How to Portray The Joker - Wisecrack Edition

28 déc. 2019
475 624 Vues

The choices actors make define the characters they play, and that's certainly true of the Joker. But what truly makes a performance of this diabolical clown so great? Let's find out in this Wisecrack Edition on "How to Portray the Joker"

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Written by: Amanda Scherker
Hosted by: Helen Floersh
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics by: Jake Espinueva
Editing by: Andrew Nishimura
Produced by: Evan Yee

© 2019 Wisecrack / Omnia Media, Inc.

  • Four and a half?

    Emerald WEmerald WIl y a 3 jours
  • I think that, like you said, the Joker has no background or origin story so he can be as crazy scitsofrenic as the creator, writer , director or actor/actress, shut up right wings the Joker can be female too, as they want. So one Joker doing all of the personalities that has been done throughout the years for Joker: isn't that much stretch of the imagination.

    Bale SahagunBale SahagunIl y a 4 jours

    The YouTube AnalystThe YouTube AnalystIl y a 9 jours
  • Heath Ledger's performance is rivalled by none.

    Lord CraigLord CraigIl y a 14 jours
  • I think Nicholson had a good balance between the psychopath and the humorous clown. You easily believed he could be either, but never knew what he was going to do at any given time. The only thing that would have made Nicholson's version better is for the psychopath portion of Joker to be more like Ledger's version. That is truly what has made some of the best writing of Joker in the comics: his complete duality of deep, dark, scary violence juxtaposed with him just playing for a laugh, switching between the sides unpredictably.

    Daniel Greenwood, IIDaniel Greenwood, IIIl y a mois
  • That is the thing about the joker, you can't be too comedic otherwise you can't take him seriously however you can't be to serious as they will make him boring, this is why mark hamill does a great job as the voice of the joker as he is able to balance both aspects to make a great joker

    Dark KiritoDark KiritoIl y a mois
  • HEEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA, oohhh, yea... That last bit of a line there about which joker was the defining one... L O L. You can not define that which is undefinable ;).

    Christopher JunkinsChristopher JunkinsIl y a mois
  • 2:33 I never knew mayor Adam West liked to dress up as batman

    Wietze MeijerWietze MeijerIl y a mois
  • 4 1/2 XD

    Arnav ShindeArnav ShindeIl y a mois
  • The defining clown prince is Mark Hamill.

    Stone TimeKeeperStone TimeKeeperIl y a mois
  • I feel bad ppl shouldnt be hating on leto its not his fault he really did try and it just didint work and the direcrors shouldnt have done that

    Liz I.Liz I.Il y a mois
  • What about Johnny Depp As Next Crime Prince Mr. J? Would anybody answer this question?

    Steve SmithSteve SmithIl y a mois
  • What specifically made Leto's Joker bad, the acting or the writing? Also, how do you measure the quality of a laugh? I'm confused.

    Nyx VelesNyx VelesIl y a 2 mois
  • What about Cameron Monaghan

    Self-proclaimed phantomlordSelf-proclaimed phantomlordIl y a 2 mois
  • Commercial! Tell me what to buy!

    adam martinadam martinIl y a 2 mois
  • Cameron Monaghan from Gotham gave a stellar performance and is easily my favourite.

    Charlie Azrael ReactsCharlie Azrael ReactsIl y a 2 mois
  • I liked Jared’s Joker ☹️

    Camylle WhiteCamylle WhiteIl y a 2 mois
  • I bought the old school "Batman: The Movie" for a quarter. It was worth every cent.

    Joe DJoe DIl y a 2 mois
  • Phoenix.Ledger.Nickelson....that order. But I loved all their versions. Jim Carrey would be interesting.. Leto..I was rooting for him..but damn...smh..damn damn

    King O'KingsKing O'KingsIl y a 2 mois
  • ummmm where dafuq is Mark Hamill ??

  • Well one thing I can say is all depictions of the Joker have made me feel something. Every one except Joaquin Phoenix elecited sadistic laughter, and Arthur Fleck making me really, really wanting to break the fucker's kneecaps with a bat. Joaquin Phoenix is a magnificent actor, I just _really, _*_really fucking hate people like Arthur Fleck._*

    Vorpal DootVorpal DootIl y a 3 mois
  • What English speaking audiences oftentimes seem to miss: With Jack Nicholson, it is his voice that does the magic. Batman (1989) is special to me as it was the very first action film which I saw in cinema completely on my own, as I was just 12 years old. However, I am German. I saw the German (it's 12+ in Germany, not 13+) synchronised version. Years later, when I got a DVD and watched the original, I was completely blown away what difference that made, how much better the film, which I already liked, was merely due to Jack Nicholson's voice. The same is true for "The Shining". I was bored beyond belief when I first saw it in German, but when I saw it English, hearing Jack Nicholson own voice it suddenly became creepy and fascinating. Suddenly I was completely taken in. That's not because the voice actor who does the German voice-over for Jack Nicholson was bad, he isn't, it's just the Jack Nicholson is a genius and there is nothing he could have done to capture this in a different language.

