Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Is It Deep or Dumb?

7 sept. 2020
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BILL AND TED: Be excellent, party on, and ... overthrow the school system?
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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is fondly remembered as one of the best stoner-esque buddy space-traveling buddy comedies of all time. But what if it's actually way more? What if it's brilliant? Let's find out in this Wisecrack Edition on Bill and Ted: Deep or Dumb?
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Written by: Amanda Scherker
Hosted by: Greg Edwards
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Wisecrack Edition Title Card Design: Amanda Murphy
Motion Graphics by: Jackson Maher
Editing by: Mark Potts
Produced by: Evan Yee

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    GabrielGabrielIl y a 20 minutes
  • Dude, get a better microphone

    k3daevink3daevinIl y a 14 jours
  • I've stayed subscribed to this channel just to be able to hear this man talk again. Finally, an amazing video I can totally get behind.

    The AlterNativesThe AlterNativesIl y a 16 jours
  • WOAH DUDE, They Created a "Uniform Utopia" by being Most Radical, Totally Rad Dude!

    Angry ReviewsAngry ReviewsIl y a 23 jours
  • My only unexplained gipe I have is: why do these free-thinkers form such a uniform utopia in the future... Should they not have made a Hawaii-type aloha dude future where everyone is an individual, rather than a hierarchy of leaders with everyone else dressed the same and acting the same... is that the result they achieve by abandoning written form?

    Angry ReviewsAngry ReviewsIl y a 23 jours
  • This was fantastic. Thank you for this. And welcome back. You have been missed!

    Candice ecidnaCCandice ecidnaCIl y a 29 jours
  • Greg! Where you been? What happened to Blackstage? I hope everything is well.

    Tre916Tre916Il y a mois
  • This is JUICY! what a good summary of both the themes of the film, but also two primary arguments about the modern issues with learning as a concept!

    Gideon BrownGideon BrownIl y a mois
  • Can't believe this movie could have been deep!!

    sparsh kandpalsparsh kandpalIl y a mois
  • With Jared leaving, I'd be all in for Greg to become a new presenter of big videos along with Michael.

    Charlie SnedenCharlie SnedenIl y a mois
  • Deep

    Willy my WonkaWilly my WonkaIl y a mois
  • Bill and Ted is a Trilogy now too, like Indiana Jones, which is now a quad, with plans for a 5th. Pretty cool.

    Johnny 5Johnny 5Il y a mois

    laserspark123laserspark123Il y a mois
  • I used to hate this movie. I was like ugh looks so dumb but I saw this, (I just bumped into this like 30 minutes ago and thanks for the Dune one, hilarious!) but when I saw the part the teacher asking him who married Joan of Arc and he said Noah in that silly face I DIED!

    NikiNikiIl y a mois
  • This is how I am going to do the air guitar not with my fingers but with a pencil while doing the matrix move when someone mentions him. 🤣

    NikiNikiIl y a mois
  • GREG!!!

    Ethan WinogradEthan WinogradIl y a mois
  • Can we get Greg to do more videos?

    Patrick AkpaettePatrick AkpaetteIl y a mois
  • Please use better MIC!

    Ondřej MíkaOndřej MíkaIl y a mois
  • I never considered Bill and Ted as dumb in the first place. The journey they go on and lessons that are sprinkled are pretty deep depending how far you want to read into things, and the 'dumb' stonerness of it all makes it funny and enjoyable and gives the idea that things can be cool if you simply just "be excellent to each other" It has big lessons that are made digestible by the simplicity and humour

    Jim scott-berryJim scott-berryIl y a mois
  • Please do Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

    Raditya PamungkasRaditya PamungkasIl y a mois
  • What is the philosopy of Ergo Proxy?

    Yusuf Kenan SINARYusuf Kenan SINARIl y a mois
  • I'm surprised Greg didn't discuss the trilogy's main message of the importance of music

    slick vickslick vickIl y a mois
  • *Yes.*

    Vinluv HandesbukVinluv HandesbukIl y a mois
  • Thug Notes lives!! 😁

    Mauricio GallantMauricio GallantIl y a mois
  • I miss Thug Notes!!

    ----Il y a mois
  • I think the popularity of educational FRworld channels (such as Wisecrack) and video essays is a testament to the power of oral teaching. Don't read the comments though because reading is lame.

