Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: The END of Tarantino? - Wisecrack Edition

24 févr. 2020
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Even at first glance, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was indisputably a masterpiece. But we think it also happens to be a fascinating meditation on Tarantino's career - past, present, and future. Let's break it down in this Wisecrack Edition on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The End of Tarantino?
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Written by: Tommy Cook
Hosted by: Michael Burns
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics and Editing by: Jackson Maher
Produced by: Evan Yee
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  • Brilliant point by Tarantino, will indy movies matter in fifteen years. The generation below mine were spoiled by video games, and then you tubes. They know nothing of movies or care to. A whole generation of morons that don't know of books or movies. How does one know of the world and themselves by only video games? It's sad.

    Joe CookJoe CookIl y a jour
  • Someone asked Clint Eastwood, “ When are you going to retire”. His response was, “ When people stop watching my movies”....I’m pretty sure Quentin Tarantino feels the same way.

    antonio branchantonio branchIl y a 3 jours
  • Once upon a time was my first Tarantino movie, after watching that I was HOOKED! Since I’ve been moving into other auter directors and picking up trademark styles. It was also at the start of the lockdown in the UK I began on that journey and it helped me decide that a career in writing and directing for film is exactly my dream job but watching this struck me with some fear with how Hollywood is changing but at the same time it’s also making me excited to actually give it a shot, wish me luck I guess

    James_JLJames_JLIl y a 18 jours
  • 8:36 What the actual fuck...

    Prod. HxrfordProd. HxrfordIl y a mois
  • I heard that the studio suggested to put something chinese in the film for the chinese market and Tarantino said Fuck that!!!

    randy vrandy vIl y a mois
  • Great video

    caylyn111caylyn111Il y a mois
  • Wow, the Hollywood violence porn industrial propaganda complex got a few Oscars that made a self pity movie bitching not enough people are paying 16 dollars to see their movie at a movie theater while you can watch it for free on line. How is the Anti bootleging war going?

    4 & 20 Black Birds4 & 20 Black BirdsIl y a mois
  • You know, I didn't like this film. I went into not knowing the Manson Family would be in it, and didn't understand why it had basically no plot compared to movies nowadays. But once you broke it down for me, on what Tarantino was referencing to, I actually can say that if this was his ultimate message, it was very well done and makes me appreciate the movie more now!

    David F. BrownellDavid F. BrownellIl y a mois
  • Hell yeah good video/retroperspective

    N RmoN RmoIl y a mois
  • sets up for one last big one.

    wil branderwil branderIl y a mois
  • I really *really* want Tarintino's last film to be all his characters from his past movies interacting and (possibly) killing one another.

    Vicious ZeroVicious ZeroIl y a mois

    Jared RubinJared RubinIl y a 2 mois
  • Okay, please give me a reason to like this movie. I found it to be incredibly boring and completely void of Tarantino’s usual charm and humor - especially for the lead, who just kind of sucks.

    Carl ElderCarl ElderIl y a 2 mois
  • Why the fuck does a Tarantino collected works not exsist

    Teis van ZandenTeis van ZandenIl y a 2 mois
  • the fact that Bong won Best Director I guess fits the narrative. I thought it was a robbery

    Hyung Kyu LeeHyung Kyu LeeIl y a 2 mois
  • To answer your final question, why not both? I know answering a question where the answer is kind of a dick move but just because you read way too much into things doesn't mean that you're deductions are not right.

    Instantly BrokenInstantly BrokenIl y a 2 mois
  • You might be reading too much into it ("Tarantino torches his critics" like Dalton uses a flame thrower on the Manson Family - come on!), but your analysis is fun to listen to nonetheless. But I would like to throw one of my own "meta" observations...the music used when the gates open to the Polanski home at the end (inviting Rick Dalton to "join" the new wave of Hollywood presumably) is the same music used in the Paul Newman vehicle THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN at it's beginning. Over the cinemaphotography of the Texas wilderness, a "quote" appears at the beginning of that film: THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT HAPPENED, BUT IT SHOULD BE. I think Tarantino's intentional use of that music says a lot about his own philosophy towards film-making, and especially towards this film.

    James McClureJames McClureIl y a 2 mois
  • movie sucked :/

    Jim MatterhornJim MatterhornIl y a 2 mois
  • I don't understand people who say that not much happens in this film. I found it very entartaining, it didn't bore me one bit. Building the characters shouldn't be overlooked. And then everybody's singing the praises of the Irishman. That, I found quite a pointless film. Looked unedited to me, with that distracting CGI for de-aging. Even those old glories looked bored and telegraphed their lines.

    Paulus CaesarPaulus CaesarIl y a 2 mois
  • The law passed in 1948 ended studio-owned theater chains, but this commentary makes it sound like actors were all released from their contracts.

    jlovebirchjlovebirchIl y a 2 mois
  • I think the reason why QT fans don't like this film is because they expect too much violence if it's a Quentin Tarantino movies

    Ungrateful GitUngrateful GitIl y a 2 mois
  • It was a shit film imo.

