Sonic the Hedgehog Movie: Good, Bad or... Brilliant?

28 févr. 2020
62 059 Vues

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Sonic The Hedgehog figured out how to translate a beloved video game character to the big screen, but is the movie actually good? Join Michael and Sam Brown (of The Whitest Kids U Know) as they try to figure out what Sonic has to teach us about a future filled with automated technology.
0:00 Intro
0:42 The Good
10:02 The Bad
21:22 Lightning Round
24:45 The Brilliant
33:48 The Rating?
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Featuring: Michael Burns and Sam Brown
Supervising Producer: Alec Opperman
Produced by: Evan Yee
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Production Design & Graphic Design by: Paul Grant
Editing by: Mark Potts
Director of Photography/Cam Op: Amanda Murphy
Camera Operator: Matias Rubio
Production Assistants: Sydney McCabe, William Schwartz

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  • Jesus this right guy is so immensely obnoxious. This video makes me sick.

    1000Orgasms1000OrgasmsIl y a 29 jours
  • My experience with this movie was this: I’ve never seen any of the Sonic shows or played the later games, so I’m not up to speed on any Sonic storylines. All I really know for sure is that he goes fast, gets gold rings, and occasionally fights Robotnik, and this movie gave me explanations and reasons for those things. I wish we had gotten more of the Sonic world from the into, but I liked what we got. Will I watch it again? Probably not, but it was fun for what it was.

    Ryan PerryRyan PerryIl y a 4 mois
  • 24:02 Nathan's hot dogs, topped with their award winning chili and week old shredded cheese

    Sean MonaghanSean MonaghanIl y a 5 mois
  • While I agree and like most other episodes of this series... You guys clearly went into thins movie expecting some Hollywood Oscar bait material... Tons of points made here are just yikes to extreme. Take the movie for what it is and review as such and not as what you want it to be.

    PortinhaPortinhaIl y a 5 mois
  • 17:00

    Tristan McCannTristan McCannIl y a 5 mois
  • I was going to watch it either way after the redesign because it shows they cared about the fanbase that much but I liked the movie, there were dumb moments but in all it was a fun moment ESPECIALLY WITH THE SANIC REFERENCE and the Tails reveal

    Just DomJust DomIl y a 5 mois
  • great movie. good for the popcorn and a good beer

    Verne FitsVerne FitsIl y a 5 mois
  • It was in focus...

    Cassandra GencCassandra GencIl y a 6 mois
  • At the minute 20 I really wanted to punch that guy in the face. Like... a lot.

    Cómo ser Cortez en el mundo!Cómo ser Cortez en el mundo!Il y a 6 mois
  • The guy with a beard hates good and fun?

    Cómo ser Cortez en el mundo!Cómo ser Cortez en el mundo!Il y a 6 mois
  • Check out ALL the Sonic comic books immediately. Then do this review again

    1bluehammock1bluehammockIl y a 7 mois
  • I LOVE Jim Carry performance, this is what he does best, even on his way to his 60's

    Yoni The KYoni The KIl y a 7 mois
  • This review would have been so much better if there was at least an actual fan of the franchise as part of it. A polite debate between one of you guys and a fan would have been so much better. You're right, this wasn't made for you - but that doesn't totally invalidate your opinions. But reviewing a movie made for fans with no fans kinda hamstrings it. It was a cute movie and it was fun.

    Shawn LyonsShawn LyonsIl y a 7 mois
  • IT's a kids movie. The creators were not thinking about adults watching it, it's meant for kids, it delivers a simple but very powerful message considering the overhelming role of technology these days: real friends are more important now than ever. It has a childish sense of humour, it's simple... it's a good movie. I think Jim Carrey did great. He has a very personal style as a comediant, The Mask, Ace Ventura, Irene... it's always there. He did a great job with this role (for me at least). Did anyone else think Robotnik had some sort of sexual thing going on with this sidekick?? That would be so awesome xD It's a 3,5/5 olive garden bread bowls to me :D

    Agustin DaponteAgustin DaponteIl y a 7 mois
  • The Philosophy of Parasyte the Maxim

    Mr XMr XIl y a 7 mois
  • Holy flying electric shit, you got Sam from TWKUK. Good job, Wisecrack.

    A Step Stool Closer to the SunA Step Stool Closer to the SunIl y a 7 mois
  • as a hedgehog, didn't make it to the final third of this flick

    gnargnarheadgnargnarheadIl y a 7 mois
  • I feel so attacked by that How I Met Your Mother comment

    Andrew McMullenAndrew McMullenIl y a 7 mois
  • Well, it was better than Doom, Max Payne, Hitman, Bloodrayne, Rampage, Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Street Fighter, Silent Hill, Dead or Alive, or that fucking Mario movie.