    Wesley AckermanWesley AckermanIl y a mois

    Mar TovMar TovIl y a mois
  • Sparky back

    Andy GarciaAndy GarciaIl y a mois
  • ...did not like this video .... seem overreacted and false pretense narration .... feels uncharacteristic.....just saying... in comparison to the most video ...low quality ....can't get the message right... i rather Greg Edwards be himself ... then following a script ... just saying

    LNetoLNetoIl y a mois
  • Communication is key! Communication is key! This movie and this message has aged well! Loved this video!

    InSanctvsInSanctvsIl y a mois
  • My man quoting Paulo, instant like

    Nicanor NúñezNicanor NúñezIl y a mois
  • "Whoa."

    bondservant4jesusbondservant4jesusIl y a mois
  • You know, this video is incredibly insightful into the mentalities of the atheist vs theist debate. Often, one knows many facts, but disregards what they don't know, and the other often knows little, but is wise enough to know that nobody knows anything about anything, except for what they experience themselves.

    Lord of the Glass CubeLord of the Glass CubeIl y a mois
  • Dumb movie. Dumb question. Dumb episode.

    Mark BehnkeMark BehnkeIl y a mois
  • As someone that immigrated here from a third world country I can tell you that the education system in murica is a joke, was a joke and will always be a joke.

    PortinhaPortinhaIl y a mois
  • Dudes. Freire. Paulo Freire. Continue being excellent to teach other.

    Leonardo DominguesLeonardo DominguesIl y a mois
  • An excellent review given by the Dugs Notes Guy!! I must say I always thought the movie was dumb but after your soliloquy on the topic, you’ve completely changed my mind… Most excellent!!

    Brian LancasterBrian LancasterIl y a mois
  • I’m so glad you enjoy this movie. It’s my favorite movie of all time. It’s incredibly freakin stupid, but the dialogue is just the perfect amount of cheese. Keanu Reeves is perfect, Alex Winter matches him blow for blow- honestly you can’t even talk about them as separate people, kinda like how Fred and George Wesley are a single unit. Even the third film makes a joke out of how frequently Bill and Ted treat each other as one minute.

    Spectre DanSpectre DanIl y a mois
  • Freud referred to as "the good doctor" is hilarious to me.

    Em JittersEm JittersIl y a mois
  • Joan of ark was my first childhood crush, she's pretty. And she can kick ass.

    Trevor SchusterTrevor SchusterIl y a mois
  • Greg!!!! :)

    c. cavec. caveIl y a mois
  • I had a teacher in middle school present this to us for exactly the reason in the first segment here - as a way to re-imagine our role as students in the educational setting

    z.browningz.browningIl y a mois
  • Greg host is best host

    Dean DoyleDean DoyleIl y a mois
  • Essentially arguing in favor of FRworld this Channel and channels like it

    Luke RothLuke RothIl y a mois
  • Ohh, John wick has a son. Ohh John, You're so naughty. 😂😂😂

    •• ••• •Il y a mois
  • Never thought of the movie this way but you are spot on... I even wonder if they used the book you referenced as a main guide/impetus for the movie

    Bread SandwichBread SandwichIl y a mois
  • Thanks for the video. Great to think about topics from a different angle. Keep making these quality videos. Be excellent.

    Shaun HumanShaun HumanIl y a mois
  • When I first joined Facebook where it asked for school info I wrote that I went to Memorize and Regurgitate. I thought I was so funny back then😁

    Bread SandwichBread SandwichIl y a mois
  • the answer is yes

    CaptainInsano8943CaptainInsano8943Il y a mois
  • Welcome back Greg!

    R.J. EhlertR.J. EhlertIl y a mois
  • Holy shit. It's thug notes.

    unchartedrocks1unchartedrocks1Il y a mois
  • Why can't we get more iconic original shit like this B&T nowadays??

    triton62674triton62674Il y a mois
  • It's FrEIre, not FrIEre, f*ng butchers...

    Porto A.Porto A.Il y a mois
  • Thug Notes dude, I've missed him so much!!!!

    ChiseChiseIl y a mois
  • If carlin was on board, im sure he thought the movie was complexed

    Steve GarveySteve GarveyIl y a mois
  • Bogus Journey is an art film. It's one of the most surreal things I've ever seen, plus it deals with some deep shit: the concept of heaven and hell, existence, consciousness, beating then befriending death, etc.

    Chris MartinezChris MartinezIl y a mois
  • I love the thoughts shared here on oral society's importance.