    Salok SinghSalok SinghIl y a 2 mois
  • Once upon a Time, was his worst movie. I love his movies. I think he is the Best Director, Writer to have ever lived. But this movie was Garbage. Kosher mafia got to him, he lost his Mojo...

    Spanish ArmadaSpanish ArmadaIl y a 2 mois
  • Tarantino is way overrated. His style is different, but I find most of his movies very boring.

    kurt neillkurt neillIl y a 3 mois
  • But like look at parasite it wasn’t some huge well known creator like or like jojo rabbit it was some of the best sellers and had quite small production costs

    water droppwater droppIl y a 3 mois
  • nice vid, I love his films

    PepperPepperIl y a 3 mois
  • I think 10 movies is a good number. I recently watched the 10-movie-long miyazaki filmography. When tarantino's one is complete I will do the same.

    Claire LemoineClaire LemoineIl y a 3 mois
  • Cool man, I feel ya

    Ed GaigerEd GaigerIl y a 3 mois
  • I liked a lot of the references you made, and although I ultimately think you've put purpose into things that arent as loaded as you claim I think Tarantino would appreciate this.

    Scott Lee ClaytonScott Lee ClaytonIl y a 4 mois
  • The poor Tarantino is not die middle of the cinematic world any more. I hope he can live with that. Guys, this selfloating is dumb and I think Tarantino knows that. Ricks unsecurity and sadness is constantly contrasted to Cliffs poverty. While Rick is crying in his big pool, Cliff has to fix all his problems and lives in an ugly trailer. I am not sure what Tarantino want to present here, but I am pretty sure he is fine.

    Noland DeanNoland DeanIl y a 4 mois
  • It was a boring movie to watch

    Alex TerribleAlex TerribleIl y a 4 mois
  • the social relevance of parasite begs to differ

    Kyle IbarraKyle IbarraIl y a 4 mois
  • Most self absorbed movie I've ever watched

    ANONANONIl y a 4 mois
  • China bandit

    Nirup H MNirup H MIl y a 4 mois
  • Great content man!!

    Meddy KacyMeddy KacyIl y a 4 mois
  • I didn’t even watch this video. I just came to say that Tarantino as always makes some of the best movies ever created.

    Melis S BaebahMelis S BaebahIl y a 4 mois
  • I was excited for once upon a time in Hollywood. While watching it though I could help but think, God is this going anywhere? It’s not a bad movie by any means but definitely wasn’t my favorite of his. I love Tarantino and if he’s putting out a movie I’m going to see it no matter what.

    Joshua NesbittJoshua NesbittIl y a 4 mois
  • Just admit it, it was just a bad movie. Tarantino is an overrated director, where the success of “pulp fiction” has gotten to his head.

    Avery DAEAvery DAEIl y a 4 mois
  • Yes, and the blue curtain represents sadness and the inner voice of the character🤦🏻‍♂️

    Avery DAEAvery DAEIl y a 4 mois
  • It is

    Millicent T. WilsonMillicent T. WilsonIl y a 4 mois
  • 10:30 um did I see a different cut of the movie? I distinctly remember Cliff beating the shit out of that dude at the Manson ranch before leaving

    NuttyMongrelNuttyMongrelIl y a 4 mois
  • Can he do a Zorro film? Maybe In the graphic style of SIN CITY?

    Gerald KingGerald KingIl y a 4 mois
  • Its weird how people just overlook the creepy undertone to the scenes with the little girl.

    Maximus PrimeMaximus PrimeIl y a 4 mois
    • maybe only your mind saw them

      Carlos ParraCarlos ParraIl y a 4 mois
  • Jesus everybody is so critical of this film. it was fantastic just stfu

    Grateful BearGrateful BearIl y a 4 mois
  • I think there are very few big Hollywood directors who make films as an expression of something, be it self expression, self investigation, or social commentary that hasn't quite found ground yet. I think there are waay more of those directors and filmmakers in Europe.

    FanjanFanjanIl y a 4 mois
  • Again, these think pieces are quite interesting. Opinion pieces for sure, but well thought out.

    Leonard McDonaldLeonard McDonaldIl y a 4 mois
  • Spoiler alert, it's not

    Leonard McDonaldLeonard McDonaldIl y a 4 mois
  • I doubt he gives a fuck what any critic thinks about his movies. It’s all too easy to talk about someone else’s movie rather than go and do something worthwhile.

    Will HWill HIl y a 4 mois
  • Blah, blah. Horse shit...

