How Crises Define History

25 mai 2020
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"Crisis" is a much more complicated concept than it first appears to be.
Everyone says that we're living through a once-in-a-century crisis. But what does that actually mean? Turns out the answer to that is more complicated than you think. We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition: What is a Real Crisis?

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Written by: Myles McDonough
Research by: Michael Hessel-Mial
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics and Editing by: Jackson Maher
Wisecrack Edition Title Design by: Amanda Murphy
Produced by: Evan Yee

© 2020 Wisecrack / Omnia Media, Inc.

  • Clearly Gabriel hadn’t read the story of Job...

    JGHFunRunJGHFunRunIl y a 2 mois
  • I am really deeply disappointed by Trump goverment.How could he just let people die?

    Dongmei LyuDongmei LyuIl y a 2 mois
  • this lisbon earthquake is same with the lisbon earthquake in assassins creed rogue

    Pintyo PriambodoPintyo PriambodoIl y a 3 mois
  • Do Antz.

    The Jazz KingThe Jazz KingIl y a 3 mois
  • “Covid 19”

    Drone EyeDrone EyeIl y a 4 mois
  • who estimates 60,000 deaths??!

    Share your EnglishShare your EnglishIl y a 4 mois
  • couldn't find 'krinein' or 'krinien' - does it mean to sever?

    Share your EnglishShare your EnglishIl y a 4 mois
  • this guy is so cute man

    Andrae FonotiAndrae FonotiIl y a 4 mois
  • Crysis.

    The Wandering AristotleThe Wandering AristotleIl y a 4 mois
  • "if God real then why bad thing happen?" "checkmate, Christians."

    Nathan PrindlerNathan PrindlerIl y a 4 mois
  • unfortunately, i have a friend that is now convinced that the illuminati is using covid as a way of controlling us all more than ever. i'm pissed af at all the nutbags spewing off about one conspiracy theory after another... however as much as any mention of the illuminati gets me super mad with frustration due to my percerption of that person's ignorance since almost any conspiracy theory is an attempt to simplify complex issues, i did see a nugget of possible truth in what he was saying. of course at least SOME people ARE using this virus to exploit and control others... but the idea that there is a group of individuals sitting around a table à la Sons of Anarchy, that is far fetched. that said, the part of this video that mentioned how a series of crises could lead to a change in totalitarian leadership resonated.

    Jennifer BrownJennifer BrownIl y a 4 mois
  • Lol heavy handed cracked downs...ask America now

    Wilfredo VazquezWilfredo VazquezIl y a 4 mois
  • I like your hair.

    Help your cat to drive.Help your cat to drive.Il y a 4 mois
  • No crisis necessary, any day is a great day to change capitalism and systemic racism...

    PD ZombiePD ZombieIl y a 4 mois
  • IMO if you were to clean up the background of the video and make it more aesthetically e.g Paintings or something to break up the near solid white of your wall it would attract/keep more viewers. All in all i really enjoyed the video it was both eye opening and informative. Keep up the good work :) P.S. Great hair

    Dan FinkleDan FinkleIl y a 4 mois
  • certain word has been making the rounds lately... THE BIRD IS THE WORD!

    ShinarockShinarockIl y a 4 mois
  • "Crisis" is a much more complicated concept than it first appears to be. -- Everyone says that we're living through a once-in-a-century crisis. But what does that actually mean? Turns out the answer to that is more complicated than you think.

    3ICE3ICEIl y a 4 mois
  • Sadly I'm in the group that has been forgotten. Do to COVID police in my area are only responding to bloodshed. So my on going abuse is going unhelped. I also was robbed and my disabilities are being used against me by those that live with me. Sadly no friend unable to get medical help for my many disabilities do to hospitals only treating COVID and dying. I myself also got COVID and ended up getting it and in the hospital after being spit in my eye by a woman that knew she had it and would rather I die then be in my families life. Long story has to do with my ongoing abuse. And with COVID I and not making any money I didn't get a check from the government do to again family taking advantage and putting me as a dependent and I'm not and I'm over the age of 18 so didn't even get the $500 for dependents. Its getting so bad there is a good chance I'm loosing my home well unless I get beat so bad blood is shed. Sadly all shelters by me are already full of people in the same boat So I'm becoming a sidtistic sadly. So scared where I'm going and how this year will play out.