    Piplupz1Piplupz1Il y a mois
  • $CLRB lets end cancer Specifics in this case melanoma

    TheCanMan Can Since 1990TheCanMan Can Since 1990Il y a mois

    killakan1204killakan1204Il y a mois
  • I think a deep or dumb on the persona franchise could be interesting

    Alec OlsonAlec OlsonIl y a mois
  • ANY Sparky video gets a like, no questions asked

    Phillip JohnsonPhillip JohnsonIl y a mois
  • Growing up I’d get school work out of the way so it didn’t get in the way of real learning

    UmamaGoblinUmamaGoblinIl y a mois
  • Yall need to do a video about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees with their profits

    Aaron OnealAaron OnealIl y a mois
  • i never thought of that, or much analysis of Bill & Ted's but now that you present your argument so thoroughly & specifically, I can clearly see how Deep the film's message is for Traditional/Alternative oral education. Amazing. Thank you. I've always felt that Hollywood Comedies are underrated.

    SupahFans StreetwearSupahFans StreetwearIl y a mois
  • Well, considering the movie was written by two teenagers, I think you're reading way too much into it

    matheus las casasmatheus las casasIl y a mois
  • This is not aimed at criticizing the movie which I love very much, but at the impracticality of a completely oral society. Written resources are very important for engineers, scientists and medical practitioners, and the Internet has reegalitarized the written word, because oppression isn't about the mode of transmission but about access to the medium for receptive and creative purpouses. Sadly, algorithms push most everyone into echo chambers which inhibits communication and exchange of ideas. Aldo, aside from the arguments you just cited, which you read from a book, or a paper, or online, you most likely wrote down a script or at least a bullet point list so you wouldn't leave anything out of your presentation

    Nicolai VelikiNicolai VelikiIl y a mois
  • Perhaps the execution is not that deep, but then again, it's a teen movie and it's great as such.

    Armando E. Torre PuertoArmando E. Torre PuertoIl y a mois
  • Sparky Sweets PhD AND Bill & Ted? Take all my money!

    playgroundchooserplaygroundchooserIl y a mois
  • Hermes used the written word to hinder the psychic abilities of the humans

    Aaron HumesAaron HumesIl y a mois
  • Greg!!! We’re all so damn happy to see you back in the videos, giving us the deep truths on shit.

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher WilliamsIl y a mois
  • Deep shit totally loved it and it's got to be the purpose of the movie

    Aaron HumesAaron HumesIl y a mois
  • Damm this is a 'Whoa' kinda video.

    mild soupmild soupIl y a mois
  • This review was most triumphant

    Zac WulfZac WulfIl y a mois
  • Always good to have Greg presenting

    michael Klozmichael KlozIl y a mois

    michael Klozmichael KlozIl y a mois
  • Why do get this urge to miss thug notes D:

    Past DuePast DueIl y a mois
  • I could literally watch an infinite loop of Keanu saying "whoa" for hours on end.

    northwesternbellenorthwesternbelleIl y a mois
  • 🏀your Dee Brown All-Star Dunk is most non-non-non-Heinous

    SupahFans StreetwearSupahFans StreetwearIl y a mois
  • I missed Thug Notes Greg! I love this Deep or Dumb episode. more of this Wisecrack!

    ReignTheTempestReignTheTempestIl y a mois
  • Good job making this videos so many people tell me it's a dumb movie but I even explain to them that it has meaning.

    Josue ArriazaJosue ArriazaIl y a mois
  • But doesn't oral history make it easy to change history by lying about what really happened?

    sonofjafarreturnssonofjafarreturnsIl y a mois
  • U better not say it's dumb

    Adam SeccombeAdam SeccombeIl y a mois
  • Dumb

    Michael RichardMichael RichardIl y a mois
  • I saw Bill & Ted in the theater when it first came out. After seeing it, my friend Marvin and I had a conversation that was very close to your video, where we actually came up to the same conclusion you did. B&T is very deep.

    Dan KDan KIl y a mois
  • Woah

    Tom CrowellTom CrowellIl y a mois
  • I’m neck deep into the Tolkien Legendarium. I’m on the Lays of Beleriand and have read three different versions of the Children of Hurin and three different versions of Beren and Luthien. Each very contradicts the others in specific details, especially B&L. The more Tolkien I read the more it becomes apparent that what is “canon” is unimportant. Just like how Arthur receives Excalibur either from the Stone or from the Lady of the Lake, depending on which version you happen to be reading at the time.

