs still making raid promos

    SOLO citizenSOLO citizenIl y a jour
  • Abby was a girl in the last game, they literally put her head on a male torso.

    BWGgyBWGgyIl y a jour
    • @BWGgy It is LITERALLY a woman’s body, a real person who actually exists, she in particular is a body builder...but I’ve seen women with bigger arms who aren’t. Physically exceptional people exist, deal with it.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
    • @BWGgy Meme Iselfaneye means Abby’s body was LITERALLY modeled off of a female body builder, you can look her up and see pictures, she was born female and all they did was digitally scan her body into a computer.

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a jour
    • @BWGgy I’m still not following what you’re trying to say, but allow me to pose this question to you...what does it matter? Didn’t we learn in primary school not to judge others based on the ways they look? Would you like others to judge *you* based solely on how you look? The world is filled with unique body types and they’re all beautiful.

      uhuhuh1966uhuhuh1966Il y a jour
    • @uhuhuh1966 They show her with a female torso in the past. Look up female body builders, even they don’t start to look like men until they’re built up more than Abby is later.

      BWGgyBWGgyIl y a jour
    • @Meme Iselfaneye Learn the difference between a man and a woman.

      BWGgyBWGgyIl y a jour
  • Oh, right, so the game is also about facing the consequences of your actions and paying the price for them, as well as the stupid loop personnal revenge creates and the need to properly grieve, then let go and move on. I might like it then; The ending of Last of Us 1 was never a happy one imo,Joel just enjoying a few stolen moments more with his surrogate dautghter in a doomed world; their story going forward could only have one possible ending, a brutal one, and I for one can appreciate it that the sequel delivered it. I'll definitely play through it one day.

    ringsaphireringsaphireIl y a jour
  • RozuofMay: "I don't wanna play as this girl" Mgs2 fans: *starts laughing*

    Sin Sentido De JodaSin Sentido De JodaIl y a jour
    • amazing

      Ace SaylorAce SaylorIl y a 9 heures
    • Man this is a genius reference

      Conor 44Conor 44Il y a 15 heures
  • The first game created a cause for the player to root for then the second proved that cause to be wrong, and people don't like to be proven wrong about things they care about

    Archibald BelanusArchibald BelanusIl y a jour
  • The Last of Us 2 is a masterpiece, if you can't see that I feel soooo sorry for you because you'll shuffle through life only ever expecting to get hit by the lowest hanging fruit. Destitute from any understanding of nuance or deeper meaning, completely satisfied to have every boring, one dimensional story or character handfeed to your pointless bloated face.

    Scott Lee ClaytonScott Lee ClaytonIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied How did it punish you for liking the first game??, did you literally just want to play more Joel and Ellie but with nicer graphics?, or are you at all interested in the overall story?

      Scott Lee ClaytonScott Lee ClaytonIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied Yes but the audience didnt expect any of that to play out like it did, and they didnt expect to actually have to play as Abbey and through her journey end up emphasising with her!? People bitched about having to spend so much time playing as Anbey but having to walk in her shoes, see her side of the story is just as important and is a huge piece of the overall TLOU story arch, and I personally thought it was done brilliantly. Playing as both allows you to think, who really is the bad guy here?, it wasnt a simple revenge plot or story because they were both on the path of vengeance, but who's was more worthy? Ultimately for me TLOU2 comes down to cycles of violence, and how they can be broken. Joel kills Abbeys dad, Abbey kills Joek, Ellie kills Abbeys friends, Abby Kills Ellies friends, they are both trapped in these cycles. That's why the fight at the end is the breaking point, Ellie stops herself from killing Ellie and Abbey bites of Ellies fingers which allows her to leave the guitar Joel gave her (which throughout the game is a symbol of Joel's memory) and move on with her life.

      Scott Lee ClaytonScott Lee ClaytonIl y a jour
    • @jayc21 I agree. Nier was great! The LoU2 was half-baked with shards of glass... and chocolate chips... that weren't chocolate. The LoU2 punishes people for liking the LoU1.