    Pumpkin Patch ExoticsPumpkin Patch ExoticsIl y a 4 mois
  • Assassin's creed rogue depicts the Lisbon destruction/earthquake

    Psykideillix NonombrePsykideillix NonombreIl y a 4 mois
  • New Zealand is day 11 now with no cases ✊🏻

    Sophia NeilssonSophia NeilssonIl y a 5 mois
  • Holy shit, he didn't say Beaudrillard once!

    Mr. PavoneMr. PavoneIl y a 5 mois
  • Ehem... wtf... how can you even say stuff like that about the meat industry and not go vegan? Like how in your face does the problems have to be before more people take som serious political action 😑😑😑😒

    Frey VFrey VIl y a 5 mois
  • Timely video, considering what's happening right now in the US, Hong Kong, and other countries all around the world. Looks like this was the straw that broke the camel back and started massive riots fueled by the economic divide but sparked by the racial divide. Now more than ever is interesting to ask what world will we look at after this (2020, I mean) is over.

    rossimario86rossimario86Il y a 5 mois
  • When you first alluded to a historical crisis, I thought for sure that you were going to reference Chernobyl.

    Zak- Of-All-TradesZak- Of-All-TradesIl y a 5 mois
  • My video( ) highlights the things that should change.

    BMOBMOIl y a 5 mois
    • - Be grateful to doctors and nurses. (Do something to make their life easy) - Disinformation - National leaders

      BMOBMOIl y a 5 mois

    Jessica EvoyJessica EvoyIl y a 5 mois
  • This has nothing to do with the subject, but it really irks me everytime... JARED, THAT IS NOT THE PEACE-SIGN! It's basically a british version of giving someone the finger. What you're doing is telling us to F off at the end of every video!

    SlashDSlashDIl y a 5 mois
  • Do something on the show called devs!

    Daniel HanceDaniel HanceIl y a 5 mois
  • Maybe it’s just me but I think Jared is hot.

    Kate HipkinsKate HipkinsIl y a 5 mois
  • One of your absolute best vídeos! Still my favorite FRworld channel

    Victor Hugo D'AvilaVictor Hugo D'AvilaIl y a 5 mois
  • A government arresting people for exercising their constitutional rights is a real crisis. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Yourmum GheyYourmum GheyIl y a 5 mois
  • I really like this theme, could someone recommend me a bibliography about it?

    Diego Rodrigues de SouzaDiego Rodrigues de SouzaIl y a 5 mois
  • why is there no "The Lobster" analysis here, been looking for one for a bit now. that movie is hilariously weird. the sound effect the akwardness. but it's so confusing, i wanna see your take on the deep dive or something on the movie "The Lobster".

    MrUnknownPunkMrUnknownPunkIl y a 5 mois
  • Can you guys do a philosophy of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure? I think that there would be so much to talk about at any point of the series

    Lazerlight1212Lazerlight1212Il y a 5 mois
  • You know, veganism not only spares these animals a horrible life, but prevents pandemics, you have more energy, a stronger immune system, a longer life, and is good for the planet. Not to mention the fact it uses such a small amount off resources compared to meat production that if everyone switched to it, it would make non meat food cost far less. And vegan meats like impossible meat and other companies make tasty meat alternatives that are healthier, cheaper, and most importantly tastier.

    Matthew BoydMatthew BoydIl y a 5 mois
  • ugh bring back thug notes/earthling cinema/8-bit, less social commentary

    Quincy StilesQuincy StilesIl y a 5 mois
  • If you don’t do avatar you’re racist

    Name meName meIl y a 5 mois
  • "Things will never be the same." Good.

    Modern ConversationsModern ConversationsIl y a 5 mois
  • Jared, I know that this might not be the sexiest content, but can we get some historical and philosophical context to the recent wave of police-involved minority deaths? Is there a wave? Have we been here before? Etc. I'd give 100 likes for that!

