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30 avril 2021
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Watch Maher Zain’s new music video "Laytaka Ma’ana" (If Only You Were With Us), from his new EP (mini album) Nour Ala Nour. Directed by Idris Kheder
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Nour Ala Nour (Light Upon Light) is the name of Maher Zain’s new EP (mini album). One song from the EP will be released every week throughout Ramadan until after Eid inshaAllah.
1. Ramadan Gana رمضان جانا
2. Qalbi Sajad قلبي سجد
3. Nour Ala Nour نور على نور
4. Laytaka Ma’ana ليتك معنا
5. Sun 9/5 Huwa Ahmadun هو أحمدٌ
6. Hubb Ennabi حب النبي
Directed by: Idris Kheder
Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
Lyrics & Melody: Dalia Emara
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Mixing: Ronny Lahti
Mastering: Bjorn Engelman
EP Photography: David Lagerlöf
EP Artwork Design: Mohamed Ali Dhifet
Special Thanks:
Carthage+, Israa Sherif، Samia Jabri, Wafa Ben Soltan
For Call Tones:
Saudi Arabia
Zain: ارسل كود الاغنية(218325) الى الرقم 1718
Orange: ارسل كود الاغنية (583) الى الرقم 9999
Lyrics & Translation:
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
تَهدينا سبيلاً يَنفعُنا
to guide us to the best path
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما كنا ضَلَلنا أو ضِعنَا
We wouldn't have gone astray or become lost
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
بزمانِنا يا رسول الله
in our time, O Messenger of Allah!

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
نَشبَعُ نَظَرًا حين نَراكَ
We'd feel contented when we see you
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ونُصَلِّي وراءَكَ نلْقَاكَ
We'd pray behind you and meet you
ونُقَبِّلُ كفّيكَ ونَسعَد
We'd kiss your hands and rejoice

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
نروي لك عما يُوجعُنا
We'd tell you about everything that's troubling us
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
لتَبُوحَ إليك مدامِعُنا
our falling tears would divulge everything to you
ونَنالَ برِفْقَتِكَ الجنة
We'd attain Paradise in your company
و نعيمَ المَوْلَى في عُلاه
and the blessings of the Almighty Lord
ليتك معنا بزماننا
If only you were with us in our time
يا رسول الله
O Messenger of Allah!

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما كان بأُمتِنا فقير
There wouldn't be anyone poor in our Ummah
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
نَرْعَى يتيمًا .. نُؤوِي كسير
We'd care for the orphan and the sick
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
بزماننا يا رسول الله
in our time, O Messenger of Allah!

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما امتَلأت دُنيانا مَعاصي
our world wouldn't have been filled with sins
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما غَدا القلبُ كحَجَرٍ قاسِي
our hearts wouldn't have been as hard as a rock
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
بزماننا يا رسول الله
in our time, O Messenger of Allah!

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما تُهْنَا في ظَلام الجهلِ
we wouldn't be lost in the darkness of ignorance
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما أَغْفَلْنا دَوْرَ العقلِ
We wouldn't have neglected the role of reason and intellect
وَتَراجَعْنَا بينَ الأُمَمِ
and we wouldn't have fallen behind in standing among nations

ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
نَرفَعُ ظُلمًا، نَنْصرُ حقَّا
We'd uproot injustice and uphold the truth
ليتك معنا
If only you were with us
ما انقَسمت أُمَّتُنا فِرَقا
Our Ummah wouldn't have become divided into factions
بسلامٍ نَحيا وبقُوَّة
We'd live peacefully while possessing strength
لنُعَمِّرَ في أرض الله
And we'd build and contribute to God's earth
ليتك معنا بزماننا
If only you were with us in our time
يا رسول الله
O Messenger of Allah!
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  • Salam alejkum from Bosnia to Muslim in all the World. Love from Bosnia. ☪️🇧🇦💖

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  • والله إن الحبيب معنا في زمان وفي مكان في ظاهر وحتي في باطن القلب يقول هذا❤️😭🤩حب الحبيب كفا إيمانًا يا إخواني أخوكم صالح السنغالي 🇸🇳☪️🕋❤️

    AS SALIHA TVAS SALIHA TVIl y a 4 jours
  • This song has really a deep meaning to me.. I just really imagined how the world will become if Rasulullah ﷺ is with us right now. But I just realized that we are living in different dzamaan with him. But somehow, we remember and still love him although we didn’t see his face and his presence..

    Puti FatimahPuti FatimahIl y a 4 jours
    • Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda, "Kaum yang hidup sesudahku. Mereka beriman kepadaku, dan mereka tidak pernah melihatku, mereka membenarkanku, dan mereka tidak pernah bertemu dengan aku. Mereka menemukan kertas yang menggantung, lalu mereka mengamalkan apa yang ada pada kertas itu. Maka, mereka-mereka itulah yang orang-orang yang paling utama di antara orang-orang yang beriman"

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  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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  • 😢😭

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  • سيدنا الرسولصلى الله وعليه سلم بلغ الرسالة وأدى الأمانة نحن نخجل من انفسنا أمامه واعمالنا تعرض عليه

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  • ليتك معنا

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  • هو معنا في كل لحظ من حياتنا اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ♥️

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  • Please pray for Palestine 🇵🇸. May Allah save Al AQSA 🕌 🕌 🕌 ... We are all Muslims and Proud to be in the Umma of Ya Rassulallah (saws) ❤️. We miss him a lot.

    M. SM. SIl y a 4 jours
  • ليته كان معنا صلى الله عليه وسلم 😭😭❤❤

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  • اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين

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  • I'm from Tanzania mashaalah this nashid nakupenda san maher zain ubarikiwe wewe na familiya yko

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