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
    • I played Nier:Automata before starting TLOU2, ignoring the leaks and controversies with TLOU2. Nier Automata had a highly complex story, but was a masterpiece in game design and storytelling. TLOU2 was a convoluted and contrived mess of a story that M. Night Shyamalan would have a hard time selling to audiences. I played a literal masterpiece that I was ashamed that I didn't play when it came out ( Nier Automata) vs TLOU2 , a game I didn't care who lived or died by the end and just wanted to the fucking game to be put out of its misery.

      jayc21jayc21Il y a jour
    • Abby had a superior revenge motive over Ellie. Joel killed Abby's father, the leader of the Fireflies and many of her comrades, and denied the world a potential cure to the zombie apocalypse. Ellie knew that Joel killed the Fireflies, denied the world of a cure, lied to her for years, took away her agency, invalidated her trauma and hardships, told her that her immunity meant nothing and she treated Joel as a pariah for the last two years of his life. And Ellie doesn't even know that Joel killed Marlene (who was like her 'mom' and guardian angel) and killed Jerry (who was Abby's dad and the doctor looking for a cure). Abby can sail the seven seas seeking revenge, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in her wake, while Ellie can't even get her revenge driver's license. The LoU2 has a cheap, lazy revenge plot.

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
  • I see you making the same mistake that the creators of the game made. You are so caught up in the "cool" idea of jerking around people's empathy that you are overlooking the fact that they had to twist the established characters into near unrecognizability to achieve it. Also, if you think people were feeling empathy towards Abby, then you obviously missed the countless videos where people were constantly making Abby get herself killed on purpose. People know when they are being manipulated, especially when it's in such a ham-fisted manner and THAT's the REAL reason people are mad. It's insulting their intelligence and then Naughty Dog has the audacity to call them names for being angry about being emotionally manipulated. That only pour gasoline on the fire.

    DarkwaterDarkwaterIl y a jour
    • @Sunny Sied It's the situational awareness that would have caught them off guard, as it was legitimately a friendly atmosphere until the second it wasn't, and then things happened in an instant. They were forced into a situation with a group that didn't present as bandits, who AIDED them in battle, and there was legitimately no danger to be felt from the room, with only Abby having any idea what was about to go down. It was close in line to how Joel loosened around Sam and Henry, and that literally started with Henry attacking him. The perfect trap by not actually being a trap, in a room full of clean people who seemed like an average group, surely the sorts of people they had to relate with for Jackson to grow. They were already alone in a situation (they were forced into) where they were surrounded and outgunned, if they meant them harm they could have got them then and there, walking into the room made no difference. But, as it was not a deliberate set up and an entirely casual atmosphere, a single person knowing can easily not tip their hand, it was custom made for them to fall prey to. It was one in a million for them to be there looking for someone specifically by name, 99% of the time it would have made no difference, if they meant them nothing but harm, they were got the second they were forced to flee there. And we already know from the first game Joel never stresses names, never corrects Ellie a single time while shouting it at the top of her lungs, even after giving them to Sam and Henry, not a word, and then later openly uses her name at the dam BEFORE he knew Tommy was there. A half decade old grudge from a person he had no idea existed from a group he'd thought he not only murdered all with direct knowledge of him, but also had disbanded years earlier, wouldn't be consuming his every waking moment. Certainly wasn't that on edge every second of the first game where he had 20 years of wrongs, again, reacting similarly around Sam and Henry. The fact is, there was no reason to fear the situation when there hadn't been a hint of danger to be drawn up until the very last second, no reason to assume a charade (of which only Abby was actually guilty) when they'd been forced into a dead to rights scenario and weren't caught up instantly. And the only difference in Ellie was she was less optimistic, what with the person she trusted most in the world lying to her for years, and everything that followed; otherwise, her ideals were exactly in line with what we saw in the first game. Anyone who found them unrecognizable, didn't have a good view to begin with.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
    • @Meme Iselfaneye Joel and Tommy are hardened, grizzled and battle-proven characters who have 30+ years of survival experience. They survived because of their keen situational awareness and cut throat attitudes. They have been on both ends of the equation and have seen and done many horrible things to survive. Jackson sends daily patrols to look for infected and _human_ threats. Why? Because it's a prime target for infected and humans because it's a large city, isolated, heavily populated, has food, weapons, supplies, natural fortifications, water, livestock and electricity. Previously, hunters launched a massive assault on the hydroelectric dam. Joel and Tommy would never be complacent or become 'soft'. Why? Tommy has Maria and the town. Joel has Ellie and the community. There's a lot on the line. When a ranger goes out on patrol in the _apocalyptic wastelands,_ their lives and everyone else's are on the line. It's serious business. Furthermore, Joel knew that he wronged the Fireflies and many other people. He would definitely be on the constant lookout to see _if and when_ his bloody past would catch up to him. Druckmann and Gross shit all over the characterization, experience and history of Joel and Tommy. They blindly trusted a stranger that they randomly just met and followed her back to her base to happily and stupidly meet her numerous, heavily armed, paramilitary friends. They showed ZERO survival instincts while having a job that required elite levels of caution, pragmatism, distrust and common sense. Naughty Dog took their survivor resumes and burned it to ashes to advance their cheap, lazy revenge plot. Joel and Tommy had the same visual character model, but their characters were unrecognizable. And I didn't even talk about 'Ellie'.😉