    Vince GarrettVince GarrettIl y a 5 mois
  • Hey i have been asking youtubers for something and i hope my request is heard.... I would please please ask of you to pls use ur platform to promote safe protesting and understanding during these critical times due to the George Floyd murder. I hope my request is answer so atleast the fans know that this is not right but also that there is a right way to protest. Before more ppl are killed

    rique Mrique MIl y a 5 mois
  • “To separate or to choose”... that’s terrifically apt. I understand now why people say “a crisis” can also be an opportunity. Reading the Sunday paper (we’re on Week 11, Day 75 here), I realized the U.S. reached a transition point of how we’re looking at the coronavirus as an event. Months of focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic as a public health/economic *disaster* (fighting to survive or control the situation) has shifted into a *crisis* moment (deciding what to do). The event’s stripped back the reality of 2020 America: so divided by party and wedded to politics that we can’t mount a federal response, so ill-equipped to protect our most vulnerable, so many people living on the edge. The Millennial generation is evidently the “unluckiest” in the entirety of American history: So it does feel like time to choose: are the post-Boomer generations going to accept the declining path we’re on, or decide to radically overhaul the current state of affairs?

    TK WallaceTK WallaceIl y a 5 mois
  • There is a "better way." However, it wouldn't be cheap, easy, you name it. Hell, it is illegal to even sell beef, chicken, and such in the US without it being inspected. Now the USDA in all its well intentions make sense in enforcing that, but it does hurt small farms, since the meat still needs to be broken down at a processing plant, etc. The cost would skyrocket as well, and as someone who doesn't eat red meat more than a few times a month, I still cringe at the cost of food without factory farming given the sheer population we feed. The cost of food has already radically risen over the past few decades to the point that after food for the working poor, it is no wonder that they can barely scrape enough together for basic utilities. From a moral and ethical standpoint, it can be found abhorrent, but when I think of the amount of families in food pantries or relying on local schools to feed thier children.. I will take factory farms with proper land rotation to keep all fed a balanced and healthy diet. Which doesn't even happen now to the degree I wish it did. Then again, I don't practice what I preach here, but I wholeheartedly see the need for what some see as evil.

    healterskelterhealterskelterIl y a 5 mois

    Mic SchoonMic SchoonIl y a 5 mois
  • I think we will see people start seriously questioning the balance of freedom and safety. Should people be allowed freedom in something that can cause real, physical harm to others even if it is indirect? Vaccines, pseudoscience, etc., are perfect examples of things that people claim to be their right to practice but that are already outlawed in some scenarios. Doctors prescribing pseudoscientific health remedies can have their licenses revoked and vaccinations are mostly required to be allowed into public school systems. In the interest of increasing safety and preserving life, should those regulations be pushed further? And what does that mean for law in balancing life vs functionality and freedom concerning topics like abortions or how we determine when to lift stay at home orders in future pandemics?

    Jordan StokesJordan StokesIl y a 5 mois
  • I was in Lisbon last year and it's funny how locals speak about the 1755 earthquake as if it happened yesterday. it may have been the most defining moment for that city and its people, even today.

    dunnowy123dunnowy123Il y a 5 mois
  • What kind of beta male says c.e instead of a.d

    spartan7 ?spartan7 ?Il y a 5 mois
  • Can you make a video about Hong Kong protest

    Archy KingArchy KingIl y a 5 mois
  • Biggest thing I think will come out is the Value of human life and safety. Either we are gonna collectively value it more and the world will improve over all or the value will drop, work conditions will get worse and the stigma of the people being worthless at the bottom will become potentially permanently ingrained into American society

    martinpat94martinpat94Il y a 5 mois
  • wow! Wisecrack using our earthquake crisis as and example was amazing, thanks!!

    Tiago FonsecaTiago FonsecaIl y a 5 mois
  • What is the beat you guys use at the beginning of this video? Also, loving the content!

    Mahuntsu MhlongoMahuntsu MhlongoIl y a 5 mois
  • Factory farming is bad, eating meat is not.