    Björn KeilBjörn KeilIl y a 3 mois
  • Imagine this: a young, 1970’s Sid Haig. Imagine the eater eggs 🥚 Rob Zombie could have used in House of 1,0000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects to reference a Sid Haig Joker. Gives me chills thinking about it.

    MrAaronPinckardMrAaronPinckardIl y a 3 mois
  • Richard Brake would make a great Joker!

    Cinema NerdCinema NerdIl y a 3 mois
  • 1:42 to skip the sponsor

    It's me MalkIt's me MalkIl y a 3 mois
  • I'm sad they forgot about Jeremiah's and Jerome's joker

    solar markssolar marksIl y a 3 mois
  • I think all a person needs to do to play as the Joker is to get a suit, some clown makeup, start cakalling like a mad man and just go ham on the role.

    Evan ThomasEvan ThomasIl y a 3 mois
  • Ledger was the best overall Joker, but I don't think he can be the defining Clown Prince. That has to go to Batman the Animated Series.

    Casey DoneganCasey DoneganIl y a 4 mois
  • 1:48: me: 😂😂😂😂 hahahahaha jared leto😕🙁☹️😣🥺😭

    roro woodsyroro woodsyIl y a 4 mois
  • Who else thinks Bill Skårsgard would make a great Joker?

    Nugget BoiNugget BoiIl y a 4 mois
  • Joker is NOT pop culture.

    WhiteSeaLeviathanWhiteSeaLeviathanIl y a 4 mois
  • Why is Helen so damn cute? 😍

    Jay21LJay21LIl y a 4 mois
  • Leto was fake crazy. You can’t fake crazy.

    Amere MortalAmere MortalIl y a 4 mois
  • I want to see another funny Joker.

    Nathaniel SmithNathaniel SmithIl y a 4 mois
  • I mean isolating yourself is one thing, but sending used condoms to other actors is another

    unloved boomerunloved boomerIl y a 4 mois
  • Jack Nicholson's Joker performance, together with Burton's love for dark lighting, and creepy camera shots were the stuff of my childhood nightmares. I even have phobia of clowns because of this Joker portrayal.

    Hans QuintosHans QuintosIl y a 4 mois
  • Personally...I belive anybody can be anyone (The Joker)...all it takes is pain and suffering upon your idol...

  • Jared Letos joker is based on a modern golden age joker. He was originally a mob boss. They tried to make him a mob boss and failed. I personally like the idea and the look they went with. I was not impressed with the way they executed it though.

    the Dthe DIl y a 4 mois
  • Mark Hamill will always be the best voice actor, he has the most terrifying laugh. Heath is the best live action Joker. He just terrified me, and he was psycho. Joaquin, made me feel bad for the joker. He was just some guy who wanted to find his place in the world. Romero was a good joker, I feel he was cartoonish but that was acceptable for the time. Jack, I loved his performance as a kid. But I saw the movie as an adult and it seem way too cartoonish for me.

    Orlando PerezOrlando PerezIl y a 5 mois
  • I know this discussion is about love action jokers, but I was always in the camp that Mark Hamill gave the best joker performance, he was even on the big screen in Mask of The Phantasm

    Emily DickensEmily DickensIl y a 5 mois
  • Jared better should have done this one

    sdjsdvgolhsdfsdfsdjsdvgolhsdfsdfIl y a 5 mois
  • I feel each acting iteration of the joker fit that overall era of what he needed and was seen to be.

    deadpoolnerddeadpoolnerdIl y a 5 mois
  • Leto’s joker is soooo underrated

    Snak3yboiiSnak3yboiiIl y a 5 mois
  • Joker is a mentally damaged guy Leto showed it like a teen who listens too much Billie ellish songs

    rishabhrishabhIl y a 5 mois
  • Heath was phenomenal because up until that point we just had a "goofy" madman. He was the first to portray him in such a dark and sympathetic way. Phoenix took it and made him even MORE relatable and sympathetic while still keeping him dark. Heath and Phoenix are both my favorite and i will not pick between them

    Liz JonesLiz JonesIl y a 5 mois
  • To me, a fundamental part of the Joker is a character who believe that life is one big cruel joke, misfortune is the punchline and thrives on proving this argument to others as he ruins lives and laughs at his own cruelty. this may not always be true but I think it still plays a big part in the character.