      Sunny SiedSunny SiedIl y a jour
    • The established characters weren’t remotely unrecognizable in any fashion.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
  • I really like looking a these games through this lense. I didn't play the first, so I actually was more aligned with Abby when I played the second. I think TLOU2's storytelling is effective just by virtue of the responses to it.

    Max BarrowMax BarrowIl y a jour
  • Last of us 2 is one of my favorite games ever. Loved it.

    Derick SchnackenbergDerick SchnackenbergIl y a jour
  • Personally I believe this game could have spread the same message without being so divisive if naughty had just decided to split the story of Abby and Ellie into two separate games. With last of us 2 being the one where they introduce Abby so we the players will gain more empathy for her story and at last of us 3 we now have a full perspective on both sides. Which I believe will let us accept Joel's death a bit more without hating so much.

  • I haven't played or watched these games (aside from this video) but these game look emotionally exhausting. Devs should have written a screenplay instead. =p

    Kyle FreundKyle FreundIl y a jour
  • This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I was more empathetic towards Abby’s story. I wanted Ellie to fuck off and I spent way too long at the Abby crucifixion pressing the kill button, hoping I could avoid it. Thankfully, she let’s Abby go but I didn’t know that at the time.

    DyscoDyscoIl y a jour
  • This game has two main issues: 1. it engages directly into politics in an unnatural way. Feels unrealistic, anti-climatic and make us feel like the main goal of the game is to shock and follow an agenda. 2. Confuse and inconsistent narrative structure. You get bored sometimes. I finished this game twice. Got very disappointed, but also had a lot of fun.

    Tiago SantosTiago SantosIl y a jour
    • The politics, as barely existent as they were, were handled about as naturally as possible.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
    • What politics are you talking about? This game was largely apolitical.

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a jour
  • Can we just forget this game happened, thanks.