    Z ZZ ZIl y a 5 mois
  • That beat hard af tho

    CuddyTGCuddyTGIl y a 5 mois
  • I prefer 2020 Great Depression 2

    Victor G MartinezVictor G MartinezIl y a 5 mois
  • Colombus brought syphilis to America, not the other way around

    Diana LondoñoDiana LondoñoIl y a 5 mois
  • “We have Collectively agreed to cut a bish.” I love you guys lol

    Sarty GayeSarty GayeIl y a 5 mois
  • Does anyone really believe China's numbers?

    IomisIomisIl y a 5 mois
  • I just finished reading "Candide" yesterday, so when you mentioned the Lison earthquake of 1755 i knew about it, then you mentioned Voltaire and i was "wow!" but later you mentioned his book and i was amazed by the coincidence. Great book and great video, keep the good work Wisecrack!

    Juan Carlos Piérola FuentesJuan Carlos Piérola FuentesIl y a 5 mois
  • Far more US scientists, health workers and administrators have been silenced, sacked and smeared for their public disclosures and opinions than the single Chinese Dr who received zero punishment even though he caused hundreds of deaths by breaking standard precautions (that exist in every WHO nation) about preventing the spread of disease through creating social panic by spreading unverified speculation. And NO, no lives would have been saved if the Chinese Gov acted differently. The information was already in other teams hands and being acted on, he had no evidence just a hunch, which every other Dr in the team also had and he wasnt even trying to publicise the hunch, he only "shared" it on a private chat with other Drs. I'm amazed how easily accepted the false claim of a Chinese Gov Cover-up has been so easily digested by Westerners who consider themselves reasonable and never racist. It's easily explained by the latent near universal Western racism towards Chinese, as they think "yeh that sounds like China" without ever doing any research into what actually happened or China's actual policies. Jared/WC are not alone in this racist bias in their attitude towards China/Chinese people.

  • I was hoping for a change to the better at the announcements of the lockdowns. I am holding on to that hope. let's build our fair and equal global community that lives in peace with nature and each other. yes we can. two months in: rising of a lot of scary movements happening around the world, much scarier than coronavirus itself. still hoping that we can get to a better future through this. thanks for that video.

    jakobervorhoodjakobervorhoodIl y a 5 mois
  • Ahh American entitlement at its finest. A disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people every once and awhile is okay so long as I can have my hamburger.

    TylerTylerIl y a 5 mois
  • Yare yare, This has all gone far enough its time to man up and take control lol its time for war

    Nikolai MonestimeNikolai MonestimeIl y a 5 mois
  • Kek... We shall burn this world asunder

    Nikolai MonestimeNikolai MonestimeIl y a 5 mois
  • Does anyone know what the painting at 5:58 is called??

    yannick leusinkyannick leusinkIl y a 5 mois
  • Or if you live in Lisbon, like me!

    otiagomarquesotiagomarquesIl y a 5 mois
  • Mandatory Portugal caralho!

    Tiago PaimTiago PaimIl y a 5 mois
  • On another note that supplements the idea of rethinking our culture as of the COVID-19 crisis that some intellectuals already wanted to change for decades, this crisis may encourage spiritual pursuits and governments opening up over taboo topics such as alien diplomatic relations and so on. But whatever, history is a big fractal comedy of repetition in which we get to shape the existential "abstract syntax tree" in our own ways. Please note that my real question is when will we be ruled by an good AI service grid?

    Olyvier BouchardOlyvier BouchardIl y a 5 mois
  • I think we should start having ethical and moral discussions because the only "quick" solution now would be to sacrifice all the bedridden confirmed cases of the 5 MILLION+ cases around the world and here's why: - no cure - the virus mutates quick - highly contagious - the health workers are at risk - if the health workers get infected and are unable to work or die, there will be a shortage of people who would be able to treat curable diseases, thus increasing the death toll - 5 million proportionally to 7.2+ BILLION people is nothing, especially compared to the previous pandemic. Sacrifice the bed ridden patients or expect the second wave to double or triple the current number and mess up even more the world economy.

    n1honduden1hondudeIl y a 5 mois
  • Comedy Is Both Now❄️🙏😎!