    * nanormous ** nanormous *Il y a 5 mois
  • Gay tiger owners are killing cinema

    Lucas StclairLucas StclairIl y a 5 mois
  • Tarentino was like 6 years old in 1969.... wtf does he know about how film was in that era? Why do all the ppl born in the 60s and 70s always bring up ppl and references from before they were alive?

    Scorch428Scorch428Il y a 5 mois
  • sooo good, great job!

    André MarquesAndré MarquesIl y a 5 mois
  • It seems like movies and music are going to the dark ages

    steve Osteve OIl y a 5 mois
    • Unfortunately that’s facts

      Tiocfaidh ár láTiocfaidh ár láIl y a 4 mois
  • I would like to see this video in 10 years time reflect on you thoughts. Has given lot to think about. 10/10

    david warddavid wardIl y a 5 mois
  • I had a friend who was a male hairdresser and he told me once he thought he was a lesbian, now I understand.

    Janice MurphyJanice MurphyIl y a 5 mois
  • All this mumbo jumbo just to speculate wether he leaves or stays. Until his new movie comes out lmao

    Eli DiazEli DiazIl y a 5 mois
  • If Quentin stops at 10 I'll be so sad. its his choice but I don't have to like it. what ever it is I'm sure it will be epic though.

    Mike HamelinMike HamelinIl y a 5 mois
  • He might surprise us yet with more movies. As he watches more films again, he gets inspired and the thrill is back. Verdict? He aint going no where. He might get with Roberto Rodriguez again and make another action hit. Me thinks he might to do a period piece Tarantino style.

    Carlos ChavezCarlos ChavezIl y a 5 mois
  • I hope it's the end, can't stand his lame ass movies...

    Darth SidiousDarth SidiousIl y a 5 mois
    • Completely agree.

      david petersendavid petersenIl y a 5 mois
  • Wow! Really well done. Nice job man 👌

    bobcougar77bobcougar77Il y a 5 mois
  • He should make a movie about the Asiatic Vespers.

    Diogenes AtaraxiaDiogenes AtaraxiaIl y a 5 mois
  • Tarantino? The smell of #Adrenochrome is in the air!

    Riki B.Riki B.Il y a 5 mois
  • You insane? That movie is much better than Hateful8, best movie expierience since inglourious basterds.

    tritone11tritone11Il y a 5 mois
  • Quentin always has many layers to everything, yes all these things are very visible, but there's much much more. He's also finally laughing in the face of the people behind the Hollywood's curtains, the final act of the movie is his mockery of the Hollywood's devotion to the Gnosticism which is present in almost every major production, every single frame and words are making fun of their beliefs. It's very deep into the subtext but if you know the principles, you will see it pretty clear. Quentin has always been the freest and uncorrupted thinker and writer in that place. This is a true goodbye to this industry. I cannot wait to see his last film, it's gonna be something really genius.

    bztrd80bztrd80Il y a 5 mois
  • once upon a time, i thought it was junk fell asleep... sorry just me.

    Mo PetronMo PetronIl y a 5 mois
  • First time I'm hearing anything about the mansion family being in the film. He failed to set that scene and just came off looking like a right wing monster trying to demonise the left during the time of Reagan. It's funny how horrific the violence is once you identify with the other and not the assholes dealing it out. It's methed up that anyone on the left would ever try to stage a home invasion, and it just spirals down from there. My takeaway from the movie was a treatise on how far we have come from a primitive time. How most of the bs isn't tolerated anymore. The judgement of the people at the ranch, the hot take of a stunt man beating up Bruce Lee, finishing with that it's ok to kill people who are no longer a threat just cause they entered your home.

    D64nzD64nzIl y a 5 mois
  • So far, I have no interest in seeing Once Upon A Time. DeCaprio’s weak chin makes him not look the part. The summary characterization of hippies as dystopian killers is not an interesting twist. And Sharon Tate as the personification of innocence and Hope sounds like a boring adolescent’s fantasy about the Marsha-Brady-like girl-next-door. I know you’re not supposed to read a book by its cover, but it’s the filmmaker’s job to get me into the theater. I don’t see myself rushing to stand in line (even imaginatively, given that we’re quarantined). I’d rather take my chances showing up at the New Beverly Cinema and taking my chances that whatever is being shown will have an impression on me-like when I saw Reservoir Dogs there and sat for ten minutes with my mouth open after it ended.

    Nathan LafontaineNathan LafontaineIl y a 5 mois
  • This is the dumbest theory in the whole world.