    SleepSleepIl y a jour
  • "we dont use the word FUN" Well don't make a fcking game then

    Na'il GhaniNa'il GhaniIl y a jour
  • And here I thought this video was going to be insightful. This is the same argument We've all heard since it came out. "No! it's a masterpiece! You just don't understand what it's doing, that's the point." I understand exactly what they did and its not that hard to see it. Just because it's intentional doesn't mean its good

    Td0g4261Td0g4261Il y a jour
  • The thing about the way they make us feel empathy is that if we were in their place, most of us would act differently, no matter who you sided with. Abby killing Joel is not the problem, he did terrible things and made enemies, but she tortures him in front of his friends, in front of his daughter, and doesn't show any remorse but at the same time she lets them live, which is a terrible mistake. Ellie wanting to kill Abby for being a psycopath or a dumb villain is understandable, but to have her save Abby from the cross, then go for a knife-duel-no-items-final-destination AND THEN decide to let her go feels like a cheap ending for her downfall. Makes her stupid. I don't hate the characters, I don't even hate the story, but it gets close to being better than the first game but misses the mark in way that feels like it was put in place on purpose. The plot feels fake and turns the human characters into charicatures, so you stop caring about them, the curtains fall, you see the strings pulling them and it fails. Ellie and Abby were done dirty in this game.

    Willian NobreWillian NobreIl y a jour
  • My only gripe with this game is forced and unnatural inclusivity, otherwise the story is neat

    Ivan ZubovIvan ZubovIl y a jour
    • I honestly can’t imagine what you consider non-forced and natural if the entirely minimal inclusion in this game is both of those things.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
    • What are you talking about?

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a jour
  • Way to sidestep most of the actual complaints and lies they told trying to sell it and the terrible messages it actually told, shit plot development, etc.

    NocturnimancerNocturnimancerIl y a jour
  • Can there be a video explaining it without spoilers?

    Aeon SiegeAeon SiegeIl y a jour
  • My canon for TLOU2 is The Closer Look's reimagining of the story

    IEcLiPsEI95IEcLiPsEI95Il y a jour
  • It's possible that the leaks ruined the experience for many although testing that by questioning those who ignored leaks to play the game on their own terms would verify if anyone was capable of picking up on what you're suggesting. If they didn't then there is an emotional shortfall in many common people. The alternative is that the game structure and narrative did not impose this humanity in the characters well, or you could be wrong in your notion which I consider unlikely. The game is late or very early in it's choice of secondary character. What others have said that character to be and how they behave and affect the series protagonist is made all the worse for who they are. I've heard it suggested that the whole narrative along with it's flashbacks could have been more effectively delivered had it been subdivided properly and split to for the second and a third game. Flashbacks aren't a useful trope when it confuses the flow of events so having them removed in favor of a forward moving focus could have aided comprehension. I'm getting from the discussion at the time that the critical flaw was the secondary character. What that says about everyone I don't know. I think it likely puts the lead of the project in a poor light as well. It had been forced along with a number of later choices in character construction in media.

    pigtailsboypigtailsboyIl y a jour
  • I had already finished the gale but BIG SPOILERS start before the spoiler warning...

    zikabukzikabukIl y a jour
  • So I have no empathy, because I dont give 2 shits about Abby

    Carlos AragónCarlos AragónIl y a 2 jours
    • Correct.

      JamesHLanierJamesHLanierIl y a jour
  • The problem wasnt the characters or even the story or joel dying. The problem was how the story force fed it down our throats rather then letting us come to the conclusion on our own as the player to how terrible the cycle of hatred is

    Noah PoschNoah PoschIl y a 2 jours
  • Sorry but the moment I discovered who abby was I switched teams and I was like fuck Ellie.

    mhaster87 blamhaster87 blaIl y a 2 jours
  • Quit trying to make Raid Shadow Legends happen. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    SemmiQSemmiQIl y a 2 jours
  • I thought it was just okay. Game is like 6 hours too long, gameplay systems are outdated.

    KeMiro ArtKeMiro ArtIl y a 2 jours
    • Gameplay systems were about as modern as exists, some of the best stealth action if recent times, or do you mean, like, the scrounging for goods?