    Mr. Rene MorenoMr. Rene MorenoIl y a 5 mois
  • It seems that human capacity for denial is infinite.

    eternalnateeternalnateIl y a 5 mois
  • Wosh you hit on the fact that people cry out that our system is broken during times like these, but it always has been people just don't pay attention when everything else is working fine

    David VaughnDavid VaughnIl y a 5 mois
  • If you're using your phone here, please use the front facing one. If you're using your MacBook, get another computer. The webcam sucks!

    AllCoupedUpAllCoupedUpIl y a 5 mois
  • Uchiha KarlMarx

    victor sánchezvictor sánchezIl y a 5 mois
  • That dumb and dumber edit.....Masterpiece!

    deffbeedeffbeeIl y a 5 mois
  • If I know the American public the outcome of this crisis will be that nothing changes. Most American's can't remember anything that happened more than a week ago, and are completely antithetical with regards to learning from our mistakes. I would say within a month of this passing most people will go back to acting the exact same way they did before and will have forgotten COVID even existed as they tackle more pressing issues like what celebrity is dating who.

    David SzaksDavid SzaksIl y a 5 mois
  • Is Jared getting jacked? Was he always jacked?

    Wanda Misty CupcakeWanda Misty CupcakeIl y a 5 mois
  • Great video! A few remarks: Actually the greek word "κρίνειν" means "to judge", to express an evaluative sentence about a situation - by extend to think critically (critical also comes from "κρίνειν") and choose. It is interesting though that a synonym for "crisis" is the word "judgement", which both refers to a critical thinking and also a doomsday (where God will judge and choose who goes to heaven and who is not). Also, besides Candide, Voltaire has written a poem about the destruction of Lisbon, called "Poem about the destruction of Lisbon". Zero Imagination. The poem is in wikisource. both in French and in English translation. Still, good job!

    Metathron667Metathron667Il y a 5 mois
  • commuting to work is already changing, and will continue to do so.

    Jeremy WalshJeremy WalshIl y a 5 mois
  • Yoh God wasn't playing

    Ndumiso MthethwaNdumiso MthethwaIl y a 5 mois
  • I know that as a society we are only as good as our weakest member but I think after this crisis we need to raise the question if it is a good idea to put mentally challenged people on the throne.

    karotofelkarotofelIl y a 5 mois
  • communist Vietnam did well with the pandemic, and may be a better country to use for your example instead of China

    ike ekiike ekiIl y a 5 mois
  • Three quarters of the way through this vid, I had a weird visual thought. Someone has a very infected wound, and this video is washing it with disinfectant and putting a clean dressing on it. After thinking about it for a bit, I thought, "That's effective triage. Now, someone needs to excise the infected matter, properly dress it, and administer antibiotics. And do this again on a regular basis until the wound is healed." Not Wisecrack's job, but someone should get on that.

    Benjamin FormanBenjamin FormanIl y a 5 mois
  • I think the biggest question comes down to: How do we stop stupid people from making a mess of things without ending up with tyranny

    Ken SmithKen SmithIl y a 5 mois
  • 8:47 “Now, we’re not trying to take away anyone’s hamburgers, and if anyone tries to take ours, we’ll collectively swarm to cut a bi***.” What the hell Wisecrack? That’s some serious backward thinking for a channel like this.

    EEEEEEIl y a 5 mois
  • For a channel so good at questioning most things, you have "collectively sworn" to never question meat consumption? Disappointing.

    Nik ANik AIl y a 5 mois
  • @06:12 Given the federal reserve just printed over 2 trillion dollars on top of congress increasing the national debt by 3 trillion more dollars in a single quarter I think a video about hyperinflation would benefit your audience greatly.

    The Ethicist Philosophy ShowThe Ethicist Philosophy ShowIl y a 5 mois
  • When I saw the first few seconds of the CGI reenactment of the earthquake, I momentarily thought it was Kings Landing.