    Mr. SeriousMr. SeriousIl y a 7 mois
  • 21:12 Spoilers if you haven't seen Joker.

    Whitewolf StudiosWhitewolf StudiosIl y a 7 mois
  • Weird- I've never imagined Randy Quaid as being younger than he is in the first Vacation movie.

    Jordan OwenJordan OwenIl y a 7 mois
  • This is a kids movie, what do you expect? People had all kinds of expectations thinking it would tickle their nostalgia bone.

    Angelo AlexanderAngelo AlexanderIl y a 7 mois
    • Maybe they are expecting something edgy, dark and mature that has adult content like marvel and DC in the kids movie

      Triss SueloTriss SueloIl y a 7 mois
  • Do Detective Pikachu. The emotional arch is so much better.

    B. WinkyB. WinkyIl y a 7 mois
  • Wooooow.... I over analyze movies all the time but this is just... like.... this is Sonic, not Red Dead Redemption. Also what the hell was the other dude talking about "expecting it to be a fun movie in Sonic's world?" Did you watch 1 trailer? and just because you didnt get that doesn't mean the rest of the movie on earth CAN'T be fun which you seemed to imply. First genuinely bad thing I've seen on Wisecrack

    Anthony GarciaAnthony GarciaIl y a 7 mois
  • y'all couldn't find a sega controller for your set?

    Mel TheofficegamergirlMel TheofficegamergirlIl y a 7 mois
  • I would love to see yall do a video on The Terror. It's a phenomenal and profound show about an artic expedition in the mid 19th century. One of the strongest anti imperalist metaphors ever put to screen too. I havent seen season 2 but it's about the internment of Japanese Americans during WW2. Really cool to see these historical dramas combined with anti racist politics and supernatural storytelling. I'd love to see what y'all had to said about it.

    Stphn mrrsStphn mrrsIl y a 7 mois
  • 0:19 Juergen Klopp of movie.

    enas kusumaenas kusumaIl y a 7 mois
  • is it me, or the are overthinking this movie to much.....and where is jared?

    QUE ?!QUE ?!Il y a 7 mois
  • I like video games sonic was never my favorite, but I wanted to see this movie as a gaming fan, but I was so bored.

    Nathan BuschmannNathan BuschmannIl y a 7 mois
  • Honestly, make a real friend is on my bucket list as well. *shrugs*

    Earl ShattuckEarl ShattuckIl y a 7 mois
  • Jim Carey was actually accurate on his portray of Robotniks personality....

    MakaiMakaiIl y a 7 mois
  • Without Backstory?!?!?! 4 comic book franchises, one of them has OVER TWO HUNDRED comic book issues, 4 diferent cartoon series and more than a dozen games in 3 decades. HOW THE HELL IS BACKSTORY MISSING ON ALL THAT... If anything there is TOO MUCH backstory completely dissed by the "mister hollywood" schumcks...

    MakaiMakaiIl y a 7 mois
  • I want to re watch some WKUK now.

    Devan WetenkampDevan WetenkampIl y a 7 mois
  • 18:00 for all you downvoters. BTW I love your guy's satire and sarcasm.

    CameronCameronIl y a 7 mois
  • 2:36 - Weird concepts? You're talking about an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog that has ADHD and is an adrenaline junkie. | 2:50 - Ah yes, the white cop being on the recieving end of racism. | 7:50 - He was basically to that character what Ryan Reynolds was to Deadpool. | 10:37 - More likely his clan as he's not that much older than Sonic, they probably want him for something that threatens them. | 13:10 - Blah blah blah... | He was running from something red, his power includes super speed, durability and it apparent provides power to amplify the capabilities of the transport of one who will become a psychotic carnival maker. | 28:51 - One of them is a psychopath who wants control, but ended up losing control of himself, the other has a short attention span and is actually likeable. | 33:02 - Considering that it's made over double the budget (even without China or Japan) It's certainly inviting, considering that they're rewarded for listening to those forking out the money.

    NetMoverSitanNetMoverSitanIl y a 7 mois
  • It''s made for kids. I'm not saying kids movies can't be inspiring and great (cough cough Disney renaissance) but come on guys. It wasn't really made for us cynical adults. Haven't seen the film, but Sonic is literally a kid can relate to that. Just be happy it didn't suck and because of its success is setting a really important benchmark for video movies. Wreck It Ralph and now this have proven that its possible. And especially after the backlash of the OG trailer, this is something to be happy about.