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme IselfaneyeIl y a jour
  • I understand the point you are making. However the studio did a excellent job of making me understand the “villains” perspective. I hesitated when I was supposed to kill Ellie in the theatre showdown. But when it came to murdering a beaten and tortured Abby, it was Rough. The whole journey isn’t about understanding your enemy’s perspective. It’s saying that revenge will literally leave you less whole than the broken person you were. IMO anyways.

    Noah TurnerNoah TurnerIl y a 2 jours
  • empathy and dehumanization are opposite sides of the same coin, every human possesses or possessed it from Gandhi to even the Nazis, it's part of what makes people human and flawed fortunately or unfortunately

    Grey FoxGrey FoxIl y a 2 jours
  • the problem with the game is the writing was fantastic, so was the gameplay, but the writing and gameplay were done by totally different teams and visions and there's no coherence and symbiosis between the two, which is why you get an action game that derives enjoyment by shooting people up and this game puts you in a story that conflicts directly with that gameplay mechanic, thus you have situations where killing is the wrong thing to do but it's also the only thing that the game let's you do to progress the story

    Grey FoxGrey FoxIl y a 2 jours
  • The problem wasn't the message but the media. Like trying to teach about social rights and war nuances on a Michael Bay movie, pretty inconsistent

    DanielDanielIl y a 2 jours
  • Thought Joel's death was excessive, making Abby 's execution unrealistic. Playing as Ellie and discovering Abby strung up at the beach, after experiencing great losses on both sides, I was ready for Ellie to forgive and provide aid to Abby, finding her in this debilitating state. The final fight felt unfair and forced. Providing a player choice would have been a better ending.

    GameCodingNinjaGameCodingNinjaIl y a 2 jours
  • Personally, it came down to the pacing, underdeveloped secondary characters, and the lack of nuance with its themes. Compared to Red Dead Redemption 2, where practically everyone in Dutch's camp felt individualized and were given enough time to become properly explored so their departures felt extremely impactful, none of the secondary characters in The Last of Us Part 2 were developed enough for me to actually empathize with them. It didn't help that the themes of violence were extremely prominent (to the point where it lost any nuance/subtly), so the characters (especially in Abby's co.) felt like "red shirts" and mere tools for the message, rather than fully realized characters. They were so underdeveloped that their deaths left me feeling extremely indifferent - at least compared to Sam, Henry, Tess, and even David.

    Baie RogersBaie RogersIl y a 2 jours
  • you kinda lost all credibility when you said raid shadow legends...

    Patrick liPatrick liIl y a 2 jours
  • After seeing nakeyjakey’s video this video is just trying too hard to justify the game’s philosophy.

    O SO SIl y a 2 jours
    • There’s too much hoopla, when really this game was a poor attempt and execution as a sequel and as a talking point surrounding the themes it seems to tackle. It’s not as deep as it tries to sell itself to be.

      O SO SIl y a 2 jours
  • At first I thought all the dislikes were from the mention of Last of Us 2, but now I realize it's probably from the RAID bullshit

    Freak80MCFreak80MCIl y a 2 jours
  • I'm definitely going to play raid shadow legends said no one ever

    Renee PantojaRenee PantojaIl y a 2 jours
  • I thought it was brilliant how we had to play as Abby! Just the fact that a game is capable of drawing such intense emotions out of me and then questioning them is incredible!

    Matt JohnstonMatt JohnstonIl y a 2 jours
  • I was hoping there might actually be something new to add to the conversation here like was stated in the preamble in the video itself but really it's nothing I haven't seen touched on by others in discussions about the game already.

    GodOfOrphansGodOfOrphansIl y a 2 jours
  • This is why TLOU part 2 like tore me apart not only am I feeling empathy and emotionally attached to the characters but it hit me psychologically. Like I was rethinking my quest for revenge and starting to understand on a human level both sides of the coin. That is something that no other dev team or video game has done for me. In the end when ellie goes to seek revenge again and leaves behind her family I was torn screaming "no its not worth it"

    xiKeepItRealxxiKeepItRealxIl y a 2 jours