    Scottie SobelScottie SobelIl y a 5 mois
  • Pretty disappointing to hear that you jumped the shark by insisting on a fucking hamburger when the world is going to shit because of the meat industry.

    OmnipraetorOmnipraetorIl y a 5 mois
  • The biggest crisis we had since...the Great Recession? The 9/11 terrorist attacks? or World war 2? In CA (my state), our biggest event I can name is the Los Angeles riots back in 1992. There are state, national, political or man-made, and natural-environmental crises (i.e. the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in 1986). It's not the end times, but we need to contain Covid-19 worldwide, if China where it started was able to by March. +

    MichaelMichaelIl y a 5 mois
  • Do The midnight gospel!

    b arayab arayaIl y a 5 mois
  • Hey Jared that combover is looking very Trump like

    Fer GaliciaFer GaliciaIl y a 5 mois
  • This is a lot of the conversations we've been having with our friends. A lot of wrongs of our civilization have become even more noticeable.

    Catalina ReyesCatalina ReyesIl y a 5 mois
  • I think one of the things people will think long and hard about is whether or not they will determine their own fate, or allow others to make that decision for them.

    Blue SuzakuBlue SuzakuIl y a 5 mois
  • 2:39 an Argentinian gaucho escaping the earthquake with his mate

    Joaquín FernándezJoaquín FernándezIl y a 5 mois
  • Covid 19 never let it go to waste

    Jo QuJo QuIl y a 5 mois
  • We all need haircuts but Jared NEEDS a haircut.

    James CollopyJames CollopyIl y a 5 mois
  • It seems like there's a crisis in hairstyle. Go mullet! Don't go Skinhead!

    Kev FrostKev FrostIl y a 5 mois
  • joel salatin warned about factory farming and hes shown how there not any more productive that pastured farms itd be great if wisecrack did a video about him

    unstaible childunstaible childIl y a 5 mois
  • Haven't you noticed how often it's been used the past few years, well before any current pandemic? Everything was a "crisis". Environmental crisis, energy crisis, obesity crisis, this crisis, that crisis, etc ...

    LaikaLycanthropeLaikaLycanthropeIl y a 5 mois
  • I know that sometimes is happens on infinite Earths but that's about it.

    God BearGod BearIl y a 5 mois
  • While showering this morning, I had a thought: Risk is inherent with all that we do. Now, this is not a new idea to me - I work in the world of data an statistics - I pose, rather, this question: where do we house risk, and how do we respond when that risk falls on us, or worse, that risk breaches it's container. Take a fair example of booking an Air Bnb, and perhaps COVID-19 happens, and suddenly it isn't safe to travel. I probably have to assume a little bit of the risk, after all, it's no one's fault that happened. My host probably has to share some of that risk too, as does probably Air Bnb, because they want to keep happy hosts and happy customers. If I spent $100, I would assume I should take the brunt of like 10%, the host handles 20% and Air Bnb takes the brunt - after all, capitalism is about risk/reward, not punishing the consumer. Now, here's my conjecture - more and more, companies, corporations, organizations, are looking to profit while also passing the buck. Consumers and workers are shouldering a lot of the risk right now, despite capitalism telling us that risk deserves both the reward and consequences of those choices. More and more, risk is being exported, even as a good or service (in many ways, this is the neoliberal trade market we see today in the stock exchange). The hard thing is risk always involves the chances of consequence, and eventually, as stats tells us, you roll snake eyes. The time to decide how to collectively bare that burned is before the event, not after. In times of peace, risk burden doesn't feel like much, or really anything at all, and so it is easy to pile it on, but when a system feels a shock, the heavier the burden, the harder the crash. Another way of thinking about it - the same force it takes to shoot a bullet and kill a person, if applied to the entire mass of a car, hardly does anything. The mass of the car spreads the force out to create an entirely non-lethal outcome. The most concentrated risk is, the more likely it is to cause a tear in society or to spill over - see the French Revolution or the Rise of Fascism as an example. Decentralized support systems and collective action reduces the force and load on any one element, and prevents society from fragmenting. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

    Tom SeipleTom SeipleIl y a 5 mois