    RR3ason MusicRR3ason MusicIl y a 7 mois
  • Where's Jared!?

    mike vmike vIl y a 7 mois
  • Review: "We are so bummed out that this movie wasn't complete garbage." --Obvious Nintendo backers.

    QuasimojoQuasimojoIl y a 7 mois
  • Eyy sam brown!

    Adrian HoleAdrian HoleIl y a 7 mois
  • You know i'm usually 100% down for any video you guys put out but, you just spent 36 minutes ripping apart a fluff kids movie. No one even expected this movie to be decent let alone good, and here you are critiquing it like it's a Scorsese flick. It was good for what it is, trying to argue illogical points in a kids movie is just stupid and makes you guys kinda look petty. Big thumbs down here.

    scase15scase15Il y a 7 mois
  • Do a WE on Cats as an existential nightmare. I was dying just sitting there in my seat for two hours.

    J LupusJ LupusIl y a 7 mois
  • Give me the Bojack wisecrack

    Aeon BlurieAeon BlurieIl y a 7 mois
  • I hate how everyone thinks if a film isn't perfect in every single way, it's a shit film and was made just to "sell out". Which is ironic cause that's what this channel has done.

    powerstone05powerstone05Il y a 7 mois
  • 2/5?? Seriously? Sorry guys, but I have to disagree with you. #SonicMovie is a solid 4/5 for me, and I am 37 years old.

    Cosmoman78Cosmoman78Il y a 7 mois

    Rufus DaManRufus DaManIl y a 7 mois
  • Come on, the bso it should be in the "good"

    Sebastián Muñoz RubilarSebastián Muñoz RubilarIl y a 7 mois
  • Sexist?! Seriously? You making me cringe

    Triss SueloTriss SueloIl y a 7 mois
  • wkuk sam , fuck yea

    Ethan UpdegraffEthan UpdegraffIl y a 7 mois
  • Sonic powers where very obviously derived from his strong emotions. When he EMP the city he felt extremely sad, on his road trip he got extremely mad at dounat lord for wanting to leave his city and at the end he felt happy and finally realizing that he had a true friend in Tim.

    Greatmaster132Greatmaster132Il y a 7 mois
  • ok theyre dissecting the movie and think longclaw got murdered? did they not see the warp ring close before they show what happened? she could be alive for all we know. movies now a days love to set up things for sequels. but they sure got the price of the zillow apartment. what is this cinema sins? oh my god and they think theyre going to get divorced? did they watch the same movie? she literally tells him he should be impressed about how calm and collected she has been and at the end they move back together and basically adopt sonic? nevermind she kept telling her sister to shut up about leaving him. does that sound like divorce in the horizon? these guys are not as smart as they think they are :/ oh my god the editor left in "if you could run in slow-mo" these people are straight up incompetent. omg he didnt say his fiance was his best friend. now THATS a divorce in the horizon say incongruity one more time #OliveGardenBreadBowlIncongruity

    Matt MichelMatt MichelIl y a 7 mois
  • That bear guy seems like a lot of fun not like a depressed uncle at all 😑

    Faby choFaby choIl y a 7 mois
  • If these two could stop smelling their own farts for five minutes, they'd see that this is as good of a movie as a sonic movie should be.

    Matthew ArnoldMatthew ArnoldIl y a 7 mois
  • I would let that one guy smash me but I don't like when men wear hats indoors.

    George GGeorge GIl y a 7 mois
  • Kids movie isn't deep bruh what the heck

    Triss SueloTriss SueloIl y a 7 mois
  • You guys are way too hard on this movie, like it was setting itself up to be for grown men with philosophy degrees, and not for 8 year old boys.

    Goodbrew84Goodbrew84Il y a 7 mois
  • Actually, according to Einstein's Special Relativity, no matter how fast your perception of time light always appears to be moving at the same speed (only applies at or near its maximum speed), so the flash should be as fast for Sonic as for us. However, capture time would still be fucked, leaving the picture as a shit blur.

    Steve KSteve KIl y a 7 mois
  • To be fair, Longclaw does tell Sonic that everywhere he goes, someone will want his power. And then he has the map of the worlds with a lot of worlds crossed off, showing that he has already fled multiple worlds.

    KFourTwentyKFourTwentyIl y a 7 mois
  • I wasn't expected to see this genius in Wisecrack, haha, love him!