    Sicario LeagueSicario LeagueIl y a 5 mois
  • I boogie nights but a Tarantino version

    The_ wolf_ of_willingboroThe_ wolf_ of_willingboroIl y a 5 mois
  • It was shit movie

    ratsaladratsaladIl y a 5 mois
  • It sucks.

    marlene gmarlene gIl y a 5 mois
  • Reading way too much into it

    Jody O'DellJody O'DellIl y a 5 mois
  • This video is horse shit. Quinton Tarantino has gone on the record saying the "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is his last movie and that he is retiring. He said that he is going to retire after he made ten films and "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" was his tenth film. It took over thirty years to make ten films. He model his film career after Stanley Kubrick. Mr. Tarantino also said that he refuses to shoot in digital format. He would rather shoot in 35mm film. Film by itself is dying breed. Mr. Tarantino will not change with the times and for that he is a dying breed. He has seen the writing on the wall. There is no hidden message in "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood". In a nutshell I just saved you thirteen minutes.

    shortbareshortbareIl y a 5 mois
  • It wad a god awful film.

    Bob LargecockBob LargecockIl y a 5 mois
  • I hope so

    cony keahnzocony keahnzoIl y a 5 mois
  • He will stop after his 10th movie

    Andres TomasAndres TomasIl y a 5 mois
  • click bait?

    Daniel RDaniel RIl y a 5 mois
  • Tarantino style seems to be more for shock value and what he would have to do nowadays to shock someone would be to portray himself as appropriate. He would have to change. His style doesn’t translate to the changed world. This last movie he did was awful. It’s like he broke his own rule. He didn’t steal and he paid homage. The only thing I got from the film was the performance of Dakota Fanning. That grit she brought was missing everywhere. But the movie is titled as a fairy tale. And it did have the “happy ending” . Overall, So boring I was reading up on the Mansons, and the ranch, and Tate. I just felt sick when it was over.

    Sydney 12Sydney 12Il y a 5 mois
  • So the govt is taking down Hollywood?

    Sydney 12Sydney 12Il y a 5 mois
  • Stop doing click baiting bs I Fucc wit u. This movie was just fine . Don’t turn into cnn .

    Moe BandzMoe BandzIl y a 5 mois
  • I hope so. Screw Tarantino

    GregGregIl y a 5 mois
    • Why?

      VanityManateeVanityManateeIl y a 5 mois
  • You're just reading too much into it....maybe.

    Esteban RinconEsteban RinconIl y a 5 mois
  • Tarantino should make a bad ass horror movie or two and be done, movies are not what they use to be and Tarantino would be safe doing a horror movie with especially with today's over sensitive bunch of people

    Jerimie SanchezJerimie SanchezIl y a 5 mois
  • Had the movie been more about Charlie and less about the other two bozo's it would have been more memorable....Like what would have happened if they gave Manson that record deal..? Nixon would have lost and the beatles would have stayed together as long as the Stones.

    crusty21crusty21Il y a 5 mois
  • HEY. wisecrack, Michael here Its not the end of Tarantino.. or IS IT?

    ClassicalClassicalIl y a 5 mois
  • I've never heard any of this stuff about Tarantino being a villain whose films are too violent.

    Linden StrombergLinden StrombergIl y a 5 mois
  • The people saying "you're reading too much into it" have obviously never read a single piece of trivia about Tarantino. The amount of detail he puts into every movie is insane. Even the name of this movie is self-referential: "Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied France" was going to be the title of Inglourious Basterds (which was then used as the name of its first chapter).

    Mia FerrariMia FerrariIl y a 5 mois
  • You read into it too much, also there is a MASSIVE uptick in violence at the movie ranch with the one on one fight after the tweaker pops the caddy tire. So, your entire hypothesis is now mute 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Nick YNick YIl y a 5 mois
  • ¡ really don’t know,.. each Tarantino movie is a world, from gore like kill bill or comedy like pulp fiction or hyper-realism like that one..,

  • His only good movie was the 2 part kill bill

    B. Lloyd ReeseB. Lloyd ReeseIl y a 5 mois
  • Reading way too much into it... Parallels yes, but not driven by the logic described here.

    Anuraag TiwariAnuraag TiwariIl y a 5 mois
  • What a thoughtful take. Glad I heard this take on the film.

    Chris LarsenChris LarsenIl y a 5 mois
  • A masterpiece?? Kiss ass much? There's another name for self-referencial (which you must say 37 times here) - it's narcissistic! And that explains the totality of Tarantino.

    Steve MurraySteve MurrayIl y a 5 mois
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood grossed over 100 million. That's insane for the kind of movie it was. He has another film left. That makes 10.

    brett Smithbrett SmithIl y a 5 mois
  • Reading way to deep into things... Nevertheless entertaining.

    Alvaro ChuquiureAlvaro ChuquiureIl y a 5 mois
  • I had a first date at this film... Might should have thought that through a bit more 😅

    Moxie LoftonMoxie LoftonIl y a 5 mois
  • they were his friends... netflix is taking over, streaming is the new tv

    Sebastian WardanaSebastian WardanaIl y a 5 mois
  • Quentin would probably just tell you as he does in every single interview he's ever done, "I just make movies to entertain people." So yeah, you're reading too much into it.

    Charles BetsCharles BetsIl y a 5 mois