    Nathan .ZNathan .ZIl y a 5 mois
  • Great vid! Jack rocked but you forgot the very best Joker...Prince

    Doug IrvinDoug IrvinIl y a 6 mois
  • This indian Hermione clearly knows what she’s talking about

    Lord KazisvetLord KazisvetIl y a 6 mois
  • in history of movies there is only one bad Joker letos

    Avdo DonlagicAvdo DonlagicIl y a 6 mois
  • Heath Ledger just doodled in a couple of notebooks and and I watched a couple of Tom Waits interviews. It's not this epic performance. Everybody put him on a pedestal and then looked at Jared Leto's production Stills which he didn't design, and then just s*** all over it before the movie even came out. Considering most of his reforms was left on The Cutting Room floor you had about six seven minutes to judge. I'm sick of people comparing the two when was the starring role and one was an afterthought

    Instantly BrokenInstantly BrokenIl y a 6 mois
  • To be clear, Nicholson was not specifically a "method" actor. While he did study Strasberg, he also was a practitioner of the Chekhov Technique; specifically Psychological Gesture which he spoke about on several occasions.

    Jeff ThomakosJeff ThomakosIl y a 6 mois
  • Jared Leto was my absolute FAVOURITE Joker. He was hot and psychotic at the same time. (And IF anyone wonders, Heath Ledger is only #2)

    Zer0 KiryuZer0 KiryuIl y a 6 mois
  • Ledger's joker: A force of nature Phoenix's joker: A force of humanity Hamill's joker: The force

    Julio GimenezJulio GimenezIl y a 6 mois
  • Jared Leto as joker was a tttotal cringefest

    Runar AntilaRunar AntilaIl y a 6 mois
  • Joker, id or ego, i love him

    Gary PGary PIl y a 6 mois
  • Gotta admit, I'm on board with this anti-Leto hatetrain and requisite bashing. The guy has had so many public opportunities to come across as a normal, down-to-earth human being who has a modicum of self-awareness, but he fucks it up every single time. I've yet to see an interview or short clip of him where he doesn't look like he believes he is the reincarnation of baby Jesus.

    C BC BIl y a 6 mois
  • Wow helen is so beautiful

    tyler tylertyler tylerIl y a 6 mois
  • Yes yes yes

    Nagito KomandaNagito KomandaIl y a 6 mois
  • I think william dafoe would alos make a good joker

    Rehana YasminRehana YasminIl y a 6 mois
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    Evan StaleyEvan StaleyIl y a 6 mois
  • have u seen the BTS movies?? if so, please do a video on why BTS is the realest and the best music group to ever exist? Love your channel. xoxo

    Shape Up, Square UpShape Up, Square UpIl y a 6 mois
  • Is she the voice from watch mojo???

    Dylan SantiagoDylan SantiagoIl y a 6 mois
  • Well something like Cameron Monogham and Heath Ledger is perfect.I'm saying that Heath Ledger didn't get more chances to go something more into the character.He is still the best but Cameron Monogham surely is the second best for me.I mean even penguin was scared of him and I think he should have a movie.

    BeKoBeKoIl y a 6 mois

    Kathleen CooperKathleen CooperIl y a 6 mois
  • Actually it depends of what joker. To be joker is not a voice, it’s a smile

    Random GSZRandom GSZIl y a 6 mois
  • Die Alte ist schon geil

    Rainer WinklerRainer WinklerIl y a 6 mois
  • 1:49 well 5.7 if you count Jerome and his brother from the Gotham TV show.

    MitschcrafterMitschcrafterIl y a 7 mois
  • ledger still is the best in my eyes but phoenix was not bad it made me feel the pain

    Ata KorkutAta KorkutIl y a 7 mois
  • The philosophy of World of Watcraft. Please do it.

    Nank DugNank DugIl y a 7 mois
  • I like your vidéo but Phenoix is my favorite

    Samantha Beaucage-MeszarosSamantha Beaucage-MeszarosIl y a 7 mois
  • JOAQUIN PHOENIX JOKER: goes on TV to complain about society (sad clown) Jarrod Leto joker: was the MOB (mob boss) Heath ledger joker: DESTROYED SOCIETY AND THE MOB for the hell of it! (terrorist, anarchists, psychopath, killer,) the real joker is Heath ledger in my opinion!!


  • Honestly Leto wasn't bad in the film. Or if he was, it would be unfair to label him as such because he was only there as a promotion device.

    RpmRpmIl y a 7 mois
  • Leto's Joker is like the Jokerz gang..