    Maurice RodriguezMaurice RodriguezIl y a 7 mois
  • Guys I love you. I love the channel, the podcasts and the Medium articles. The Good, The Bad and the Brilliant needs a little work. As an audio it works great, but in video y’all are so stiff and scripted. You are reading scripts at each other instead of talking to each other. I fuckin love the ideas that are being exchanged so I want it to work, but you are more natural when you talk to the camera than when you talk to each other. Again, I love you guys and all that you do so I want this to work. Please keep up the great content!

    Anders DrewAnders DrewIl y a 7 mois
  • Remember when Wisecrack was entertaining? Yeah...

    Jules VoxJules VoxIl y a 7 mois
  • Omg! Sam from Whitest kids you know

    Faye DarlingFaye DarlingIl y a 7 mois
  • Sam how did you get here

    The HistrionicsThe HistrionicsIl y a 7 mois

    Austin BundyAustin BundyIl y a 7 mois
  • For me it's a good kids movie to introduce little kids to Jim Carry. And it has humor not everyone will hate.

    Mando RavenclawMando RavenclawIl y a 7 mois
  • Sonic tales, I believe that was the name. Sonic got an entire series.

    Baba AymanBaba AymanIl y a 7 mois
  • Robotnik is brilliant you shut your mouth.

    Adam OwensAdam OwensIl y a 7 mois
  • No last dab?

    Justin VazquezJustin VazquezIl y a 7 mois

    Felon DegeneresFelon DegeneresIl y a 7 mois
  • Good vid but the blocking is killing me. His face floating in and out of frame really draws the eye. Kind of fun when you just see his nose like a vertical shark fin...

    skajohncarterskajohncarterIl y a 7 mois
  • I’m surprised they didn’t talk about the film as an allegory for illegal Aliens and ICE. There was SOOOO much subtext there.

    Alchemist1330Alchemist1330Il y a 7 mois
  • Interesting review but it was a Kids movie.

    Nikiforos PhilyppisNikiforos PhilyppisIl y a 7 mois
  • What happened to wisecrack? Why is it some weird podcast now?

    John DoeJohn DoeIl y a 7 mois
  • It's not sexist, you fools. If you have to look that far into it, you can assume the joke is that the people of Green Hills depend on Tom Donutlord so much for everything that they would pick him over a literal veterinarian. Stop calling everything sexist.

    TheDwarvenDefenderTheDwarvenDefenderIl y a 7 mois
  • What how you not like jim carey he was amazing spot on not once did his comedy feel forced or corny it was great 👍

    Moises AmayaMoises AmayaIl y a 7 mois
  • 420 69 xD

    Shiber KivanShiber KivanIl y a 7 mois
  • "I thought it was going to be bad" So what you're saying is you went in with expectations, and looked for reasons to justify those expectations throughout the film. Cool.

    AlEcylerAlEcylerIl y a 7 mois
  • Maybe perhaps ask the target audience what they thought was good?

    AlEcylerAlEcylerIl y a 7 mois
  • This is a survival manual for child migrants in the disguise of a fun kids movie. It was a huge bummer once I realized what I was watching. The entire film make sense if you think of Robotnik as Peter Thiel, and forget that the movie has anything to do with sonic. Watch it like this and let me know. Also not being able to see a kids movie as being simple and translateable to multiple languages on purpose and perhaps even made for a different countries market is a little bit myopic my dudes A cooler video would have been to examine the themes of the philosophy of accelerationism in the movie. Gotta go fast.

    Zach McCawZach McCawIl y a 7 mois
  • Yikes.. yeah no. Bad review.

    Zechariah McKenzieZechariah McKenzieIl y a 7 mois
  • Can you guys really not think of this movie in simple terms? It was intended to be a fun movie that did the Sonic characters justice and it succeeded. The guy that told you it was pretty good was correct, you just for some reason needed it to have some larger deep theme.

    MordalonMordalonIl y a 7 mois
  • Y’all were either wrong or missed several things. Long Claw is based on Sophocles, an Owl mentor in old Sonic backstory. It should be obvious why Sonic needs to keep running. Long Claw says he has a power others will want, which we see play out when Robotnik got a quill of Sonic. Also, Jim Carrey’s performance was the best thing in the film and was very true to the character.

    MordalonMordalonIl y a 7 mois
  • Hey Wisecrack just wanted to say I love the channel, you always find a way to make me think about the Shows and Movies I love in a new and fresh way. If you can, I'd love for you to do a Video breaking down American political parties right now. Why is there so much anger now and why do people feel so defensive about their party of choice. I can see someone talking on the news and even though I know nothing about them, I immediately know which party they belong too just by whether what they are saying pisses me off or not (LOL, I mean I'm exaggerating, but not too much). What are the fundamental Philosophic difference between the parties and why are some people drawn to one over the other? Anyway just something I'd be interested to hear your take on, and again keep up the awesome work!!!!