    Patrick DamianiPatrick DamianiIl y a mois
  • I love that everyone we know from wisecrack still makes appearances.

    Deonte RobinsonDeonte RobinsonIl y a mois
  • Good job Greg.

    Milton DemarayMilton DemarayIl y a mois
  • Paulo FREIRE, not Paulo Friere, cmon man, its right there in the book cover!

    Arthan GregoryArthan GregoryIl y a mois
  • "Soh-crah-tess"

    Jeff HughesJeff HughesIl y a mois
  • Thumbs up for sparky sweets making a return 👍🏽

    mrduckman225mrduckman225Il y a mois
  • The Volkschulle is all about producing obedient citizenry. But that's not surprising when the guy who created it is known as the father of modern Naziism.

    DoomRulzDoomRulzIl y a mois
  • Right! No one will ever confuse "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" with a lost play by Shakespear or a forgotten manuscript by Melville. Great art it is not. And the video's premise is puzzling. Who needs literature, facts, and learning experience when one can have myths? Renewing our educational system is not a new idea, and I am all for it. I question whether Bill and Ted have any answers. Hurling barbs at our educational system? Might this be choosing an easy target? The fundamental failure of our system is the failure to teach active reading skills and logical math skills. This means that many students leave school without both the basic skills and the personal learning skills they need to cope with adulthood. With quite a few students, we do not even get close to the mastery of these, so many end high school functionally illiterate and innumerate. Bill and Ted parody this state of affairs for comedy, not to illustrate the art of acquiring practical problem -solving and research skills. In fact, the literary skills criticized in the video as oppressive are the only things that keep the two protagonists alive. One must thank the authors (Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon) for that, not anything the two teens learned. Had both been given this time machine to travel the corridors of history, they would have ended their lives in Athens. The Athenian Assembly that executed Socrates would not have allowed them to escape, no matter how much fun the culture was having with oral history. Bill and Ted would have been regarded as destitute barbarians (look up the meaning of that word). The video might have done some research into the idea of "equality" in Greek and Ionian city-states, but that would have required absorbing some facts. Myth is so much easier. If this work of art is the advocacy of personal involvement in education and the delights of the oral culture, then it is a propaganda piece written by professionals who make their living doing what the video condemns. Now, I am all in favor of getting students involved in mastering skills, but styling literary culture as some kind of enemy of civilization turns the world on its head. It is a ridiculous argument. The very claim that literary societies are warlike, while oral ones are pacific, is simply an unwarranted claim. After all, cultures with writing leave records of their wars; cultures that don't simply leave anonymous bodies and wreckage that the earth reclaims. Most of that later generations will not see, for such things turn to dust. But some of the carnage, however, will come to light as archeologists go about their business.

    David RichardsonDavid RichardsonIl y a mois
  • The first theory is solid, but one cannot engage with knowledge without first absorbing it; the written word is the most effective way to transmit and absorb information available to a human mind. Kids need to be taught to read quickly, expected to read prolifically, and then engage with the knowledge absorbed through reading in the classroom with their peers and teacher.

    orionstarkorionstarkIl y a mois
  • In American indocrtination, school and most religious institutions are not about thinking, but regurgitation. No questioning, just parroting. As such, it's no wonder that so many have been effectively brainwashed by addictive, weaponized, and increasingly extremist media. THIS is what's wrong with America today. Very few live in reality. I can hardly find anyone who can carry on a conversation of any length that's not based on something they saw/read/heard in the media.

    L GL GIl y a mois
  • The boys got an American style TARDIS, how cool is that? No wonder it's secretly sophisticated.

    momkatmaxmomkatmaxIl y a mois
  • I agree with everything in this except for calling them stoners. They never even talk about drug use, and their mannerisms are more child-like than stoner like.

    Steven CoyleSteven CoyleIl y a mois
  • I mean, education has *never* been about "enriching your mind," or whatever you want to call it. It's only ever been about molding you to fit into society (i.e. brainwashing). Schools are only about producing cogs for the machine by constantly stamping out any hint of individuality. I say this as someone who was regularly pushed down for thinking for myself and discouraged from approaching subjects in ways that didn't "fit" with the teachers' preconceptions.

    SlashDSlashDIl y a mois
  • BOTH ...

    reclutamiento monterreyreclutamiento monterreyIl y a mois
  • San Dimas high school football RULES!

    Jason SantiagoJason SantiagoIl y a mois