    Mhariz SaifuddinMhariz SaifuddinIl y a 7 mois
  • Where is jared

    Tuan NguyenTuan NguyenIl y a 7 mois
  • Jack Nicholson will always be my favorite live action Joker. Heath Ledger was too gritty just like the movie. I actually liked Phoenix more than Ledger. Phoenix was too dark as well but he also was funny with his movements like coming out of the curtains. Mark Hamill will always be the best Joker in my book.

    Lynn TaylorLynn TaylorIl y a 7 mois
  • Can't listen to it, the way its being read.

    Jeff KingstonJeff KingstonIl y a 7 mois
  • How about Jerom in the TV show Gotham?

    박미경박미경Il y a 7 mois
  • Leto did a great job

    Dick BlunoffDick BlunoffIl y a 7 mois
  • 9:55 actually, I can, with his arms spread out and holding a knife

    Akia MendozaAkia MendozaIl y a 7 mois
  • Jared Leto's emo Joker is the best 😁😁

  • My favorite live action joker's in order 1. Ledger 2. Phoenix 3. Nicholson 4. Leto 5. Romero

    For the LaughFor the LaughIl y a 7 mois
  • Heath. Ledger.

    Sophia GregioreSophia GregioreIl y a 8 mois
  • Please make video on japanese movie "shoplifters". Awesome movie related to different types of people coming together to survive in society and there struggle and depending on each other.

    deadpool fatherdeadpool fatherIl y a 8 mois
  • When he said holy halloween, thats a monologie not a dialogue

    MessMessIl y a 8 mois
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    Filipe Lourenço AffonsoFilipe Lourenço AffonsoIl y a 8 mois
  • I honestly think, objectively, Phoenix is the best actor to play the character and gave the best pure acting performance. I also think he's the perfect take. At first, I thought he was the least jokery (ignoring Leto) of all of them, but the more I watch it, the more I think he's the most. The little touches, like dancing, and the awkward jokes 'they couldn't carry a tune to save their lives' is the comic book Joker's essence bought to life. I think people get caught up on the 'criminal mastermind' element and forget at his core he's just the old mythological trickster archetype for the contemporary era. Yet I can completely understand people who prefer Ledgers take. It's perfect for what it was. I cannot understand people who like Leto's take. I think they're just desperate to find a positive.

    Pineal DreamsPineal DreamsIl y a 8 mois
  • Mark hammil’s joker.

    kyle benjaminkyle benjaminIl y a 8 mois
  • the tone and sound of this host are amazingly comfortable, love!

    Carrie LoCarrie LoIl y a 8 mois
  • Greatest of all Joker: Ledger! Heath is one, Hamill is two, Nicholson is three, Romero is four, Phoenix is five

    Kat WerneryKat WerneryIl y a 8 mois
  • Was very diplomatic of you to say that studios “encouraged” actors to take on similar roles. Forcing might have been a more accurate choice.

    Kat WerneryKat WerneryIl y a 8 mois
  • I used to like Leto but then seeing how he acted about the movie and blaming his performance on the lack of footage is childish. I'm sure if we saw all his footage we would still be underwhelmed. He has done good on other roles but this was not suited to him nky mqtgter how much he wanted it. In a avid comic lover and he did not do the joker well in my opinion but not like I could do better.

    shoepuff williamshoepuff williamIl y a 8 mois
  • Jared Leto don’t know joker Or the audiences interpretation of what we can’t expect Suicide joker was lacking in the wackiness Felt cheap

    Satan LuciferSatan LuciferIl y a 8 mois
  • Still would love to see Mark Hamill's interpretation of the Joker brought to the silver screen. But, with a younger actor of course.

    MattschannelismMattschannelismIl y a 8 mois
  • Mark Hamill

    Tristan HemyTristan HemyIl y a 8 mois
  • Jared Leto's Joker was awful. Joaquin Phoenix' played some dude named Arthur Fleck and Arthur Fleck is not the Joker. I don't for a second believe he could stand toe to toe with Batman. Obviously not physically because rarely is there a version of The Joker that has strength comparable to Bats but I mean intellectually and shit. I'd hate to see the version of Batman that is actually concerned about Arthur Fleck.

    Gen4JohnGen4JohnIl y a 8 mois
  • Just imagine the pressure on the next actor portraying this character.

    GuiStuffGuiStuffIl y a 8 mois
  • Leto did a great modern gangsta version of Joker. I don't give a fuck what you think. They really snubbed him. He did great. He fit the movie he was in, and fit the type of Joker he was supposed to be in that universe. A modern gangster.

    Alexander DashitAlexander DashitIl y a 8 mois
  • 3:18 that not Cesar Ramero its William Powell.

    Snipe DudeSnipe DudeIl y a 8 mois
  • When will you guys do a video on HBO Watchmen?

    Lawrence LandLawrence LandIl y a 8 mois