    Tony LinthurstTony LinthurstIl y a 7 mois
  • I wouldn't call Robotnik an "incel," since there's never been any evidence for him being slighted due to not being able to hook up with someone. Hes just a misanthropic genius asshole with a deep rooted superiority complex that happened to be an orphan. None of those things describe Arthur Fleck in Joker. If anything, judging by the way Robotnik's portrayed, he's probably voluntarily celibate since he clearly hates humans in general.

    demonman905demonman905Il y a 7 mois
  • This whole review is like "OK DAD." the movies not meant for these guys. My review of the reviewers review is "Why are these unwashed hobo's comparing a meatloaf movie to a $1000 steak movie?" Ok DAD here's your YT monies.

    Trav2016Trav2016Il y a 7 mois
    • I'm probably older than them and agree with you completely.

      BertleMcGertleBertleMcGertleIl y a 7 mois
  • Just want to point out that there was consistency in Sonic's "powers" in that they were tied to intense emotions. He sets off the EMP because he's horribly saddened (maybe even downright depressed) by his loneliness and the fact that he feels so close to the town he's lived in for ~10 years and yet they don't even know he exists. Sonic's powers rising up during the final fight with Ribotnik is from the same town that was causing him strife (through their ignorance of his existence) finally accepting him, plus all their lives were on the line. Sonic wasn't going to let them go, so he had to protect them. It wasn't the outside factors that activated his powers, but rather how he responded to said factors.

    demonman905demonman905Il y a 7 mois
  • Donuts are rings.

    VanGarrettVanGarrettIl y a 7 mois
  • thanks for reacting to a movie

    Sam ZurickSam ZurickIl y a 7 mois
  • I luv Sanic the Hegehog

    Julio CJulio CIl y a 7 mois
  • it's fuckin good

    Steven AnSteven AnIl y a 7 mois
  • I'd be a perv! I'd be a sonic perv!

    Fer GaliciaFer GaliciaIl y a 7 mois
  • I haven't seen this yet, but I feel like it may grape me. Grape me right in the mouth.

    Devvvin ParkerDevvvin ParkerIl y a 7 mois
    • well, he is the grapist, he grapes people. you re beggin to be grape, look what you are wearing

      Pitazo GuillermoPitazo GuillermoIl y a 7 mois
  • Please cover The Room on one of these. I feel like having to explain why this movie is terrible and amazing (for the same reasons) could be a lot of fun.

    Jason GardenJason GardenIl y a 7 mois
  • Never heard of "the last detail", quite a random movie to hypothetically homage too

    Ansar M. SmithAnsar M. SmithIl y a 7 mois
  • 17:46 Im going to watch it for the third time, I've never done this to any other movie. it just makes me really happy

    Monstercat Almonds RunnerMonstercat Almonds RunnerIl y a 7 mois
  • As a fan of the games I really loved the movie!!

    RymeguRymeguIl y a 7 mois
  • Honestly for me, my expectations was just right to enjoy this movie. You can definitely pick apart this movie and by all means go for it, It's definitely not a movie to take seriously. All I wanted is to have fun watching sonic on the big screen and what I didn't expect is how sonic is, at it's core, just a kid who just want to have fun that happens to have powers. Not gonna lie, that Olive Garden plug is SOOO tacked on, it's so out of place and you can just take that out completely, please, it doesn't belong in this movie.

    CallmeJoelCallmeJoelIl y a 7 mois
  • "Never stop running" was also a way of telling Sonic how to develop and release his power. He has untapped potential and Long Claw wanted someone with a good heart to have that power, and not have it be taken away from him and abused by others (as Robotnik later does) Never stop running means learn to use your power, not keep fleeing. And that is what the movie works to...Sonic Starts Running so he can stop Fleeing/Hiding. And finally gets a real friend, one he doesn't have to leave behind.

    Michaël PoreilMichaël PoreilIl y a 7 mois
  • This show is great! Love the long format. love the comedy. Actually laughed out loud to myself several times. Great job!!!

    Nick BNick BIl y a 7 mois
  • I disagree so much. I think it's enjoyable and fun bad. Plus Tails in post credits. We're obviously going to find out why Sonic needs to keep running and why Echidna were after him

    Pxnk TxrtlePxnk TxrtleIl y a 7 mois
  • I feel like the they wanted to focus on sonic and theme being centered around friendship is literally why he is saving the animals in the games.

    Manyeuris !!Manyeuris !!Il y a 7 mois